Air Conditioning - Advantages of a Heat Pump

What is a Heat pump?

A heat pump is a home appliance (similar to a fridge freezer) that heats and cools the atmosphere in the home. It offers home owners comfort that is normally reserved for high-rise office buildings, five-star hotels and executive apartments. It heats, cools, dehumidifies and continuously filters the air of dust and other impurities. It also circulates the air - without heating or cooling - to eliminate stuffiness. A typical heat pump is two units - an indoor unit, and an outdoor unit. For this reason, they are often called "split systems". Many have remote controls for maximum convenience.

How does it work?

A fridge transfers heat from its food compartment to the coil at the back. Like a fridge, it can be reversed so that the heat flow goes the other way. Heat pumps transfer heat from outside air into the home in winter, and transfers heat from inside the home to outside air in summer.

But how can it heat the home and winter when it is freezing outside?

A home freezer can take the temperature of its food compartment below 0°, in fact as low as -6°C. If it can remove heat from inside a freezer to below 0°, the same process - used in the heat pumps - can extract enough heat from cold outside air to warm the home. Although our body's feel cold at these low temperatures, there is still a lot of heat energy in the outside air at 0°C.

What size will I need for my home?

Every home is as individual as its owner. The key to selecting the right size heat pump for your home is an accurate estimate of the heat that will need to be transferred into your home in winter for heating, and out of your home in summer for cooling. This needs to be carried out by an experienced and qualified specialist like Excel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd.

What factors will affect the size of heat pump I need?

The amount of heating needed will depend on the heat loss through walls, windows and roofs. To minimise heat loss and before you invest in the heat pump, it is always a good idea to properly insulate walls and roofs first. In particularly cold climates double glazing windows will insulate them and keep heat loss to a minimum. By insulating first, the size of heat pump selected will generally be smaller and therefore be cheaper to install and run.

The northern aspect of the home is also an important factor. North facing rooms will catch the sun better and more generally need less heating. Conversely, South facing rooms tend to be colder and will need more heating.

Do heat pumps take up a lot of room?

No. Heat pumps are designed to be unobtrusive in size, neutral decor and low noise levels. There are also different types of heat pumps, from a stylish through the wall packaged unit to different varieties of split systems. The least obtrusive is a ducted split system. This can be hidden in the ceiling or under floor and only the grilles for distributing the air are visible.

How much does cost to buy and install a pump?

As stated before, every home is as unique as its owner. The installed cost of the heat pump will therefore be unique for each home and will depend on the size and type of heat pump installed. As an example, a standard three-bedroom 100 m2 timber framed New Zealand home may use a 5.5 KW hi-wall split system heat pump to warm the lounge, dining and kitchen as one open plan area. This type of installation would currently cost just over $3000 plus gst to install. A very broad guide to heat pump installed cost is $60-$100/m2 plus gst of served area. Served area is the area being heated and excludes laundries, garages, toilets and other utility areas in the home.

How much does cost to heat my home with a heat pump?

To answer this question the amount of heating that is currently necessary will need to be known. For the purpose of explanation, assume 5KW of heating is needed. Electrical heating appliances are normally 100% efficient so for 5 KW of heating one will need to pay for 5 KW of electric energy. Gas heating appliances are less than 100% efficient. For discussion, let's assume that they are 90% efficient. This means, to gain 5KW of heating, one has to pay for 5.6 KW of gas energy. Although gas may be cheaper per KW, one has to use more of it to produce the same heating effect. Heat pumps transfer heat from outside air and in this way produces two to three times more heat. Its efficiency - if it can be called that - is 200% to 300%. This means for 5 KW of heating, one will only pay for around 2 KW of electric energy. Heat pump heating is roughly a third of the cost of electric heating and about half the cost of gas heating.

How can a heat pump be cheaper to run when it has more moving parts?

A heat pump uses electricity to transfer heat. Electric heaters convert electric energy to heat energy and are thereby limited by the amount of electricity used. A heat pump has no such limitation and can transfer twice to three times the heat from outside air than can be converted from the electricity at uses.

Are heat pumps noisy?

No, they are generally not noisy. The source of the noise in a typical heat pump is air impinging on the grille as it is forced out of the unit. Air noise is marginally higher than ambient background noise and is usually not distracting.

Do they dry the air: like on an airplane?

Heating or cooling air changes its characteristics. Heating air increases its ability to carry moisture and suspension by reducing its relative humidity content. This is the same process used in clothes dryers. Cooling air causes the moisture in the air to condense out of suspension. This reduces the absolute humidity content of the air and is the process used in the humidifiers. Either way, reducing moisture in the home is beneficial by discouraging mould and mildew by producing a healthier living environment.

Are they reliable?

Yes. Heat pumps are reliable. They use the same process as the home fridge or freezer and have the same level of dependability and useful life expectancy.

How easy are they to repair?

Provided the service person is experienced and qualified, repairing heat pumps is as straightforward as repairing the fridge or freezer. For repairs, talk to Excel and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd.

Do they need servicing?

Like cars, heat pumps should be regularly serviced for optimum operation. This involves cleaning the air filter and perhaps checking that the refrigeration charge is correct. It would be a good idea to service the pumps just before the beginning of each extreme season i.e before winter and again before summer.

How are heat pumps better than other forms of heating?

Apart from being cheaper to run, heat pumps offer other benefits that heating only systems cannot.

1) Heat pumps don't burn oxygen or create stuffiness like open fires do. They are designed for all year round comfort, not just for four months during winter.

2) They produce low-density heat which is safer for children and elderly, unlike fires, oil filled or electric fan heaters.

3) They are unmatched for convenience and ease-of-use.

4) They do not pollute their atmosphere with the products of combustion, and they use ozone friendly refrigerant.

All in all, heat pumps offer the best investment in home heating and comfort.

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Does a Heat Pump Or Air Conditioner Condenser Need to Go Outdoors?
What do you think happens to the efficiency and capacity of an air conditioner when it has to dump its heat into hotter air? It drops. What happens when the air gets too hot? The condenser may not be able to do its job - condensing the refrigerant so that it all becomes a liquid again. The refrigerant goes to the evaporator coil hotter and wetter and at higher pressure. That's a recipe for failure.what's the best shape for inducing condensation?Let's imagine condensation as the process of nucleation and growth. The nucleation is a process of forming the embryos and growth will give stable condensed particles. There are two ways you could trigger nucleation events namely, homogeneous and heterogeneous. In homogeneous nucleation, you will not have any wall/ impurities etc. This depends on the following parameters, $N_homo$ = $f(Delta T, gamma_sl, u, sigma)$ $ ->$ a big equation (1)Your case is heterogeneous since you have a wall to grow nucleation. 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The kinetics can be analysed by assuming that only the end groups are important, thus the rate constant is assumed to be independent of molecular size then the rate is found to be bimolecular, (at least for acid catalysed reactions) i.e. $ced[A]/dt=-$k$[A][B]$ for reacting species A and B.Question about condensing a logarithm?ambiguous, my guess is this: (3/2) [log ((4x)^2)] - (4/5) [log((2m)^15) ] (3/2)(2) [log (4x)] - (4/5)(15) [log(2m) ] (3) [log (4x)] - (12) [log(2m) ] but we can not simplify more until we can make the coefficients of the logs the same. [log (4x) ] - [log(2m)] log [(4x)/ (2m)] log x/ (2m)] log [x/ (2m)] which does not match either of your answers, so I suspect you need to define the problem better. Parans and brackets are very important. .is there a vegan substitute for condensed milk?Yep Almond Milk Soy Milk Rice Milk If you mean in a condensed form, like condensed milk, I am not sure.How can condensation be aided?A cooled surface is your best bet. Pressure-related phenomena are also a valid choice (basically, anything that changes the properties of the air-vapour mixture into conditions above saturation is fine), or combination of both.A cooled surface must have high thermal conductivity to drain the excess latent heat that is emitted during condensation (metal is a good choice), and it's a good idea to drain the water as well, so that the cooling does not have to cool the water further -- it has high thermal capacity. Micropatterning of the surface can help to collect water into droplets quickly, and drain it away. Surface tension also helps: if the surface is water-loving (good wetting), this can lower the vapour pressure required to achieve condensation. This is amplified by micro-patterning to create many places where high-curvature meniscus forms... read up on capillary condensation (Capillary condensation). That's how nature does it: Namib Desert beetle. Also, people follow their example: Fog collectors harvesting water from thin airIn conclusion... with a mesh-like microstructure made of material with appropriate surface tension with water, you can condense even without cooling. With additional cooling and efficient draining of collected water, it gets even better. A metallic-fibre, surface-treated for better wetting, woven into a fine fabric, would be a fine choice.
Air Conditioning Freezing Up. Split Unit Heat Pump.?
You are probably low on freon, or your filter is clogged quite a bit. Unless you are qualified to be checking pressure I suggest not messing with the new unit. You could be told the warranty is void if you mess around with the unit much. It also could be that they got in a hurry when they charged your new system and need to add a little more refrigerant to the system.1. No air conditioning, can I get one of those fridges that plugs into your 12 volt cigerette light?i do not think thats a good idea, i might be wrong, but i think those fridges only keep a small amount of space cool. Keeping the door open would not help either. You would have btr luck with a 12v car fan.2. I have air conditioning ducts but I won't to be a green thumber and save money, is there any green thumb ways?Lose the AC...I live in a hotter part of Canada...yes Canada does get very hot and when you live on the shores of the Lakes, which is almost impossible not to, it get very hot and sticky...when we grew up, as in most other places, we did not have AC and survived the summer in many ways we have forgotten today...the right clothes to start with, if any, we always wore light lose fitting cottons; outdoors. ..anyway, I wo not go there, what I am saying to answer your question is if you cannot lose the AC then turn it it a 74 maybe but at least 72...of course you can change the bulbs, cooler and more efficient; turn that computer off when not and heat; buy locally...god the produce is so nice...and I have a VW to sell you..amazing old beast that still out mpg all the others. ..I remember doing my first road trip and stopping in Alabama...the guy checking my oil came to the window and asked me "where's the air?" and not having a clue what he was talking about, I went to see and he was amazed to see a car without AC....interesting, it is believed that a car on the highway runs more efficient on AC because of the aerodynamics but why not the windows open in the city?. ..but despite all that you may have seen on Live Earth, we still do not have a prayer until we attack the industries that are killing us...corporate greed is what is going to kill us and once we start to save the pennies and the demand drops, watch the prices rise to keep corporate greed in of the believes is that the rise in fuel prices are orchestrated as the demand drops with energy efficiency. ..anyway, enough and I guess I went way off topic...good luck3. I made this casserole and it set out for 3 hours on a table indoors in air-conditioning. Is it ok to eat?You are right on the border. The recommended time for any food to be in the "danger zone" (41-135 F) is four hours. But this includes prep time. If you have not exceeded the four hours, you need to reheat the casserole to 165F before serving. However, if I was at home and it was just me, I would eat it.4. My air conditioning cannot keep up... What is wrong?just the heat, we live west of nashville, and have seen 120 deg, so far, we put alum foil up to the sunny side windows, makes a diffrence, also if you put a sun shade over the out side unit it will make a diff,5. How do i know if my house air furnance has air conditioning?no. thats an air circulation/heating unit. are tgere any outdoor appliances? a/c units are gnerally located outside the house, near the furnace/6. Can i not pay my rent because my apartment landlord has not fixed my air conditioning?I would not do this. HOnestly I do not think its a terrible ploy. If you put the money in a seperate bank account and tell the landlord you have put the money there (show him the bank statement) and will pay the rent when the ac is fixed, it would probably work. He could take you to court (but probably wo not , I mean why take you to court when fixing the problem get him his rent) and he will certainly charge you a late fee but when all is said and done he will fix the ac too, and quickly. THe problem is this engenders so much ill will that I really do not think its worth it, but if you have no choice it will get the problem fixed. One other thing you might try is how about calling him and asking him if you can fix the ac and withhold the cost from the next rent payment (so send him the bill and the rent minus the repair cost). If he's to lazy to get this fixed he might be happy to take you up on this.
Switching Your Heat Pump to Heat and Cool
Switching Your Heat Pump to Heat and Cool One of the best reasons to install a heat pump in your home is that it has the ability to both heat and cool without the need for investing in separate pieces of equipment. Depending on the heat pump, it finds heat outside in either the ground or the air and transfers it back inside to your home or office. Be sure to change them out at the beginning of each season. • Costs might reduce using it for longer if the thermostat temperature has been reached. It all depends on the type of air conditioning unit you have. The technicians you hire will prepare the HVAC system at your place according to the upcoming season and increase its efficiency to the fullest. You can make good use of fans and heaters at such times.Switching Your Heat Pump to Heat and Cool One of the best reasons to install a heat pump in your home is that it has the ability to both heat and cool without the need for investing in separate pieces of equipment. A heat pump works by transferring heat from one place to another. They do not produce heat like a furnace; they move it from one place to another instead. Depending on the heat pump, it finds heat outside in either the ground or the air and transfers it back inside to your home or office. It cools in much the same way as an air conditioner. But the difference is with a heat pump, you do not need to install separate equipment. A heat pump does it all, making it a more cost-effective system than a traditional HVAC system. A heat pump works similarly to an air conditioning unit. Heat pumps use refrigerant to absorb heat. The heat pump pulls heat from your home, runs it through the system, and releases the hot air outside or into the ground, depending on the unit. This leaves your home cool without adding extra moisture into your home the way air conditioning does. While a heat pump has the ability to both heat and cool your home, the two systems are not automatic. You will need to switch from heat to cooling mode manually. To make the switch: • Switch your thermostat from heating to cooling mode. • Adjust the temperature to ensure your home stays at a level comfortable for your lifestyle - we suggest between 76 and 82 degrees, depending on your comfort level. • Ensure your heat pump is in AUTO mode to ensure the fan will run as it needs. • Heat pumps also require clean air filters to work properly. Be sure to change them out at the beginning of each season. • Like HVAC systems, heat pumps need regular servicing as well to ensure they operate efficiently. A good rule of thumb is at the start of each season, before you use the heating or cooling mode for the first time. If your system wo not switch from heating to cooling, there may be a problem. It might be low in refrigerant. You will need a professional HVAC technician to test it and repair leaks. It may be a bad thermostat. If you can not "talk" to your system, you can not control the temperature. It may be a broken reversing valve. This helps switch the unit from heating to cooling mode. It may need adjustments, or it may need to be replaced. If you have any questions, we are here to help.Air ConditioningHere are a few • The powers consumption of the air conditioning (AC) unit. • How hot it is and the temperature you want it to be, the temperature the thermostat is set for. • The volume of space you are trying to cool. • Whether a door or window has been left open to the area you are trying to cool. • How readily the space you are cooling heats up with windows, and roof building materials. • How well serviced the unit it. I live in Northern England where the use of air conditioning is almost non existant, the temperature of my home town often sends me abroad to warmer climates, especially Spain and Greece. So my knowledge of cooling comes mostly from holidays, and I know how expensive it can be. I did also have to fit out a loft office in a factory with AC, many years ago. Some bright spark decided that a roof was a great place for the research scientists. Prior to the AC we all snoozed in the afternoon in the summer because of heat exhaustion and the management wondered why our productivity had reduced; apologies for the sentiment, but they were morons. I remember at the time doing a cost justification for AC based on the research group sleeping in the afternoon, that was fun! So I am going to keep this very simple. Consider an AC unit that has a power consumption of 3kW and is on for just 1 hour this will cost with the current UK electricity rate:- £0.561 and by using it you will have emitted:- 1.1kg CO e into the atmosphere. This example is of a small unit, such a unit might be suitable to cool a single room on a hot day. Costs might reduce using it for longer if the thermostat temperature has been reached. I have also tried several on line calculators to work out the AC requirement, to my mind they were all completely nonsensical. Some of them do not understand what power is or energy, they quote results in kW/h, this is the same as saying kj per second per second. So Try this calculator it is crude, it only considers the equipment being on at 1 power rating, but it might give you an idea of costs.Anatomy Of A Central Air Conditioning SystemA Quick Guide To The Parts That Make Up Your Air Conditioner If you've gotten a quote for installing a new central air conditioning unit recently, you might have been a bit confused by the lingo that was used to name the different parts of the system. What does a condenser and coil have to do with anything? You just wanted a quote on a new ac unit right? Let me shed a little light on the terms that describe each of the components that make up your air conditioning system. That round'ish piece of equipment that sits outside on the ground that everyone refers to as their air conditioner is technically referred to as a condenser. You will also hear it called the 'outside unit' as well. Part of your condenser is called a coil, or condenser coil, not to be confused with the evaporator coil that is inside your home attached to the furnace. This is the piece of your air conditioning system that most people never see. It's contained in a metal box called a plenum, and sits on top of your furnace. If you have a horizontal furnace in an attic, the evaporator coil will sit on one end of the furnace instead of on top. The 'inside unit' or 'indoor coil' are other common names that are used when talking about your evaporator coil. Lineset refers to the copper refrigerant lines that run from your condenser (the outside unit) to your evaporator coil. It's very common for people to make the mistake of calling their outside unit the compressor instead of the condenser. A compressor is actually a big component that sits inside the condenser (the outside unit). The plenum is the metal box that sits on top of your furnace and houses the evaporator coil. The condensate drain is the white plastic (PVC) pipe that runs from your evaporator coil to the drain in your floor, or to the condensate pump that was installed if you do not have a floor drain. This pipe allows the condensate (moisture) that the evaporator coil produces to be drained out of the plenum. I get questions about the names for these air conditioner components all the time, so hopefully this helps clear up any confusion as to what the different parts are called. I will post another article explaining what each of these components do for those of you who want to dazzle your friends with your detailed knowledge of how air conditioning actually works.Ants in Your Air ConditionerWhy Are There Ants In My Air Conditioner? Air conditioning is a luxury most of us are now accustomed to. We have learned to both maintain and control the efficiency of our AC units because without it we would melt down here in the south. Recommended maintenance such as changing AC filters, having a programmable thermostat and routine checkups are all great ways to ensure the life of your HVAC unit. However, there is one problem that many homeowners are unsure of how to fix - crazy ants in your air conditioner. This type of ant makes it home in existing structures because they do not build mounds like your usual fire ant. They take over spaces like your storage units, garage and HVAC system and although these critters are small, the amount of damage they can cause is extremely large. Tawny ants are attracted to electrical circuits and as they are drawn into the ac unit, the get electrocuted and die. When a large amount of dead ants accumulates in between the contactors, your AC unit can short circuit and stop working. Experts at Apple Pest Control said that they can treat crazy ant issues using many different methods. It all depends on the type of air conditioning unit you have. You can give them a call today for more information or to schedule a pest control service. If you are looking for an at-home ant treatment, the first thing you will want to determine where the ants are coming from and why they are there. Turn off your air conditioning and look for signs of food and debris that the ants can feed on. If the crazy ants are living off of dead bugs or food, remove the source immediately as this could draw them away. Next you will want to set up bait stations for the ants around the HVAC system. The tawny ants will be drawn to the bait box because it is enclosed and resembles the air conditioning unit it is currently residing in. As the ants begin to leave, clean the inside and out of the HVAC unit and remove all traces of ant carcasses. Another tip for DIY pest control is to use essential oils. Peppermint or tea tree oils can be used around the air conditioning unit to ward off ants. Should none of these tips work, it's likely your crazy ant infestation is greater than you thought and you should give your local pest control company a call.How to Control Air Conditioning Repair Costs?AC repair new port richey have gone very costly but there are a few tricks that can keep them under control. There are a few maintenance tasks which can reduce your air conditioner repair bills by a great extent. These tricks not only trim down the repair costs but also elongate the life span of the unit. Let's have a look at them. You can consult your air conditioning repair company, for a seasonal check-up contract. Usually the tune-ups and inspections are done as per the scheduled appointments prior to the arrival of summer and winter. The technicians you hire will prepare the HVAC system at your place according to the upcoming season and increase its efficiency to the fullest. Moreover, if they find any problems with the system, they will repair it immediately and prevent it from developing into a major issue. This way they save you from spending lots of money that would have been needed in case of big repairs. Moreover, sudden breakdowns in the middle of any season can make you face immense discomfort. Such check-up contracts are not very costly, especially when compared to individual visits of the technicians.More usage of any appliance will obviously decrease its life and make it break down more frequently. So it's better to turn off the thermostat when it's not in use. You can make good use of fans and heaters at such times. Just ensure that these additional machines are not left on when there's no one in the home. Besides, you must change the filters of your system periodically. Clean them at least once a month and clean them every six months so that the airflow remains in flow always.Cleaning the outside component of the system helps a lot in keeping them intact for a long time. Remove all the debris, dust and any other sort of obstructive materials from it. When it comes to cleaning outside, clear the dust and debris from the vents. You also need to see that no piece of furniture in front of the system is obstructing the airflow. Sometimes one or more units in the system freeze up and create problems. You can prevent this troublesome situation just by cleaning outdoor PVC pipe properly. You can use a solution of water and bleach mixed equally to prevent the growth of mold and algae.AC Repair New Port Richey5135 US Highway 19 N #188New Port Richey FL 34652727-270-9819.
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