A Short History of Outdoor Furniture

Today's outdoor furniture is not only beautiful, but the designs are sophisticated and the materials are extremely durable. Outdoor rooms are more than just porches and patios and indoor comforts reign. Summer Classics offers more than 33 furniture collections ranging in styles from cottage to contemporary in resin wickers, teak, and metal. While manufacturing and technological advances offer more looks than ever before, history shows that the first outdoor furnishings harken back to the ancients and were made from woven grasses, stone slabs, and even the earth itself.

How to convince my girlfriend that her cat should be an outdoor cat. He still has claws!?

Try brushing him every day, then he wo not shed so much all over the house. And you obviously do not care about your gf very much, since you do not care that the pet she loves would be put at risk with your plan. Did you know that the average lifespan of an indoor-only cat is 15 years, while the average lifespan of a cat allowed to roam is only 7 years? Viruses, being attacked by other animals, being hit by cars, being abused by cruel humans...all very real dangers. Anyway, tell your gf it's either you or the cat, she has to choose. Oh, and good luck finding the next gf.

What type of body paint is best to use for outdoor football games??

If you do not have an ID yet, how are you going to drive and buy it? Seriously, I would ask on one of the health or medical sections for a recommendation of something that wo not make the skin break out

WOuld you care if your officiant wore classy sunglasses in an outdoor wedding?

not at all. i think it would pretty cool

I have a 1.3 yr yr. male cat whos peeing in our bed. Is it safe to put him outside? He is in/outdoor now. HELP

I agree with the other posters who say to take your cat to the vet. After 15 years of love and affection that is not too much to ask. I can not believe you would be irritated with him, instead of worried and wanting to know what is wrong. He is your responsibility and at his age is likely sick. Seeing as he has not been checked by a vet and this has been going on for three years and is suddenly getting worse indicates a deteriorating health condition, but hopefully one that can be treated. I am sure if one of your children was acting abnormally you would take them to the doctor. If you love your cat like you say please do the right thing. The cruelest thing would be to turn him loose into the wild. He is not adapted to that environment and it would be very scary and he probably would die a horrible death. Also, chances are he will not be adopted and would only be lonely and frightened in a shelter, until the sad end, when he is killed by strangers. I can not imagine that someone who says they love their cat would even consider either of the above options. The vet can give you a diagnosis and a prognosis. If it is a terminal disease please do not make him suffer. My ex once had a cat that he allowed to waste away for purely selfish reasons and it was pathetic. If it were my cat and he could not be treated I would take him to the vet and hold him in my arms and have him gently put to sleep. That would be a kind and merciful end to a beautiful life

What past outdoor experience in your life shouted "I am really cold"?

Being stuck waiting for public transportation in - 65 degree below windchill factor. It would take better than an hour still fully clothed coat and all under my bed blankets trying to warm up

Would it be inappropriate for a bride and her bridesmaids to wear short dresses in a fall outdoor wedding?

Knee length dresses are appropriate and nice, anything shorter than above the knees is tacky and not appropriate

Ideas for outdoor games for an 11 year old boys birthday party?

paintball fight you get 2 teams 1commander for each team you go in the woods and start shooting each other is the funniest sport ever i started playing when i was 12 that and golf

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