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The bygone era of spacious homes at affordable prices will probably never come back. We often come across space constraints in our homes. Some look out for durable and cost saving options to stylishly design their homes. You ought to do some space planning for accommodating children, friends, guests, in laws, etc. What better solution could you get than the easy to assemble and inflatable sofa cum bed with the weight carrying capacity of 295kgs that is equal to that of a wooden sofa. A 25 kgs product which after inflation provides a huge weight capacity speaks volumes about the quality. However, it comes with a heavy duty repair patch. Made up of high quality durable (PVC) material, this modern design product can be used as a sofa, recliner, double bed, single bed or for lounging purpose. It can be inflated in no time, with the powerful electric dual-action pump which is a complimentary product. As it is durable and light weight, you can easily carry and store it. This is an ideal option for get-togethers or birthday parties or traditional functions at home or outdoor. Moreover, this is the most durable and portable furniture solution for couples, bachelors who rent apartments; also for professionals or employees who keep relocating for work. The color is shiny black the compliments the modern and rich design. This five in one solution at an unbeatable price of 4999 plus shipping charges, provides you multiple reasons to not let this product offer slip out of your hands. It is your friend in need to provide you with all the space and comfort in style.

1. how to get dog puke stain out of a recliner chair?

The stain is set now, but next time use peroxide

2. Help me choose a paint color for living room with brown leather sofa and recliner?

You did not say what color your carpet or flooring is....but going to assume it's neutral, like most carpet nowadays. If so....color is what you may want to do, so I would suggest a soft sage green making the trim work a cream color, not too far from the carpet shade. From there, you can incorporate a patterned rug with browns, beige's, sage and darker greens and a touch of red/burgundy or two. Take a couple of the colors from the carpet and accent around the room, and in the window treatments. You do not need a room full of neutrals, but a bit more color. And if you do not like the green hues....try a soft dutch pastel blue. Blues, tans and browns go really well together, and again, use a patterned rug to bring it all together. But most of all, have fun! Find the rug first, and go from there....once you see one that catches your eye...things, including your imagination....will take off and you will wonder why you did not start earlier! :)

3. Would you prefer ...a bean bag chair or a recliner?

bean bags are better

4. My dog fell off a recliner and hit her side, I can't see the vet until Thursday (Very long question)?

It's impossible to guess, but based on your description of what happened, it does not sound like this is something that could seriously hurt her. You did not mention other things like appetite/peeing/pooping, but as long as this is normal, I would not panic. Obviously, if she loses her appetite, this ratchets up the alarm a bit. I would also get back in touch with the vets you called and ask to be put on a waiting list for cancellations. They happen, and vets do not generally offer this unless the person requests it.

5. What should I name my recliner chair?

Who the hell names a chair? Really

6. is a microfiber fabric made of 85%polyster, 12% nylon and 3% spandex wear well if put on a recliner?

It should wear VERY well & very cleanable. With the spandex it should also retain it's shape, which has been a common complaint of 100% polyester microfibers. The best carpet is nylon, so this adds to the durability. Good choice overall.

7. I need to modify my recliner to make it higher.?

Go to pet store and get a bottle of Simple Solution. If it is possible to remove the cushion, do so and take out the foam. Follow the directions on the bottle for the fabric. For the foam, you will need to place it in your bathtub and work the foam like a sponge and get out all of the urine which is in it, then squeeze dry it and then set it into the sunlight to dry. Make certain that it is dry all the way through. When you are finished with this process, you may need to spray the rest of the recliner with Fabreeze or other such product. Good luck. Dan.

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