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Central air conditioners are not sold by the BTU but by the ton. A ton is the amount of cooling power produced by a ton of ice. Central air conditioning units are sold by the ton, starting at 1.5 tons, which is required to cool homes between 600 and 1,000 sq.ft. The cost per ton increases because the units size must also increase.

The pressure in the Marianas trench is 8 tons/in

No. When a living creature is underwater, especially when it lives there, the pressure inside its body equalizes with the outside pressure, so the net force due to the water column, acting upon it is zero. When you act with a force of 8 tons upon it (anywhere) you will crush it (there will be no "equalizing" pressure or force)

Children eating tons of food.?

that really doesnt sound too bad, for a binge. i had: breakfast: homemade oatmeal with maple syrup and skim milk lunch: apple and a granola bar dinner: pineapple ring, 1/2 red pepper, 3 button mushrooms, small piece of eggplant, small piece of zucchini, small piece of salmon, less than a 1/4 cup rice with tomatoes in it. desert: 7 pieces of cookie dough with 1/2 cup milk dinner sounds big when i write it down. .. but i guess it was pretty much all fruit and vegetables so it's ok. i probably should've eaten a bigger lunch, but i was not hungry and was really busy so i did not get around to it. 2 hrs of exercise with this


Fave song: Pocket Full of Sunshine Fave Store: Dollarama Fave Friend: dunno Fave shirt: Yellow, Old Navy's t-shirt....(My fave becuase it's slimming, and sunny, and cute!) Fave Team: School Team-Jaguars Fave Brand: Old Navy's Fave Jewlery: Cute Bracelets

Tons and tons of relay logs on a master

Execute the RESET SLAVE command. It will clean the relays logs and regenerates a new one. But, It will not use the new one. You can check by running later the FLUSH LOGS command, the server will not create a second relay log

I have been having a TON of symptoms lately? can anyone help?

wow sounds bad, go to your dr and if you have to get a second opinion, third or fourth

Which one is correct: u201cThere is 1.5 tons of wasteu201d or u201cThere are 1.5 tons of wasteu201d or u201cThere is 1.5 ton of wasteu201d?

Tons is the plural. Tons are.Do not be misled by the word "waste" which is an uncountable noun in this situation

bridesmaid has TONS of tattoos?

I think you just need to tell your mother in law that you do not mind the tattoos and you are not willing to change your bridesmaids on the dress just so tatoos do not show up in the pictures. You've got it all right. Stick to your guns.

What formula does anyone recommend for colicky babies that spit up a ton?

Best Formula For Colic

Will a 97 3/4 ton rear end fit a 2000 half ton Silverado

It might but you will have 8 lug wheels in the back and 6 lug wheels in the front.

Vegetarian. Tons of problems and questions.?

it sounds to me that you are trying to convince yourself that you want to be a vegetarian. vegetarians do not need to watch disturbing videos when they think about meat. it is not a rebellion. it is not a trend. it is a lifestyle

Tendulkar's double ton made on a "dead and sluggish pitch", I believe not?

I do not think that people saying it was a flat pitch is a criticism. However, the Gwalior pitch was better. For two reasons: 1. The boundaries were quite short. 2. The outfield was much faster. Regardless, it was a special innings from Sachin, and nobody else could have scored a 200 on the same pitch. For once, there are very few people who have not praised this knock. Not just on Y! answers but worldwide.

New kitten in the home... tons of worries.?

perhaps attempt putting - A Bowl, some nutrition, A Kitty muddle section (If he's bathroom knowledgeable, If no longer Then he will Be stinky once you get lower back), some Toys and probably A mattress Or some thing ... yet placed all of it In An Enclosed section, perhaps A Grid Or some thing to encompass The Kitten In ... And that would desire to be super For A Weekend (only make helpful there's no authentic way FOR HIM TO GET OUT).

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How to Wash Olefin/Polyester/Cotton Cushion Covers?
i have the same thing on my couch just remove the cover wash it in cold water and tumble dry just use tied i find it works the best1. Small tear on sofa cushion?If its on a cushion you should be able to remove the cover and either just hand stich it or try the sticky patches. Any fabric store should have them. Prob with stiching is you will likely see it and if you do not sew far enough back, the edge may fray and cause bigger problems. Another solution is to have someone make you a new cover. It it is a recent fabric, it should be easy to find the fabric to match. patching is always a temp fix.2. Feng Shui For Your Living Room: The Top Do's & Don'tsAdd candles (make sure they are all natural!) dim lighting, books, paintings, essential oils, and photos of people and animals. You can also add some triangular shapes in your dcor. If you have a working fireplace, start using it more! Inspiring books can also feed the fire within. The books in your living room should not be a collection of untouchable antiques or the classics you will never read again. Remember that your house is meant to be lived in, not just admired. (Plus, always having a new book handy means you wo not be tempted to hop on your phone to pass the time.) You can also add more soft surfaces like blankets that invite you to cuddle alone, with pets, or with your loved ones; a comfy couch you love lounging on; and a soft rug for bare feet. These can also inspire you to get cozy with loved ones. After all, feng shui can really help rev up your relationships for the better. Last but not least, I tell all my clients to end their day on a meditation chair or cushion. This can promote relaxation before bed and help us process the day that has passed. Once you carve out space to meditate, it becomes much more second nature, so why not devote a corner of your cozy living room to finding some Zen?3. Is a 'cotton lawn' fabric suitable to make cushion covers with?Cotton lawn is very fine- I think it would work great for the noticeboard, but I would be a little worried about cushions because it might split if someone flopped down on them in just the right way- if you are just doing accent pillows it should be okay, but anything that takes any serious weight might be a problem in terms of wear and tear4. How to remove a chair cushion that has no screws?You should call a company to do that5. Is HEMOREST CUSHION or the like really works to help people with hemorrhoid?what hemorrhoid cushion can do is to give you some momentary ease. But they cannot cure your hemorrhoids6. Which sock style do you prefer? NIke's no show, half cushion, or crew?I wear both crew/long socks & ankle socks; they are both comfortable and good looking socks. I personally prefer wearing crew socks for everyday casual wear and ankle socks when I do sports/run. But I sometimes would wear Nike Elite crew socks for sports also.7. Ways to cushion an un-augmented human against high, prolonged g-forces?I believe that a very similar question has already been asked here which you might find of interest.Reportedly 1.5g has been survived for 7 days, but I doubt the sort of acceleration you are talking about would be endurable for that long. The brief periods which have been endured might be extended to a few hours perhaps using the special pressure suits that jet fighter pilots use, but I doubt much more than that. Normal human bodily functions like eating and drinking would present major issues; people could easily choke to death8. i want to cover a painted chair with bandana fabric. seal it? want to look painted. no cushion.?I do not think it will work. The fabric will be too porous to be sealed. You could print out pictures of bandanna fabric and modge podge them onto a chair then seal it9. Why does air help cushion objects from force when they hit the ground?If you drop an egg on hard surface, it gets the impact in a very short period of time, so momentarily the force is very high. However, if it hits an air cushion, it slows down over a bit of time as it sinks into the cushion. So it does not get the whole impact at once.
Look! Its a Sofa! Its a Bed! No, Its a Futon Bunk Bed!
Multi-task. I'll bet you heard that term at least once on the news last week, and once at your child's school conference the week before. Everyone seems to be thinking of new ways to do more than one thing at a time.What if your furniture could do that, too? Well, there is such a piece of furniture, and it can be found many places - if you know where to look. It's a futon bunk bed, and it can be a very versatile addition to your household. It's been around long enough that you'd have to dig to find the first ones, but it's not outdated like that avocado green dishwasher in your mother's kitchen.Most of us have a child's room (or know a child who has one) that is a total multi-purpose space: a closet, a workbench, a guest room, a game room. A futon bunk bed is the perfect addition to that all-purpose room.It can function as a sofa to pile on and watch a movie or play video games, a place (besides that unused exercise bike) to pile clothes when they don't always make it to the closet. It can actually be a comfortable bed, too! Because they are meant to be changeable, they are not usually very heavy, and can be moved easily, which means they take up less space and are more mobile than the average bunk beds or pullout sofa.A futon bunk bed can turn a spare basement room into a guest bedroom you need, and it can be a lifesaver for a college student who can't afford both a sofa AND a bed, because of money or space. They are as versatile for the budget as they are as furniture, for you can spend a little or a lot.Some people enjoy the chameleon aspects of the futon and think about the ways a futon can easily be changed to make for maximum number of uses. A sturdy wood frame and a woven cotton cover makes a great cabin sofabed under a treehouse bunk. A glossy black frame with a white linen cover cand be the centerpiece of an Asian-style college dorm room. Spring for a new cover and some throw pillows, and you've redecorated without hiring full-time professional! Inch for inch, the futon bunk bed is the most versatile bed you can own.
Truck Bed Tonneau Cover - One Type Can Be a Disaster
Choosing a truck bed tonneau cover is tough because there are so many choices. Any kind of tonneau cover can enhance the look of your pick-up. Don't forget too that a bed cover can reduce drag as your truck goes down the road and may improve your fuel mileage. But some covers are better for one task than another and some covers could be a disaster for your truck. The two broad types of covers are hard and soft covers.1. Soft Covers If you're looking for a cheap cover, a soft one will be the cheapest option. An inexpensive cover still looks good and provides protection for your cargo from the elements plus protection from prying eyes. But soft covers are pretty easy to cut and get into so the security part is a little weak.Soft covers may be of several designs. The simplest attach to the top of the bed and just roll forward into a roll for complete access to the bed. You can also choose a hinged cover. This is a vinyl covered frame that tilts forward in one piece. Also a tri fold soft cover is available and even a snap on cover. You can easily research these options, but all are inexpensive and useful.1. Hard Covers Hard covers may be made of plastic, fiberglass or metal. Popular models are the sleek one piece units that tilt forward to turn a truck bed into a gigantic trunk. With hard covers you get improved security over a vinyl cover since the covers lock and are difficult to get into when locked.Hard covers also are made to fold up in sections for access. Then the retractable cover is in many ways the ultimate cover. Retractable covers mount flush with the top of the bed rails and the aluminum top rolls forward into a canister. Some units are even powered...push a button and the cover rolls forward out of the way.Here's the potential disaster. A one piece hinge forward lid, especially a hard cover, is a cool, sleek looking choice. But what about hauling? You can't haul any kind of tall cargo with a one piece hinge forward cover on your truck. A lawn mower, a refrigerator, a dog house, most any thing taller than the bed rails won't work. So if you need a giant trunk that always is closed when travelling, a one piece hinged cover is OK. Otherwise, choose another design.A tonneau cover is a great addition for any truck. Choose the type that best suits the way you use your truck and the look you like and that fits your budget.
FBI: Washington Jail Staff Spot Sheets Hanging From Cell; Foil Escape Attempt
SPOKANE, Wash. -- Staffers at a jail in eastern Washington state foiled an escape attempt by spotting a 100-foot trail of knotted bed sheets hanging from the window of a cell housing a suspect in a murder-for-hire plot. They saw the rope of sheets that nearly reached the ground around 4:30 a.m. Thursday and put the Spokane County Jail on lockdown. The escape "was thwarted by the good work of the staff," FBI spokesman Frank Harrill told the Spokane newspaper The Spokesman-Review.The cell belongs to James Henrikson, a felon linked to fraud and terror in North Dakota. Authorities told CBS affiliate KREM Henrikson busted out a window and tried to use sheets as a rope to escape from the building. Trending News Trump: Millions To Be Deported Flesh-Eating Bacteria Military Housing Investigation VIDEO: Ortiz Shooting Update After finding the dangling sheets, officials moved Henrikson and a cellmate to another part of the jail. The cell window is about 4 feet tall but less than 5 inches wide, according to Spokane County Jail Commander John McGrath.He was sent to Washington state to face federal charges of ordering the killings of a business associate that owed him nearly $2 million and his former trucking company employee.Since both inmates in the cell are federal inmates, the FBI is investigating, reports KREM. Inmates have regular weekly access to clean bedding as well as dirty laundry hampers located in their housing units, the station reports.Spokane county officials told KREM it's not clear if one or both of the inmates in the cell were involved with the escape attempt.In February, authorities investigated after another inmate reported that Henrikson planned to escape by having a team attack a U.S. Marshals Service van with guns, grenades and gasoline, according to court records. Prosecutors allege that Henrikson attempted to recruit others to assist in escaping the jail in return for a hefty cash payment, reports the station.Last September, Henrikson was indicted on murder-for-hire charges in the deaths of Doug Carlile and Kristopher "K.C." Clarke in Washington state. He was extradited to Washington from a North Dakota jail, where he was being held on illegal weapons charges.The indictment came nine months after Carlile, 63, was shot in the kitchen of his house in an upscale Spokane neighborhood after returning from church, and 2½ years after Clarke, 30, was last seen at Henrikson's trucking company, Blackstone LLC. Clarke's body has never been found. Henrikson, 36, formerly of Watford City, North Dakota, has told investigators that Carlile owed him nearly $1.9 million for their dealings in Kingdom Dynamics, an oil development firm.The indictment also alleges that Henrikson conspired to kill three other people.Ken Coburn, who was working out near the jail around 6 a.m. Thursday, said he was surprised to see the knotted-together bed sheets hanging from one of the jail's windows."That's the oldest trick in the book, next to putting a file in a cake," he said.
Moncton Woman Lodges Complaint About Nursing Care During 'nightmare' Hospital Stay
Patty Musgrave, who has osteoarthritis, has had four joint replacement surgeries since 2013 and has seen nursing care for patients at the Moncton Hospital go steadily downhill.Musgrave lodged a complaint after having her knee replaced in April and spendingthree days in a hospital bed "at the mercy" of health care workers on the sixth floor."Moncton Hospital orthopedic floor is a nightmare. Plain and simple," she wrote in her letter of complaint. I've come home with a renewed realization that we are understaffed in our hospitals and it is turning caregivers into really nasty people. - Patty Musgrave During her latesthospital visit, Musgrave found herself hesitating toask the nurses for help with going to the bathroom or for pain medication because their reaction made her feel as though she was "bothering them.""As far as pain goes, I probably let it go longer because I didn't want to press that button. And when they come around the corner and they look at you - it's like I did something wrong. And I'm 54."Musgrave said the frustration of nurses every time she and her elderly roommate called for help was evident."At one point upon calling for pain meds, one nurse offered me this information. 'I am really busy and can't be running back here over and over. I'venot even had supper yet.'"Musgrave said her roommate, who had been a patient on the sixthfloor for weeks,looked over and told her,"That's what it's like here.""I felt, like, 'Wow, I'm sure you didn't become a nurse to treat me like this.'"Patients try to co-ordinate bed pan callsMusgrave said while she hadno trouble speaking up for herself during her short stay, she was troubled bythe way her 74-year-old roommate was treated."She was too afraid to press the button. Sometimes I would press it for her because she was crying. She was in a lot of pain and when she needed the bed pan she was scared to call for it."Musgrave said the nurses were so obviously overwhelmed, that she and her roommate "had to co-ordinate our bed pan needs."For her, the other thing that was "really awful" was that she came home with a "huge bedsore," which had never happened before."When you're using a bed pan, sometimes you miss," Musgrave laughed. "So the bed had gotten wet. I told a nurse, she put a soaker pad over the wet sheet ... I ended up having three soaker pads underneath me."Her hospital bed was never changed, and she was not able to wash,until a friend who is a home care worker came to visit on her second day in the hospital.It was her friendwho helped her out of bed, washed her, treated her bedsore and changed the sheets."She went and asked for sheets and clean items and was told where to go get them butnot offered any assistance whatsoever. So then she changed my bed and got everything dried and got that sore looked at."Musgrave said the bedsore has since healed, thanks to the extramural nurses who visited her at home every two days to treat it."I've come home with a renewed realization that we are understaffed in our hospitals and it is turning caregivers into really nasty people."Moncton Hospital respondsMusgrave recently heard back from the nurse manager and the patient advocate at the Moncton Hospital.She was told that there had been a staff meeting about her letter of complaint and that nurses were checking on her 74-year-old former roommate as Musgravehad requested."I really hope my roommate is being cared for in a good way and considering her only family is an elderly brother, I hope she is getting the care she deserves," she wrote in her letter.Musgrave was also told by the nurse manager thataccording to her medical chart, everything looked fine and there was no record of her asking to talk to a doctor about pain relief, something she said the nurse refused.No one from the Horizon Health Network was willing to do an interview about Musgrave's concerns, but vice-president Geri Geldartdid send a written statement."We sincerely apologize for her negative experience during her stay. We have followed up directly with the staff who provided care, and we will utilize the feedback she shared to improve our care and services moving forward."'What's happening to our nursing staff?'Since returning home to recover, Musgrave has had a lot of time to reflect on her hospital stay."What's happening to our nursing staff on that floor? Why are they so overwhelmed?"She is calling on the Moncton Hospital to hire a nurse practitioner or hospitalist for the sixth floor. A hospitalist is a doctor who is dedicated to caring for patients in the hospital."If we had a hospitalist or even a nurse practitioner on that floor, I don't think we'd have the issues that we do because they would be able to take over the day-to-day management or case management of each patient."Instead of nurses spending time trying to reach already busy surgeons, Musgrave argues the dedicated hospitalist or nurse practitioner could make adjustments to care and medication quickly."So there's no big delay. The nurses aren't going to have to take time from care of the patients to make 50 phone calls to the doctor to get that changed, this changed, whatever," she said."Take some of the work off the nurses so that they can be the personality they set out to be instead of this overwhelmed person."
How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boiler in Vancouver? | Ashton Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
We will go over 4 factors that impact the cost of your installation. Looking to replace your boiler? Price is probably top of mind for you. The cost to install a boiler in the Vancouver area runs around $13,999, but you could pay anywhere from $9,499 to over $19,999. That's because boiler installation costs usually depend on the 5 factors below: Number of heating zones in your home We will go over how each of these factors impact your boiler installation cost. Need a quote to install a boiler in your home? Call us at 604-283-2383 or schedule an appointment online. One of our plumbers will come talk with you about your heating needs and give you an in-home estimate-all for free. How it impacts price: The larger your boiler, the more you will pay for it upfront. Boilers are sized in BTUs (British Thermal Units), a measurement of heat produced in a single hour (energy needed to heat 1 pound of water by 1F). So, "bigger" boilers are not necessarily larger in size. They have a higher BTU output, which simply means they can produce more heat. Sizing a boiler for your home is a complex process, but it's important to get it right. Getting a boiler that's too large or small for your needs will result in: Because finding the right boiler size is so complex, you will want to leave it to a professional. They will find the exact size you need and can recommend which type to get based on your heating preferences. Factor #2: Number of heating zones in your home How it impacts price: The more heating zones you have in your home, the more you will pay for your boiler installation. Many homes utilize "zoning" functionality in their homes. Zoning refers to adding individual controllers onto each radiator for precise temperature control from room to room. For example, a home with 3 different "zones" means that you can set different temperatures for the living room, kitchen and upstairs bedrooms. You may have a zoned system now and not even realize it. Ask your installation tech whether or not your system is zoned (and how many zones you have). How it impacts price: If your boiler flue system is improperly sized or was poorly installed, it will need to be replaced, which will increase the overall cost. All boilers have a "flue system", which is basically a pipe that attaches to the boiler and connects to an outside wall or chimney. The flue system's job is to push dangerous gases (created during the heating process) out of the home. Ideally, the flue system would not have to be replaced with a new boiler. However, if the flue was sized improperly or installed poorly to begin with, the flue may need to be replaced-and this will add to your overall boiler installation price. How it impacts price: High-efficiency boilers cost more to install than standard ones, but less to operate each month. Boiler efficiency is measured by its AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating, which measures how well a boiler converts fuel into heat. Let's say you have a boiler with an AFUE rating of 85%. That means for every dollar you spend on heating, 85 cents of that goes toward actual heat, while 15 cents is wasted in the heating process. In terms of efficiency, you can essentially buy 2 types of boilers: Non-condensing (standard): These boilers allow heat from water vapor to escape outdoors (and go to waste) via the exhaust vent. Non-condensing boilers usually have AFUE ratings of 80%-85%. Condensing (high-efficiency): These boilers capture heat from the water vapor, which is wasted in non-condensing boilers, and use it to preheat water entering the boiler. Condensing boilers typically have AFUE ratings of 90%-99%. How it impacts price: You will pay more for better-quality plumbers. But do not let higher labor costs keep you from going with a quality plumber. See, a quality plumber will have the skills and experience to install your boiler right, so your warranty stays valid and your plumbing and gas up to code. Going with a cheap, unqualified plumber could result in improper installation, voiding your warranty and violating Vancouver plumbing codes. This would result in expensive repairs in the future. To avoid any problems from the start, we recommend making sure the plumber: Gives you a written price quote before any work begins Factory certified (Trained and certified from the factory to install and maintain the unit) Is insured and has a valid gasfitting license Has good online reviews (Yelp, Google and the Better Business Bureau) We will send a plumber to talk with you about your heating needs to find the right boiler for your home. Then, you will get multiple system options, along with upfront pricing for each.1. Marketing Project....can you think of the best product?An easy way to solve this is to think of a moment where you were very frustrated with a product or situation and then think of how you would improve it. Here's my solution. I get frustrated when I have to take my car keys to gym and hate it when they are bulky in my pocket. Usually people take water bottles to the gym, so why not create some sort of key slot for a water bottle -- it's pretty hard to lose your water bottle. I would put it on the bottom of the bottle so it does not interfere with drinking or refilling. You can get creative by either creating an addition to the basic plastic bottle or by adding it to a cyclists water bottle. The campaign is simple. It's a picture of someone outside their front door or car door in their gym outfit looking like they lost their keys. The target market are all active individuals. What is easy about this is that you can probably design it at home and will look a lot better than your pie in the sky classmates who think of computers that can dance, etc.2. How can I pull off an edgier, hip-hop style as a white girl?Maybe try like a strawberry blonde hair color. That is real pretty and give a real different look You can also put some streaks in it. That would look pretty. Then with curly hair you can get long layers to make it full but it brings out the layers and streaks more. With that if you try browns as far as make up. I myself wear brown eyeliner and brown mascara and I love it. I like it allot better then the black. Even with the brown you can play around with the eye shadow. I still stick with a medium brown on top and the lid I use a cream color. Maybe even try a light goldish brown on top. But again you can play with it. Get your hair done first then at home take a day and try different ways of doing your makeup. See what you like best. Switch off colors. Pink on top eye lid is nice also. Then pick the clothes you feel comfortable in. I think the hip hop look with the hair and make up would look real cute. You can do it and i do not think it will look fake at all. You will look great!!.3. Heart Beat: Checking blood pressure at homeOnce upon a time, about the only way you could check your blood pressure was to see your doctor and have it measured in his or her office. Today you can do it at home, thanks to the profusion of inexpensive home monitors. A randomized trial that included 430 Dutch volunteers with mild high blood pressure suggests that home monitoring may be as good as, or in some cases better than, office monitoring. Volunteers randomized to check their pressure at home six times a day were more likely to have reached their blood pressure goals, and used fewer medications to do it, than those who had their pressure checked only in a doctor's office. The results were published in the December 2007 Hypertension. The results are not a slam dunk for home monitoring. At the end of the yearlong trial, 24-hour blood pressure recordings were a touch higher in the home monitoring group than in the doctors' office group. That could be a statistical problem, or it might mean some participants in the home group were fudging the readings they reported. Either way, the results suggest that while home monitoring is safe and effective, it's still worth having your doctor check your blood pressure, too.
How Many Watts Are in 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton & in 2 Ton Air Conditioner (AC) ?
The "ton of refrigeration" is apparently defined as exactly 12000 BTU h^-1 (that is, BTU per hour - the BTU is a unit of energy, not one of power as the other two are), or 3517 W. The ton, itself, is a unit of weight, which has nothing to do with power usage1. Dropping ice in the ocean to stop global warmingThis approach is not only infeasible, thermodynamics says it would not work at all.Though many of the previous responses are correct, there's a simpler answer that's been missed, it's the same as if you would said:Stopping global warming by leaving the fridge open.Irrespective of the potentially negative environmental impacts of building more powerplants and burning more fuels to freeze water into ice, cooling, refrigeration, and freezing do not result in a decrease in the overall energy of the system. Your kitchen fridge works by pulling thermal energy out of the air inside the fridge, and dumping that thermal energy into the air outside the fridge. So leaving the fridge open does not cool your kitchen (the system) at all (and refrigerators are not perfectly efficient, so they actually create some waste heat).Even someone figured out a way to freeze massive amounts of water and deliver the ice to the ocean in a perfectly efficient way, their setup must do something with all the thermal energy they've taken out of the now-frozen ice! That may mean heating other, separate water, or simply exhausting hot air, etc, but the overall temperature of the Earth does not decrease. Clever idea with the comets though; if they did not heat the atmosphere on entry, enough of them could temporarily cool the earth, because they are a heat sink that is exogenous to the system2. Will my bread dough that has already gone through first rise be okay to bake after three days of refrigeration?From experience... No, it will probably not be 'okay to bake'. It's not going to rise, the yeast will most likely be spent.Try mixing more dough and incorporate a third of your dough into that as a starter. Then, when that dough is finished mixing, cut a third of it and put it in the fridge for the next time you make bread. Then you've got a heck of a nice starter going3. What is the best food that is cheap,nutrishious,and can store without refrigeration?Try making your own pemmican. If you dry your own jerkey and fruit, it can be fairly cheap and you can vary the formula to make it as nutritious as you like. It sure beats "trail mix" and "gorp". If you are camping for any extended period of time, do not forget the hot cereal, peanut butter, dried fruits and vegetables, and other goodies.4. What is the best "on the go lunch" to take to work?This is a tough one I face quite a bit myself. I like to take Campbell's Soup At Hands because they are very quick to heat and you can sip them at your desk and they will warm you up too if you work in a frozen air-conditioned computer-strewn wasteland like me. If you really have no time to even visit a microwave then I like to have peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in my bag. You dont even have to waste time getting them out of the refrigerator because they dont require refrigeration. There are also these Wolfgang Puck self-heating coffee's that you can make at your desk and they get really hot. You dont even have to lose time going to a microwave!.5. Do we attach anything to the coil of a vapor compression refrigeration cycle to enhance the heat transfer?More surface area is the most common means.In the evaporator, the additional surface area is added before the refrigerant leaves the evaporator and is known as a superheater.It is at this point that the refrigerant gas has fully boiled to a vapor, leaving no suspended liquid refrigerant behind. That first stage of process happens at a constant temperature and pressure. Once the refrigerant crosses the saturated vapor curve, the heat transfer process continues but the temperature from this point forward will rise before it enters the compressor.After the compressor and before the refrigerant hot gas enters the condenser, a secondary heat exchanger called a desuperheater can be added to extract heat from the refrigerant hot gas to, for example, pre-heat incoming cold water for domestic service hot water use. The third and last opportunity is after the condenser and before the metering device.This additional surface area is added after the refrigerant liquid leaves the condenser coil. This is known as a desuperheater and it reduces the temperature of the refrigerant liquid below its saturation point. The above is a general response to the nature of the question and no specifics of application are to be implied or inferred. The response does not constitute legal or professional engineering advice. Seeking the advice of a qualified professional specific to your particular application, is recommended. Do we attach anything to the coil of a vapor compression refrigeration cycle to enhance the heat transfer?
What Is the Meaning of 1.5 Ton in Air Conditioner Specifications? [closed]
A "ton" in air conditioning circles is a reference to the heat capacity of a ton of melting water ice, over the period of one day. It is defined as 12000 BTU/hr, or 3517 watts.Note that this is a measurement of the heat transferred away from the cold side of the system. The actual power consumed to accomplish this depends on the overall efficiency of the system. The amount of heat coming out of the hot side will be the sum of the two values1. Grant Proposal- What would would be a good device to help ANY disease?Biostich. just stare at Biostich for 1 minute 56 seconds, it will put you in a kind of trance (momentary stasis) as it releases certain chemical vapors, which will naturally regulate body functions and normalize chemicals in the the brain, making you feel good. ---sp dedarg no ruoy ytivitaerc, ton rehtehw ti sekam esnes ro ton2. Do electrons jump from one wire to another if they are of different materials?Yes, they can jump between different materials. This is used all the time when engineering setups where the experimentalist wants to induce some new properties on the electrons in one of the materials. These are called heterostructures, and for example you can induce superconductivity in a semiconductor by proximity coupling them. The idea is that the electrons in the semiconductor can hop onto the superconductor and then return as holes, thereby inducing an effective (weak) superconductivity term in the semiconductor.If you google "superconductor-semiconductor heterostructure" you will get ton of results3. why is it that when a guy sleeps with a ton of girls he's a pimp,?It's because girls are not SUPPOSED TO SLEEP WITH ALOT OF GUYS!!!!! I know it's a double standard, but that's the way it is4. i need a ton of happy music?Every song from Owl City5. where do i go to recycle a TON of old magazines?go to your garden dig soil and throw that6. Have you ever lost a ton of weight? Did it change your life?Losing a lot of weight does have an effect on a person's life but it can be a good thing or a bad thing simply because it depends on the person's mental state. You can lose the weight and still 'see yourself as fat' even though consciously you know you are wearing clothes many sizes smaller. Or you can attach emotional issues to weight loss or weight gain. i.e. If you lose weight then gain some the thought process may become "s/he wo not love me any more because I am fat" even if the weight gain is minimal. Self-esteem issues have a lot to do with eating disorders and weight fluctuation. Those who have resolved their issues with self-esteem are generally able to maintain the weight loss and do lead happier lives. Self-esteem in relation to weight loss is really the issue. How you feel about yourself at any weight will determine how you lose weight. Extreme dieting damages the body, slows the metabolism, and actually makes the body 'hold onto' fat while it releases muscle instead. You need to determine what a healthy weight is for your height and body frame. Find out how many calories a day are needed to maintain your current weight and then decrease that amount by figuring out how many calories are needed to maintain the APPROPRIATE weight for you. Rather than weighing yourself constantly, use a tape measure because exercise will re-sculpt your body making you appear thinner even if the numbers on the scales are moving slowly. Also, seeing "inches lost" shows you that what you are doing IS working and gives you the motivation to continue rather than to get frustrated and give up. What you should be striving for is a healthy fit body not a specific size.7. What do yall think abut people driving around in pick up trucks , ton , quarter ton half a ton ect ?Are you drunk? I drive a '71 Mack truck around everyday. It only has one axle in the rear but it's still bigger than 90% of everything on the dang road. I took off the old 5th wheel hookup and bolted an old Ford pickup bed on her the other day and man you should see the looks I get around town now! I now drive the biggest, loudest, dirtiest pickup in the state and everyone else can just get the hell out of my way! PS -- to Evan: bite my boney a**.
Sweetheart Table Vs. Traditonal Head Table?
Go for a sweetheart table. It will be the only time of the day you can chat a bit! Also, when you are done eating, you can walk around and chat with people if need to. I found it very relaxing to be sitting with my hubby alone! I was in a wedding last week, and they had a head table with the six people in the wedding party. I did not get to sit with my hubby (which I never like), and had awkward conversation with the other bridesmaids. We were also facing out to the rest of the crowd, and it just was not as warm as sweetheart style!1. What materials would I need to make a table runner for an entryway table?Why do not you check for a lace curtain and then cut it down to the size you want. This would really stand out and in all fairness you made it yourself. Your ans. from daeve mentioned things you would need (scissors) but you would not have to trim it just let some of the material hang over the side. If you use the lace make it simple, the pattern you pick will do the rest2. Database Table PrefixesIn my opinion, Prefixes do not seem to have physical or logical value, except in cases like this:To distinguish normal tables from aggregated summary tables. This is to remove confusion from Sales and Sales summary tables without using the word summary.To distinguish views from actual tablesWhen you deal with demoralized database where a single table has to appear twice to distinguish between staging area data vs. transactional data. Prefixing tables is not possible to be done right because it is common to find shared tables across business functions. For example, a table like Country, can be part of the functional areas: Payroll, Sales, Accounts, Security, etc. Information Engineering methodology promotes logical categorization of tables into what is referred to as Business Subject Areas. However, in the physical implementation, there is no such division and there is no name prefixing required. Advanced data modeling tools allows you to group tables in separate groups from a main model and allow the admin. of the main model to provide access rights so that each sub-model can be viewed and changed in a controlled manner. Another problem with prefixes, is that they make names longer without providing value to either developer, dba or end user.I need to mention here that Microsoft Dynamics have a different approach to this. Tables in MS Dynamics are prefixed with some prefix, for example:Again, personally, I do not see the value of prefixes except where mentioned above.3. GoLang Table TestThe actual values should not be part of the table since it is much easier to refer to them as books[i] in the loop.The type tester has a bad name since that name sounds active, as if the type could actually test something. Choose a more passive name, such as BookInfo. The field tester. categoryLen should be named categoriesLen since asking for the length of a single category does not make sense.The function getBookTest should be named extractInfo or something similar.After renaming and reorganizing the code, it looks like this. But since you did not provide any real test data, I can only hope that it runs fine, I could not actually test it4. Does ALTER on PostgreSQL, Oracle table (respectively) create intermediate copy of the table?From the Postgres manual:Adding a column:(Emphasis mine)Changing a column's type:Note the part about indexes being rebuilt for any column change.Dropping a column:5. Print this Multiplication Tablea little better golfed than the other two Python versions6. Probability Distribution Table of Bus ArrivalYou populated the distribution table correctly so yes, you are doing it right. You can understand "success over total" as the probability. A more formal way to understand it would be as below $$ textProbability of something happening = fractextNumber of favorable outcomestextTotal number of outcomes $$7. Request a table for two people?Yes you can request it. Just call them to see if it is available8. Is it normal for a toddler not to eat at the table?just keep it up, the routine. she will eat when she is hungry. she is old enough to understand that if she wants to eat, it will be at the table. if she wants a snack, put her at the table. 2 year olds are stubborn, so dont' give up!!.
Southern Enterprises Silas Round Faux Stone Cocktail Table - Southern Enterprises CK5730 From Www.To
silas round faux stone cocktail table southern enterprises ck5730 round out your living room table collection. faux travertine and champagne finish bring an air of elegance to your lounge area. glamorous stone look creates a sophisticated feel for... The Accuweather Shop is bringing you great deals on lots of Southern Enterprises Coffee Tables including Silas Round Faux Stone Cocktail Table - Southern Enterprises CK5730.1. Faux linen or linen like tablecloths or table covers?haha..i cant really answer ur question. sorry but..um..i just noticed how similiar our avatars looked =) lol2. About how much would it cost for faux hardwood floors in a 1700 sq. ft. house?magic got it pretty close-- expect about $3 a sq foot installed-- i charged $2.50 a sq foot doing floor tile years ago-- granite and countertops that have less sq feet i would charge an average of $40 a sq foot for countertops and small projects. alth i very seldon doon wooden floors-- i have done this type of flooring-- its really nice and durable-- good luck.3. Is it a faux pas to offer a favor to a professor who has written you a letter of recommendation / served as a reference?If there's any awkwardness, it's because the two topics were mixed in one email thread.If you yourself see the website as a separate matter from the LOR, and if you are pretty confident the professor does too, then you will be fine.In short, if you are making the website as an expression of your appreciation of the teaching the person did for you, then you are fine.4. What are some cultural faux pas in Toronto?Not quite a faux pas, but calling it To-ron-to shows you are an out of towner. Everyone from TO knows that it's pronounced "Trawna" (1 1/2 syllables) and not To-ron-to (3 syllables)5. Faux Hawk Not Staying Up (lifestyle problem)?When you are training you should not really be worrying about your appearance6. Given the love to lies of their viewers, how did Faux News make the difficult choice between two sets of lies?seems like lies are what is being embraced by all sides. have you seen the devotion by these obama supporters, though? it's amazing! i am sure they are the ones' that never even cared what obama stood for7. toddler just peed in and on her leather and faux suede boots - care instructions please!!!?this is one of the reason I always buy sockoes. They are comfortable , cute and machine washable.8. Women Only - My wife wants me to get a Mohawk Haircut. She means a real one, not a faux.?I like mohawks. I dont really ever know whats in style though. If you want a mohawk get it9. Which one of these fashion faux pas is worse...???I think the first...I hate that....= P10. Girls opinion on Faux Hawks?David Villa's hair is sexy as hell! David Beckham's hair looks like a gay guy's.11. What are some major social faux pas to avoid when visiting Samoa?Faux pas to avoid in Samoa :Talking to elders from a standing position, especially in a traditional or home setting. Crouch (don't bend, you're still standing, still higher than them), or sit at their feet.Walking between people who are talking. At all times, seek to walk behind people, not in front of them. Can be a bit of a dance, especially as you're obviously a visitor, but people make exceptions.Passing people in close proximity, or walking in front of them. If you absolutely have to, quietly say "Tulou" - excuse me. Pronounced "too low" but don't drawl it - say it softly, quickly.Talk loudly - Samoa people are very softly spoken. Some people may be short of English, but few are hard of hearing. Wear your shoes inside someone's house. A visitor might as well dump a pile of dirt on the floor.Start eating before prayers. No worries if you're not religious, just lower your eyes and focus on your breathing for a minute. Let words of thanks wash over you. Wear beach clothes off the beach - no bikinis in town! No mankinis either. Nude sunbathing? Just no. Also, avoid showing your bare feet, such as when crossing legs.Swearing. The next time might be with fewer front teeth to form the F word with. Speeding. Especially not through villages or towns. Roads are considered free traffic for everyone - cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians, and free flowing public events frequently spill over. Slow down as if guns were pointed at you. Driving or walking anywhere during prayer time - in most villages outside Apia. See above.These are just some very basic things to avoid. Most places serving tourists are very tolerant of tourist mistakes. Just remember you're dealing with a civilization that goes back three millennia.Thing regal and comport yourself at a stately pace.Too hot to do anything quickly!Deeper answers here:Samoan Etiquette. . . What are some major social faux pas to avoid when visiting Samoa?
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