Alternative to Table Numbers?

How about pictures of you and the groom at a certain age per table number. Like for table 8, pictures when you two were 8 years old in a cute frame. Instead of regular numbers, I like roman numerals. I was thinking of doing that or using cities names of where we want to visit or already have. I have 40 tables so we will see what happens =)

1. Is a seven foot pool table a good table to learn on?

If you have a choice I would suggest starting on an 8ft table. This gives you options. In other words you can go up or down (up to 9ft or down to 7ft) from there. You really need a table with enough room to move around balls (to learn ball control) and still limits the long shots that require a sure stroke. I hope this helps.

2. How can I get a table on top of another table in dreamweaver?

extremely tough task. seek with the search engines. it can assist!

3. Edit value in table

First of all, if the file in question is /etc/passwd, DON'T use this solution; use usermod.Let's say you want to convert the third field along into newvalue2 for user007. You could do it like so:If you specifically want to set a shell function to do this, you can (though I personally would not bother. )However, this is NOT something I would do for REAL data, only for temporary or "toy" data of no use to anyone but me. It's much more fragile than it should be. CSVs are no substitute for a proper database. If you do go with a CSV-based solution, at the very least make sure you have regular backups and MUCH better error checking than shown in the above; for example, you may want to check the validity of the "user" name provided, or throw an error if the user is not found in the CSV file, or do data integrity checks-such as range checking-on the provided GPA. But all of these things would be better done with an actual database.You can set up a PostgreSQL sandbox very easily and start playing around with it to learn more about real databases and what you can do with them.

4. The word "table"?

The word is a noun and suggests an object. The food on the TABLE, do not lean on the TABLE, the TABLE was also a study desk. Hope this helps. Spartawo...

5. Serve the table

I served the table with soup and pasta.There's nothing wrong with the sentence; it's correct grammatically.A table also refers to the people sitting at it. So the sentence implies that you served the people sitting at it with soup and pasta. On the other hand, the phrase "set/lay the table" does not convey this sense. It means to put a cloth, knives and forks, etc. in preparation for a meal

6. Saas price table advice

I would go with single screen but somewhat simplified.This is based on Smugmug's feature page which tells you the prices (and features) but the actual buying is on the other page. This mockup has purchase options on the same page. download bmml source - Wireframes created with Balsamiq MockupsPrices are changed to monthly fees for easier comparison of the savings per plan.You could also (if you have not already) check these questions:

7. What is the difference between the modern periodic table and the Mendeleev's original table?

In the days of Mendeleev the radioactive had not been discovered . So ,all elements with Z of 84 and more which are radioactive were not found. for elements 43 Tc = technetium and Z= 61 promethium, there exist also no stable compound and could not be found.

8. Implementing a Random Picker by Supplying an Outcome Table (Similar to a Drop Table)

If you need to create an instance of the table anyway, you might as well build that into your Pick class. That way you can get type safety throughout, no hacky object[] business and boxing/ it is then just as concise as your version:If you are dealing with large tables or picking from them frequently, there's some good tips on sampling arbitrary discrete probability distributions here.

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