All I Need Is One Household Item for Each of the Elements of the Periodic Table of Elements?

He- helium baloons C- diamond O- oxygen tank Al- aluminum foil Au- wedding band Ag- silver necklace Cu- penny Cl- pool Na- salt Si- silicone bake wear Ca- milk Fe- multi vitamin As- rat poisening Sn- sheet of tin metal Pb- lead pipes Pt- platinum award Hg- thermometer

1. Should we get rid of the foosball table?

Clean it one more time using something which has a scent to it like pinesol, just to be sure and after it dries if it still stinks then start using frebreeze on the area and eventually it should get rid of the smell

2. Get table name from union query?

You can try this with UNION ALLas probably you need duplicate entry too as will adding table name it will be unique and performance will be also improved

3. How can I creatively set a guest table for a buffet using paper partyware? Any good ideas?

Use cute baskets to place the flatware in, and creatively stand the napkins, also in either a basket type deal or in a tall standing votive type piece, have them rolled-like, to save on space in said votive. You could also do a cluster of candles different heights in the middle of the table and have the flatware presented to one side, the napkins on the other.

4. Can I give my daughter any table foods?

For breakfast - toast, oatmeal, older infant cereals, egg yolk(yuck), cut up soft fruits (raspberries, melons, bananas, etc) Dry cheerios. Cut up pancakes/french toast. Some little ones like half a bagel, cut in half again with a bit of cream cheese. Most can not really eat them, but they like to suck and gum them a bit. But that all depends on if you are comfortable. Lunch. She may be able to handle noodles, cut up small enough. Peas, green beens, cut up cooked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots. Ground beef. Soups are good. Anything I am iffy about, I will take and smoosh down inbetween my fingers. That way they can still pick them up cause they are not complete mush, but they are still mostly easily swallowed. Dinner, same as lunch, really. Teeth do not matter as much as gum power, and muscle strength, as well as good swallowing. Some kids do not cut teeth until 18 months, and they can eat mostly everything by then. Some choose not to eat certain things as they are difficult and frustrating to eat, but they still can. Some children by 10 months are eating strictly cut up table food, and others not til they are over one years old. But it does not hurt to try and encourage her to eat, and if she does well, perfect. If not, keep trying, and in the next few months it will take right off.

5. Where is the best place to buy a pool table?

purchasing a pool table is like purchasing a car...a mercedes is better than a toyota (and more expensive) a quality pool table has a SLATE playing area (not wood) a quality pool table has a cotton/wool blend cloth covering (not felt) expect to spend several THOUSAND dollars the room size should be 14x18 (for stick clearance) (www. brunswick billiards. com)....yes, can get accesories from these guys ....and i know a few jealous monkeys like to give me a thumbs-down....they can kiss my white-hairy-asse !!

6. How do you construct a cross-cut sled for a 10" table saw?

Depending on the length of the boards, that can be quite dangerous since it is harder to control the effects of the saw blade's "kick". Since the blade wo not be cutting all the way through, there will be even stronger kick than usual. The proper tool is a chop saw, but even a hand saw would be safer and perhaps produce better results.

7. Ladies when you go out to dinner with a guy do you like to sit in a booth or a table?

I prefer to sit at a booth, much more comfortable.

8. My lab has anxiety when I leave and jumps up on the table when I am gone. What should I do?

definitely try to get another playmate, as dogs are very social animals, and maybe try crate training or fencing off an area. leave toys, food and water, and maybe a blanket with your scent on it so your lab doesnt feel as alone

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