6 Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

With the general expectation of feeling the cool air on switching on your air conditioner, the confusion is when you are treated with warm air instead. There could be several causes of why your air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cold. The various reasons why your air conditioning is not working and not providing cool air could be related to the overall repair or service requirement for the multiple components that contribute to a car's cooling mechanism.

I have a 2003 Lincoln ls the air conditioner isn't cooling what could be wrong with I beside low on freion?

A faulty air compressor unit

My Nissan Xtera's air conditioner only cools sometimes?

moisture in the system

What's the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged/dry hair?

Heads And Shoulders :D

Is it okay to use a conditioner meant for people on dogs?

baby shampoo only, but otherwise it will dry the skin out

Air conditioner is broken, how do I keep my computer cool?

put your desktop on an open surface with nothing around it. If you place it in like a box or have many objects around it that will cause the heat from the computer to heat up the air around it which is being blocked in by all those objects or a box which in turn is heating your computer even more. Also if you have a small fan if you place it next to or blowing in the direction of your desktop this will help to keep it cool. I would not suggest leaving your computer on 24.7 while your air is broke and when it reaches those low 90s i would suggest powering down your computer until the temp drops. Oh one more thing do not have your computer near a window where the sun will beat down on it.

What shampoo/conditioner do you use to get soft hair?

and your a guy? ...interesting

can fish and turtle water conditioner be interchangeable?

it's similar, but do not buy cheap crap, I use Amquel (because our tap water has chloromine in it in addition to chlorine) and Novaqua. note: if mom's worried about the cost of water conditioner I am betting you do not have the proper equipment for the turtle. If you do not have heat lamp, aquarium heater, UV light, a big filter, and a varied diet of bugs, worms, live fish etc. and proper calcium and vitamin supplements, then your turtle will die in about a year of bone disease, malnutrition and internal infections, including respiratory infections.

good shampoo and conditioner for dry, frizzy, damaged colored hair?

i prefer head & shoulders shampoo to control dandruff and to look silky hair

Is Motions shampoo and conditioner a good to use on ethnic hair, with Mr.Miracle foam & leave in condition?

Hey there....Dimethocone is not bad if used in small quantities. And Dr. Miracles is not very good from what I hear. I know of a great forum that's all about black women growing their hair out, mostly doing it themselves. It's called Long Hair Care Forum, and I love it! My hair has gone from nothing to something in a matter of a month! The link is in the source list. Just look over it, it will definitely help you out. **Hope that helps**

Should the air coming out of my air conditioner unit (outside at the unit not in the house) be warm or cool?

while working a warmth pump in the 'established' warmth mode on the t-stat, the outdoor unit ought to consistently be working different than for some varieties of circumstances. the 1st reason, and maximum difficulty-unfastened reason that a warmth pump does not be working mutually as there's a call of warmth is while the warmth pump is in defrost, and technically, that's nevertheless working in the example. It purely cuts of the fan motor so except your status appropriate next to it it may be complicated to tell that's working. mutually as that's in defrost that's rather working the warmth pump in the aircon mode (it cuts the indoor "axillary" warmers directly to maintain your place from getting chilly) to pump warm gasoline in the process the outdoor coil to knock any ice off. that's difficulty-unfastened to work out the warmth pump spewing an excellent cloud of water vapor as this warm gasoline hits the ice in this mode. the 2d reason the outdoor unit could be off mutually as in the warmth mode is that the outdoor air has reached such a low temperature, that a sensor in the outdoor unit cuts the warmth pump off. that's because of the fact, as a prior poster noted, that once you start up getting down into the Nineteen Twenties, there is not any longer adequate warmth in the outdoor air to %. up and flow indoors. The good judgment in the controls of the warmth pump has a preset temperature the place it acknowledges this concern and cuts the outdoor unit off and we could the indoor warmers run to warmth. The 0.33 difficulty the place the warmth pump could be off in the warmth mode is there is a few difficulty with the outdoor unit or the controls of the warmth pump this is combating the unit from working. the opportunities indexed right here are too many to record right here. If that's going to become obvious that that's purely no longer working while that's meant to be, i could recommend switching the t-stat into 'emergency warmth' which will take the warmth pump out of the image. Then call a qualified HVAC company to return out and be sure what the undertaking is. warmth pumps are incredibly complicated and pricey to change, so no longer letting this difficulty proceed on is on your maximum suitable activity

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Last week's SEA Forum 2014 in Bali, Indonesia witnessed the unveiling of Samsung's new home appliances that will help households in keeping homes cool and clean. The Korean company's latest array of home appliances is topbilled by the AR9000 air conditioner, Food ShowCase refrigerator, and the WW9000 washer.Adopting Samsung's new triangle design, the AR9000 air conditioner features wider inlet, wider outlet, and bigger fans than air conditioners that are based on the conventional design. With the use of the new design, the AR9000 remains compact and stylish, yet much better in terms of air conditioning and energy efficiency. The triangle design allows for faster (26%), farther (14 meters), and wider (2x wider) release of cool air. With Samsung's Digital Inverter Technology, the AR9000 consumes up to 60% less electricity than conventional air conditioners. Not only remarkable in terms of keeping homes cool, the AR9000 is also capable of keeping families healthy by eliminating allergens, bacteria, contaminants, dust, and viruses with the help of Virus Doctor and Easy Filter features. And to make things simpler, Samsung has a downloadable app that allows users to control the AR9000 by using their Samsung Android smartphone or tablet.The Food ShowCase refrigerator is bigger than a conventional home-bar refrigerator. But what makes it bigger? Apart from its sheer size, its compartments allow users to store more food stuff. The Food ShowCase comes with two layers of doors: the ShowCase for items that are frequently accessed and consumed, and the InnerCase for ingredients that require longer storage. The ShowCase is divided into three sections: the upper-level Cooking Zone for cheese and sauces, the mid-level Family Zone for drinks and snacks, and the lower-level Kids Zone for children's food items. The InnerCase stores fruit, meat, and vegetables. On the outside, the Food ShowCase refrigerator is clad in a premium metal chassis, on which the Ice and Water Dispenser is also found. Like the AR9000, the Food ShowCase refrigerator also uses Samsung's Digital Inverter technology, which improves its cooling performance and energy efficiency.Samsung's WW9000 washer flaunts an elegant minimalist design that has a simple, streamlined front with a ripple design running along its side. Designers at Samsung achieved such a beauty by eliminating unnecessary lines, knobs, and buttons that traditional washers look complicated. The WW9000 has a 5-inch color touch-enabled control panel that includes options like Gardening, Cooking and Dining, Hygiene Care, Active Sports, Active Kids, Working and Everyday, Favorites, and Most Used for convenient selection of temperature and spin speed. Moreover, the WW9000 features Auto Optimal Wash which relies on sensing technologies to determine the most optimal wash cycle, temperature, time, rinse cycle, and spin speed based on the load's size, degree of dirt and soiling, amount of water, and detergent needed. The washer also features Auto Dispense for automatic releasing of the right amount of detergent and fabric softener.For easy loading and unloading of laundry, the washer's door has been made bigger and the drum raised higher up. The door is also attached to the washer's body by a double hinge for wider opening. During washing, Samsung's ecobubble feature helps in dissolving detergent more quickly, making it penetrate clothes faster. Aside from employing Samsung's Digital Inverter technology, in which strong magnets are employed for quieter and more powerful performance, the WW9000 also uses VRT-M technology, wherein a three dimensional vibration sensor system keeps the drum well balanced at high spin speeds. Like the AR9000, the WW9000 can be controlled and monitored by using a smartphone app.In addition to the AR9000, Food ShowCase, and the WW9000, Samsung also introduced other models of air conditioners, refrigerators, and washers at the SEA Forum 2014. Scroll down to view some of them.
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