Can I Use a 1/6 Hp Motor for a Replacement for a 1/3 Hp Motor in a Outside Condenser Unit ?

No. Besides maximum power - - at what speed does it operate? A motor running at the wrong speed will cut the efficiency of the AC - maybe make it not work at all. And a motor 1/2 the rating of the factory unit may not be able to run at the rated speed against the load.

1. Is my blower motor bad?

Easy if you know what you are doing

2. which motor for a tricycle?

bigger is better- go with TMX unless ur fan of underslung frame look

3. defination of induction motor?

It is an AC motor in which the alternating electric current supplied induces an alternating e.m.f. (and thence an alternating current) in some part of the motor. In the largest examples the supply is 3-phase, and one of the properties of such a supply is that when passed through an appropriate winding it produces a ROTATING magnetic field; this rotating magnetic field then induces a corresponding e.m.f. in a three-phase rotor, and if the terminals of that rotor are connected together a current flows in it. The interaction of that current and the magnetic field produced by the supply current causes the rotor to be dragged around with the rotating field, thus generating mechanical torque. The amount of torque will vary with the rotational speed of the motor, and the graph of torque against speed is highly assymetrical, and this feature is exploited in the way the motor works. In particular, there will be a peak torque which will occur at some speed within the range from zero to the rotational speed of the magnetic field. If the ends of the rotor coils are connected to slip rings, an external circuit can be used to connect them. By varying the resistance of the link between the slip rings the speed at which that peak occurs can be varied, without altering the maximum amount of torque. So to start the motor from rest, the resistance is set at a value the generates the maximum torque at zero speed. As the motor (and its load) accelerates, the resistance can be progressively reduced, so that the torque is maintained at the peak value at whatever speed the motor is rotating. This gives the motor some of the characteristics of a perfect and infinitely variable gearbox. Eventually, if the resistance is reduced to zero, the peak torque is developed at very near "synchronous" speed, where the rotor spins at the same rate as the magnetic field, and all the torque is used up in overcoming friction and windage, with none available for doing external work. In the smallest examples, the supply is normally single phase, and produces an alternating rather than a rotating magnetic field. However this can be shown to be equivalent to a pair of identical rotating fields, rotating in opposite directions at the same rate. Because the torque characteristic is assymetrical, and provided some means of starting the rotor can be provided, the nominal rotating field which is rotating in the same direction of rotation as the rotor will have a much stronger effect than the field which is nominally rotating in the reverse direction. In such very small induction motors the rotor is normally either a solid disc or cylinder or a cylindrical "cage" of conductors, normally known as a squirrel cage, rather than a set of coils wound onto a former, and the induced currents are very similar in origin to eddy currents. The method of starting the rotor spinning may be as crude as initially spinning it by hand, as seen in some electric clocks, but what is more usual is a deliberate assymetry in the field system, often introduced by a slug of copper (in which significant eddy currents can be induced, and which thus distort the alternating field in one geometrical part of the system only; these are known as "shaded pole" motors. P.S. How does this question come to be listed in Boats & Boating ???

4. Is it feasible to live out of a motor home?

Some people do and they really like it. I am afraid that it would seem pretty small sometimes, and it would need to be replaced every once in a while whereas my house does not

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In the future, will those large plutocrats such as Alibaba, Tencent and Wanda Group have the power to influence the politics in China or even support agents in the government in order to gain more interests?The large companies in China certainly have the ability to *influence* politics. The Chinese government and Communist Party are very interested in what the big tech companies think.However, it's very, very clear that the role of the big tech companies is to advise, and that the Party makes the final decision. The Party asks you what you think they should do, you tell them, and they decide what to do with your advice. Also your advice is more effective if you try to explain how to helps the national interest.As long as the big companies know that their job is to advise the party and the government, everyone ends up happy. If you have a situation in which a rich person or big company gets the stupid idea that they can *force* the government to do something, then it's going to end up very bad for them.Also it's a really stupid idea to try to get an "agent" in the government. You want to know people that can forward your opinions upstairs, but the person you are talking today, might get fired tomorrow. There's all sorts of weird internal politics in the Communist Party, and most people have enough sense to stay away from that, and just work with whoever happens to be in charge today.One thing that makes the Chinese government work, is that the Chinese government is not interested *only* in what big companies think. If you are a small-medium enterprise, the government is interested in knowing what you think, and they will mix your opinions with those of the big companies, to figure out what to do.3. Elastic bungee jumping equipment for sale bungee jumping set That Are Strong and Flexible - Alibaba.comMultiple things around the garden, home, and car need to be tied together to enhance tidiness and shelf life, and the most versatile gear to make that possible is high-quality. bungee jumping equipment for sale bungee jumping set. Designed from high-quality materials and durably coated, these items are water-resistant, waterproof, and long-lasting. Browse for an all-in-one collection of UV-resistance. bungee jumping equipment for sale bungee jumping set suitable for use outdoors and interiors regardless of the weather. Many of the. bungee jumping equipment for sale bungee jumping set have 100% stretch elongation properties and high-strength capabilities that allow for unrivaled functionality and longevity. Choose from a range of colors and styles, including flecked white, solid black, neon yellow, spiral metal, elastic, and many others. 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Do You Think the Japanese Motorized Unicycle/office Chair Will Gain Widespread Popularity?
Its a winner1. Hi looking for an office chair, any suggestions?I just typed in OFFICE CHAIR on EBAY search. There are over 1200 of them listed. Good place to start. Have a good day!2. What would be the best way to secure an office chair to the floor?Can you chain it to the wall or maybe use rope? That way you could keep it in your office and still move around.3. Is is safe to use an exercise ball as an office chair?it will put a lot of stress on your back and cause problems for you... You can also fall if you are startled by something and hit your head but the worst thing is your back... seriously.. you dont want back problems... i have a bad back.. its not hurts and it never really gets better.4. How do you remove semen/water stains from an office chair?your only option at this point is to completely cover the chair with semen, thereby evening out the discoloration. or possibly dye it with urine5. How do i fix an office chair that's too low and it won't pump up?The hydraulics is beyond fixing. Try setting it at the height you want and putting a bolt through the stem to hold it there6. Why would you bolt your office chair to the floor?To metaphorically say that you will be there forever so you wont get fired?7. How to Pick the Perfect Office Chair | Top Office Chairs 2021 OverviewWhat to Look for in an Office Chair Office chairs are one of the focal points in any office, and many people care more about the looks than about how it influences the health of the person who uses it. However, the ergonomic design should be a priority when looking for a chair for your office. Here are few things to consider to make sure you have picked a good, supportive office chair: A good office chair has to have support for the lower back. Some of the better models even have an adjustable lumbar support allowing the user to fit the chair to their lower back like using mid-back mesh. This prevents back strain that can worsen and become sciatica - a potentially debilitating condition. Almost all office chairs have a height and arm adjustment, but this are just basing adjusting and not the most important ones if you are looking for a really comfortable chair. The best office chairs have at least five adjustments with some having up to 14 different adjustments. Important features that should be adjustable include lumbar support, arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle, and tension control. Many of the supports are dial controlled while a few are controlled with a hand-held bulb pump, similar to a blood pressure cuff pump. Nearly all office chairs have a wheel base; however, if the office is carpeted it may be necessary to get a chair with wheels specifically made for carpet. Rolling is important in preventing strain due to reaching across a desk to retrieve items that are out of reach. All office chairs should swivel freely to allow for easy access to various parts of the desk. If the chair does not swivel freely, arm fatigue can result from over extending to reach various items. The fabric should be breathable to keep the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable after hours of sitting in it. In addition, it should have enough cushion to support the person sitting in it without feeling the base of the chair through the cushion.8. We just had laminate wood floors installed...can we have a leather office chair that rolls directly on it?My friend put a floor like this in his office I was surprised to see ware spots from the wheels I think its A year old9. How do I get ointment/ antibacterial cream off my office chair, or how do i make the oily stain go away?use dawn dish liquid to break up the grease then rinse well The greasy look will be gone.10. How can I clean sperm stains off an office chair?Hahahaha! Do not do that sh*t at work! They do not pay you to spread sperm...unless you donate sperm for a living 0_o... Work! . . . (P.S. Say it's milk if anyone asks)
What Does Air Conditioning Blower Motor Do?
The same blower motor works the heat and the ac. If it is inop you wont have any heat blowing into your car in the winter. Check the fuses to see if its blown. The fan (blower motor) blows the air through the ac evaporator and the heater core into the vehicle cabin.1. Can you survive the summer in Florida without having air conditioning?I grew up in Central Florida without air-conditioning at home or in any of my schools until I went away to college. Staying in the shade as much as possible, living in a well ventilated house with a whole house fan, and sleeping naked on top of the sheets with a fan blowing across you helps. You will still be miserable at times, but yes, you will survive.2. Air conditioning: Like it or hate it?I Love Air Conditioning3. Turning off or leaving on central air conditioning?Your extra desirable off leaving the mandatory a/c on all evening yet set intense. The necessary a/c employing 80% of the final means utilization for the period of start up. Set it intense and see the linked fee reductions.4. can having your battery in your car taken out make the air conditioning stop working?I do not think so... It has exaclty their own functions. It wo not affect air coditioner if it is not mainly connected on each other5. Home Air Conditioning Problem?I agree with the person that says you may have a low refrigerant charge. It sounds like your cooling coil is frozen up. A dirty filter can cause freeze up also. If you are low on refrigerant, make sure the tech shows you where the leak is and fixes it. Sometimes you can have a very very minor leak that cannot be found. Its rare but happens. If the tech says your low on refrigerant, make sure he at least takes the time to look for a leak! And fix it if he finds it. There is no such thing as adding gas for a tune up. These are closed systems and do not loose gas unless there is a leak. If there is a leak, make sure he fixes it!6. What is tonnage meaning in air conditioning capacity.?A "ton of refrigeration" is defined because of the fact the cooling capability of one short ton (c81e728d9d4c2f636f67f89cc14862c000 pounds or 907 kilograms) of ice melting in a c81e728d9d4c2f636f67f89cc14862c4-hour era. it fairly is comparable to 1c81e728d9d4c2f636f67f89cc14862c,000 BTU consistent with hour, or 3517 watts . single-relatives residential "imperative air" structures are often from 2 to 5 lots (3 to c81e728d9d4c2f636f67f89cc14862c0 kW) in means. VR.7. Air Conditioning Fan - 'ON' or 'AUTO'?Ac Fan Auto Or On8. Attic Air conditioning Leak HELP!!!!!?Your tech is right the condensate evacuation line is blocked. This is the only way this would back up this way. Now getting it clean is where it can become tricky. Condensation from the coils picks up dust, hair, slime from mildew,YES Mildew! Therefore in it's travels down the drain it can get hung up and form a nasty clog. and then there is the other bane of homeowners, Insects. Hornets, wood boring carpenter bees, mud daubers, even crickets, beetles and Mice like the drain exits to the outdoors. This condensate drain must remain clean. The best way to do this is to remove as many bends or kinks in its travels to the outdoors. If you are draining to an inside drain you must keep it at least an inch above the drain so as not to introduce any other contaminants into the drain. I use flexible plastic hose off of a PVC drain with a threaded 3/4 barb. Place the hose over this install a clamp and then run it to the outside if you have a problem with a wall penetration use a piece of 1 inch PVC with a 3/4 barb on the inside to attach the hose to. Now on the outside take a piece of window screening about 3 inches by 3 inches and wrap it over the outside of the PVC pipe and use a piece of wire twisted around it to hold it in place. This keeps the ugly buglies outside and out of your pipe.
On Central Air Conditioner. Should the Capacitor also Be Replaced Same Time As Fan Motor Is Replaced
Lennox Fan Motor1. What would cause a fan MOTOR to run BACKWARDS?Be careful, running a condenser backwards may cause damage. If it is a 3 phase induction motor you can reverse the rotation by switching any two of the three wires. If it is single phase then the motor usually has a third wire that will reverse rotation.2. How do I change rotation direction of single phase fan motor?If you have access to internal connections between the coils, you can reverse the motor by reversing the connection of one coil with respect to the other one3. Problem with car, coolant oil leak..please do help.?I suspect the radiator cooling fan motor does not work properly such that the heat /pressure build up faster than the radiator can contain, so it blows the radiator lid off. Esp during hot summer day. Let the engine cool down, check coolant level. If it too low , pour in the appropriate type coolant , observe if there is any leak at the floor underneath of the car enginer compartment./ radiator . Check if the radiator cooling fan (electrical ) motor works when the engine is hot. ============= RADIATOR rusted/ damaged/ roted/ blocked by road debris, bugs etc...may significantly degrade its cooling efficiency, which normally can cope in cold days, but unable to cope in hot summer day. Check the radiator' scooling fins, esp at radiator's bottom for such damage. U may have to replace it. If the warning still on, drag it home, ask the mech. To long to explain here.4. Why would the fan on my ac unit stop spinning after about 30 minutes?If you replaced the motor with the exact same one, never assume the replacement took the same size capacitor as the previous one. That could be possibly part of the problem. The other thing that I would ask is how is the condition of the condenser coil? Ok why right? If the condenser is pretty plugged up (you would probably be having other issues) but that the fan motor is not getting proper air flow and maybe over heating and thus tripping out on thermal overload. Then after it cools down, or the system is left off. It will work again. If the top of the unit is very very hot where fan motor is, either wrong capacitor is installed or the fan motor itself is possibly bad. I would also check the amp draw while its running. With everything else running fine the only two problems would either be with the capacitor or the possibility of a loose connection. Poor connections lead to higher amp draw and can cause that possible symptom. However, something has to give. Either it burns the motor up or it melts the wires at the terminal connection due to excess current draw. Maybe this will help point you in the right direction. Again, make sure the replacment capacitor is rated exactly for the new fan motor.5. my a.c is not working little air is coming out the vent and the fans blades on the unit outside is not spiningThe fact that your outside unit, called the condenser which contain the compressor, condenser coils and the cooling fan is not running should not make any difference in the amount of air you get through your vents. The inside part of the system consists of the evaporator and the blower. Of course if the outside system is not running, the air that comes out will not be any cooler. The thermostat should operate both systems by sending a current to relays in each system which in turn supply current to the compressor and fan motor on the outside and the blower motor on the inside. It is possible that the relay is not receiving current from the thermostat. If you have outside dogs check to see that the wires are not chewed in two. Of course it is possible that the fan motor is defective since it is exposed to the elements. Try spinning the fan to see that it turns freely. When a relay energizes it will make an audible click, so if you have someone operate the thermostat while you listen you should hear it operate. If at this point you find the things that are not wrong you might re post your question stating your findings and someone might give you some other possibilities. ...Good Luck
Where Can I Find the Nearest Vendor in My Area to Take My Condenser Fan Motor To?
Hmm, condensor fan motor? Brain is drawing a blank. Like the condensor coil fan motor on a modern refrigerator? That would be an appliance parts shop. Lucky me I have one close by that I use every so often. If you are talking auto parts, then hit your local parts provider, like AutoZone, Advance Auto, O'Reilly's. They might even know a local appliance parts shop in your area as well. Good Luck!1. how to bleed a hydraulic fan motor on a lincoln ls 2000 with a 3.9 ingine?You basically 'suck' any air out of the system by applying vacuum to the reservoir lid. I used my brake bleeder vacuum pump and wrapped enough tape around the hose to create a plug that can seal the cap lid hole. - Fill the hydraulic cooling fan reservoir to the MAX line - Apply 20-25in-hg (-10psi) vacuum for two to three minutes. - Close the reservoir cap and start the engine - turn the A/C on MAX. This will run the hydraulic fan. If a whining noise is heard, repeat the procedure.2. How would I plug my car heater motor directly to the battery or another source to get it working?purchase a change and a few cord loosen battery cable slip one end of cord below cable tighten hook that cord to alter now hook yet another cord to fan motor hook cord from fan motor to a floor or back to different battery cable to made a circle3. Car heating up when parked ?coolant temp sensor for fan or fan motor is no good,ITS NOT THE THERMOSTAT !!!4. I have a vw 1300 beetle of 1970. Can I use a electric fan motor for cooling?Sounds like an awful lot of modification just to change the generator to an alternator. The belt drive fan is a pretty efficient design, I am wondering why you want to change it? I guess if you wanted to reduce the drag on the engine by getting rid of the fan, it would be one thing. I guess you could modify the fan to run on an electric motor. I wouldbe really careful to do your homework, though. The belt drive fan fluctuates with the engine speed, so it gives off a higher velocity of air at higher speeds, thus cooling better than if the engine were idling, and not putting off as much heat. By putting a constant speed fan on there, you could thoretically cool it too much at low speeds, and not cool it enough at higher speeds possibly damaging the engine. Good luck, Stevo. After re-reading this question, I think I see that you are not talking about the engine cooling fan but rather the generator itself, right? As stated, the question is a little confusing. If you are talking about the fan at the back of the generator, you need not worry aboiut cooling the new alternator your are contemplating installing. They usually have what they need to keep them cool built right in. The fact remains however that ther wo not be as much air rushing past it as in a conventionally mounted engine with air coming in through the radiator, and around the engine. It should not be too much of a problem though. If it is a big concern to you, simply add an electric fan and point it at the alternator. You can hook it up to power on as soon as the key is turned, or get a bit more industrious, and run the power through a thermostat of some kind, that turns the fan on at a certain temperature. Good luck! Stevo.5. I have a 2004 Dakota 4x4 - the ac/heat fan blower has stopped working.?Bad control switch, or fan motor6. fuse good-no power to heater fan-motor was soaked now dry is it switch? 97 escort?chances are the switch is fried,someone can test to determine if fire is getting to the switch7. I have a 02 mustang that keeps over heating during the summer while running the vent and/or AC.?02 Mustang has electric cooling fan. Check to see if the cooling fan motor works as the temp gauge shows that it's getting hot, this is most likely your problem due to not overheating on the freeway. If fan not working could be temp sensor, fuse(s), cooling fan relay(s), PCM, wiring, or cooling fan motor, usually the cooling fan motor is most common problem. ** Caution: Cooling fan operates with key on or off **
Decorative Baby Bed Hanging Toy for Great Motor Skills -
Decorating a nursery is one of the most enjoyable moments of preparing for a new arrival. Part of these preparations could be investing in baby bed hanging toy on These baby bed hanging toy are not only decorative touches to a baby's nursery, but they can also provide added stimulation for infants too. From a very young age, infants take in and process everything they can see around them. Hanging baby bed hanging toy over a baby's cot can stimulate a baby's visual cognition. The products available on also make great gifts for a new baby on the way too. Suitable from birth, many of these items help to develop various skills and stimulate an infant's senses. When babies look up at these baby bed hanging toy they will see them turn and move. This movement is followed with their eyes which then helps them develop the ability to judge spatial awareness and distances. As a baby continues to grow and they develop more movement, reaching up to these products can also help them to master hand-eye coordination. This is strongly related to gross and fine motor skills which are both important developmental steps in a baby's life.Find decorative products and low baby bed hanging toy tags for baby nurseries on These products come from various suppliers and manufacturers who provide a range of styles and colors of these items. Enjoy low prices for decorating nurseries and shop online today.Looking for music-themed baby bedding?There is a rainforest one at Babies R Us...they had tons to choose from all different could check there. I know they have a websiteWhat are good sites for baby bedding and room sets? is great!Brandee Daniel Baby Bedding?My daughter's nursery is done in their Bumble bee pattern (we did not find out the sex of the baby) so it was a beautiful neutral patternDue in 5 weeks. Question about baby bedding?I had a bumper and i found it really pointless...main reason been the bumper goes round the top of the cot where the head goes but when you put a baby to bed its feet to bottom as far down as they go so babys head is normally level with middle of the cot so the bumper is no where near ther head to help if they do roll and bump their head so to me i would just use it for decoration and make sure its really tight so it cant come lose. All i had in my daughters cot was a sheet and blankets thats all they need anything else is for decoration.Why do mothers choose only ONE baby bedding for a nursery and/or crib?Well, sure. I mean, why have 4 when the baby does not care? That seems like conspicuous consumption. I would just buy a crib bumper and then have like 3 crib sheets in complementary colors (because there are nights with newborns where they might actually soil 2 and you will NEED that 3rd sheet-glad THOSE days are over!)Question about Baby Bedding?The crib bedding will fit the toddler bed. No worries:) If you go directly to a twin sized bed then you would need something different. My son went to a twin at 12 months. I did not want to have to pay for a toddler bed too. We just had bunk beds for the two boys.Best place to buy baby bedding?Target.... Babies r Us is cute - but very over-priced. walMart is ok, but not very cuteBaby Bedding. Please help!?Try E-bay! They have beautiful stuff and GREAT prices! That's where I bought both my kids bedding sets!Can anyone tell me where to find baby bedding?Type in Burlington Coat Factory and click on Baby and they have TONS and TONS of pastel type baby bedding. I got mine from there. It's Hello Kitty, it's pastel colored too. It's adorable! I love it! Baby Depot is what it is called. They also have so much other stuff on there for your baby. I registered there for my shower and had family members and friends shop online for me there. I got my stuff right away too. They ship immediately. Baby
Is the Fan Motor on the Outside Air Conditioning Unit Supposed to Spin Clockwise Or Counter Clockwis
Counter clock clever.... I think of looking down whilst spinning, and it may be counter.... yet right this is the factor.. my fiance and that i've got been observing it.. she became into spinning COUNTER clock clever and he became into saying clock clever. . yet how is it so difficult to work out? I merely imagined looking down and spinning like that, or I merely imagined her foot as a clock hand.....Very intresting lol1. How to tell if the AC Unit is bad or just the fan motor?For future reference, please provide manufacturer's name and model number, it helps with stuff like this. "The HVAC itself is working fine" but the fan is not moving and there is no cold air coming into the house. Well, there's a contradiction, I do not call that "working fine." We are thoroughly sure the air filter is not the problem, right? Air flow is everything in HVAC. Which fan is not turning, the one inside the house or the one outside? Your indoor blower is probably not running. It may be you have a bad motor or bad capacitor; if the motor is not cooked you could replace just the cap and the motor would be okay. Here's a quick check list for some simple tests: -1) Go to the thermostat and turn it to System OFF, Fan ON. Not calling for cooling, but definitely trying to blow air around. -2) Find the air handler that moves air around inside your house. Open it up and locate the blower housing inside that cabinet. -3) Reach in with a pencil or chopstick, something you do not mind getting chopped up (NOT your fingers) and give that blower wheel a push. If it will turn without making ugly sounds, go to step 4. If it wo not turn or sounds like it's really gritty-crunchy, skip to 6. -4) Find the safety switch that disrupts power to the blower when you opened the air handler cabinet. Hold that closed. Now the blower motor should be energized. If the blower is not turning, reach in with your chopstick and give it a spin. If it fires up, GOOD NEWS, go to the next step. If not, skip 5 and go to 6. -5) Your capacitor might be the entire problem. Caps are inexpensive and easy to replace. Look on the blower housing for what looks like an unmarked vienna sausage can, or small Spam or tuna can. It will have a couple of little crowns on one end with wires attached. DON'T TOUCH IT YET. Even a "dead" cap can give a nasty bite. -5-a) Find a screwdriver with a plastic handle. Turn off power to the air handler and bridge from one crown to the other on the capacitor. You are shorting the two sides together so it will be safe to handle. -5-b) Pop the wires off and remove the cap. Take it with you to an appliance dealer or HVAC supply house. Some places wo not sell to the general public, others are okay. Call ahead. Match ratings on your new cap, and the new one goes in the way the old one came out. Everything should fire right up and you are back in business. -6) Your motor might be cooked. A 10 year old motor is ready to die, 15 years was a damned good motor. But before we commit to pulling the motor, do some testing with a multimeter to ensure there's power getting to the motor and your problem is not something else. If you do not know which wires to test or do not have appropriate tools for testing, STOP. Call a tech. This is not the kind of thing to learn on. Know what you are about? Good, moving on! You might need to pull some wires out of the way for this part - I am experienced at it and not afraid to unplug things, but if you go that route TAKE NOTES of what went where, or take pictures. There's often wiring or plumbing or both in the way, it's a relatively uncluttered place for mounting the furnace control board. You will need to get that stuff out of the way so you can pull the entire blower housing. -7) Do not forget you will need to pop the blower wheel off the motor shaft to get it to the appliance dealer or HVAC supply house. Some places lean toward certain brands, so you might have to select a "make do" option, but do not let that dissuade you. The only real hassle with some "rescue" motors in my experience is the absence of Rheem holes. If you do not have a Rheem, it may not be an issue. But bring your old motor to the place so you can do a comparison. -7-a) Motors ai not cheap. But if you do this and it's what you need to get going again, you are way ahead what you would pay a tech, who would charge for all these parts you are buying, PLUS his markup, PLUS his labor time, PLUS his trip charge. -7-b) Do not forget a new motor gets a new cap. Do not try to save on this, just get it and get it over with. A 15 year old cap is as ready to die as a 15 year old motor, so get it. -8) New bits go in like old ones came out. Put it all back together, reestablish power, do not forget the blower wo not come on with the front panel off unless you hold that switch closed. Do not forget digital thermostats generally wo not fire up immediately, there's a five minute delay to ensure no short cycles that can damage compressors. If the interior blower is indeed working, then none of this was helpful but I could not parse that out of your question. If you need more info, I will check back from time to time and will help where I can.2. I have a vw 1300 beetle of 1970. Can I use a electric fan motor for cooling?Sure... but you will spend a lot of money and a lot of work and you will end up with exactly what you have now... an air cooled engine. so the big question is why? Considering all the work you are going to do, why not just swap the smaller 1300 engine for a larger and easily obtainable 1600 or 1700. Those have alternators and the cooling system is just fine. If you want to keep it cooler, consider investing your resources in a supplemental oil cooler instead. .3. My car poverheats when sitting at red light but is fine when it is moving?something in the Cooling fan system >> fan motor or thermo switch , fuse ??
How to Select Dc Motor Closed
There are many HVAC sites that will give you air movement data, but using a standard formula based on max acceleration principles you'll get an approximate idea:Power 0.5 x Density x Area x V^3In 'metric' / ISO units: Density 1.2 kg/m^3 at sea level and 25CV Velocity at exit in m/sA Area of exit in m^2Power in WattsIF you know torque them Power torque x RPMTorque in kg.mPower in Watts This is a "bodge" formula whose constants happen to come out to within about 1% when ISO units are used. .ie 2 x Pi x g 60 (where there are 60 RPM in an RPS)Fans produce equal "load" when they produce equal power using above formula. Or A x V^3 is equal in each case. This fails with too much compressibility, which is not liable to be a major issue in most fan and ventilation cases. If this is for eg the intake fans in a jet engine you may perhaps need better precision of calculation :-).Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this questionI have air conditioning application where i want to run blower @ 1500 rpm. Motor is rated for 48-56v DC. The operation of motor is continuous mode. Let me know calculation involved hereMinimum amount of noiseheat dissipation should be lesshow torque, wattage of motor is calculated?How to make the load uniformly loadedThe fans are mounted on either end of shaft of motor. Shaft dia 0.5" . Where fan radius is 20cm & 450Gm. There two fans which are mounted on either side.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabhow motor connected·OTHER ANSWER:Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this questionI have air conditioning application where i want to run blower @ 1500 rpm. Motor is rated for 48-56v DC. The operation of motor is continuous mode. Let me know calculation involved hereMinimum amount of noiseheat dissipation should be lesshow torque, wattage of motor is calculated?How to make the load uniformly loadedThe fans are mounted on either end of shaft of motor. Shaft dia 0.5" . Where fan radius is 20cm & 450Gm. There two fans which are mounted on either side.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLabhow motor connected
AFL CEO Soaks Red Symons in Motor Neurone Disease 'ice Bucket Challenge'
AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has soaked 774 ABC Melbourne presenter Red Symons in ice water as part of a viral campaign raising awareness for motor neurone disease.The "ice bucket challenge" has seen people around the world drenched in water, including celebrities such as pop star Taylor Swift, retired footballer David Beckham and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The challenge, which started in the United States, was to pour a bucket of water over yourself and then nominate three people to do the same. People nominated who did not accept the challenge have been expected to donate to research into motor neurone disease. The AFL CEO completed the challenge on Monday, naming ABC sports commentator Gerard Whateley as one of his nominations. Mr Whateley completed the challenge on Fox Footy's 360program, and nominated the breakfast radio host.Before taking the challenge, Mr Symons nominated "Michael Rowland, Michael Rowland and Rowland, Michael", putting pressure on the ABC News Breakfast host to accept the challenge. Mr Symons was called a "wuss" by many on social media for opting to wear a rain coat.However the coat did not end up providing him with much protection, with the icy water soaking his t-shirt and, reportedly, his underwear.Mr Symons joined other high profile Australians who have taken the challenge, including South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.Topics:motor-neurone-disease,charities,radio,southbank-3006
If Flame Sensor Will Affect Motor Assembly's Functionality of Furnace? How Does That Work? Closed
There is a chemical added to natural gas (ethyl mercaptan) so you can smell leaks. However, this chemical burns, otherwise you would smell it when using a gas stove -- so it will not warn you of a leak after combustion, which is where the Carbon Monoxide (CO) hazard exists.You should probably inform company B, and your home warranty company, that their technician seems to be giving advice that could get someone killed and get one or both of these companies sued.This doesn't necessarily mean company A was correct about there being a crack, or that company B was wrong about there being a dirty flame sensor. I'd suggest getting Yet Another technician in there to check both... or simply assuming that both problems exist and having both fixed; at worst, one of them will be good preventative maintenance.Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this questionI have two Air conditioning company. A is the self-hired for my A/C, and B is assigned by home warranty company.This summer, the technician with A came out for an annual maintenance on both A/C and Furnace. He stated on the report: "FOUND CRACK IN INDUCER MOTOR HOUSING. MOTOR ASSEMBLY SHOULD BE REPLACED BEFOREFURNACE IS STARTED TO AVOID POSSIBLE CO POISIONING."Then, I contacted B check out the furnace couple days ago. The technician with B stated "No worry, you will be easily smell it if there is any CO or gas leak. I don't smell anything. Flame sensor is too dirty that's what cause the issue "But I am confused... what does that to do with the Motor assembly... and how does motor assembly work?
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