Add Chair Leg Protectors to Wicker Dining Furniture

Protecting wicker dining furniture by adding chair leg protectors will help them resist cracking, dampness, frame damage, and unraveling of the wicker covering. The correct style of chair leg protector will also guard all floor types against damage from moving the chairs. Follow these guidelines to apply the best chair leg protectors to your wicker furniture.

Step 1 - Measure the Circumference of Your Wicker Dining Chair Legs

Find out how large your chair legs are by measuring them with a cloth tape measure around the bottom of each leg and up 2 inches from the bottom. If the legs taper toward the bottom, buy a size closest to the smaller of the two measurements. If the legs flare at the base, use the larger measurement.

Step 2 - Select the Style of Chair Leg Protectors You Wish to Use

Chair leg protectors come in various materials, including rubber and hard plastic, with felt-covered tips and without. For wicker chairs that will sit indoors on carpet, choose a slip-on rubber sleeve chair protector with a caster attachment. If you use your chairs on hardwood floors, or on the tile, concrete or stone of a patio, choose an all-rubber chair leg protector with a thick base.

While most chair leg protectors simply slip on to the chair feet, adding a few drops of all-purpose glue to the leg will help the chair leg protectors stay on as the chair is moved. Place the chair leg protectors on each leg of the chair and test that each is secure. Permit the all-purpose glue holding the protectors on to dry for 1 to 2 hours, then test each chair to see that the chair leg protectors are securely attached.

The legs of wicker dining chairs can be damaged by people pulling and pushing on the chair legs with their feet, barefoot, or in shoes. This can cause splitting and unraveling of the wicker reeds. Protect the lower legs of each wicker dining chair by coating them in wound strips of thin leather, as the highest-quality wicker chairs are finished. You can do the leg wrapping either before or after adding the chair leg protectors to the bottom of each chair leg.

Obtain thinly-cut leather strips from the craft store or building supply center. Make sure to get 2 yards per leg of each chair. Clean and brush the legs thoroughly so the leather stripping will adhere well. Coat the length of each leg and around its circumference with all-purpose glue where you will apply the stripping. Start winding the leather strips at the highest point on each chair leg where you want this protective coating. Wind them downward at a 10-degree angle so they touch each other but do not overlap as they descend. Ensure the leather strips go down into the chair leg protector cap.

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