Central Air Conditioner Is Not Working Properly, the Fan Outside Is Not Spinning, Making No Noise. H

sometimes if you turn the unit on and off a couple of times it may work for awhile.If that was the problem, here I would charge 150. 00 to fix.

1. Is my Central Air Conditioner Transformer bad or the unit itself?

The buzzing is from the switch relay which indicates the transformer is working. You can always check the voltage coming from the thermostat to make sure the transformer is working. Next, check the voltage on both sides of the relay switch to make sure electricity is passing through it. I have had relays go bad due to corrosion build up, bugs, ants and so on. Fire ants seem to like these relays. You can also manually close the switch relay by pushing against the top of it with something that is not going to give you a 240V shock. If the relay is working correctly, check to see if the fan is stuck. Give it a push in the direction of rotation to see if it turns freely. If it does not , the bearings are stuck. If the compressor is bad, it should be tripping the breaker. The compressor might not be engaging due to a low freon condition. Many units also have a reset button that needs to be checked before you can check the above.

2. Goodman Central Air conditioner isn't working and flashing #4 anyone know what that means?

Get the model of the system you are working with and search "model manual" on google. Then look up what #4 means.

3. Central air conditioner does not work.?

Could be the thermostat, which is a fairly inexpensive item, I would try that first, the thermostat goes out so does everything else

4. Alternative power to run central air conditioner?

What do you think everybody did before A/C ? They got uncomfortable. Just forget the fancy stuff. You could not afford it any way. But you can add some insulation above the ceiling, vent your attic and adjust your thermostat to cool at 78F and heat at 68F. Then use fans and dress accordingly. .

5. If the outside Temperature is 95 degrees and a heat index of 110 will your Central air conditioner run all t?

It could, if the home is not well insulated. Why did you post this in the car section?

6. My Central Air Conditioner is running but not cooling. Just replaced capacitor immediately prior to this.?

clean your coils ?4.88 total capacity thats what the unit is shipped with not whats in your system your low on refrigerant and or coils are clogged

7. how long does a central air conditioner last?

Not as long as you think

8. my central air conditioner out side unit is blowing cold air and temp in house is 100 degrees?

clean your outside coils change your filter if that dont work then you ll have to call a tech

9. The outside fan on my central air conditioner was making a noise like it was hitting something.?

marco is correct ,i have seen many times that snakes and frog will make noise in the fan and even bind the fan up.before you do anything turn the power off. now about the capacitor if you see that it has more then two terminal connections then your compressor is also to that capacitor, these are called dual caps. one side of the capacitor could be bad and the other going to your compressor still good but its best to just get the same type to replace if you think thats the problem.if the fan blade moves easily this may be it.normaly fans will make a loud squeel noise when there going bad. there is more to this but this is a start..good luck

10. When I run the (central) air conditioner, water leaks from under the furnace?

The air is usually circulated using the fans and duct system in the furnace - -whether it is hot or cold air. If you do not even know what the filter looks like, it's definitely been too long since it was replaced. They are usually pretty easy to find. Open some doors/ panels on the furnace (they wo not require a screwdriver, but should open like a cabinet or slide/lift off). The filter will be a large flat rectangle, either horizontally or vertically. Usually it looks like a cardboard picture frame, with a filter in the middle. Yours probably has soooo much dust in it, that it looks like the filter in your clothes dryer. Leave the furnace OFF while you go to the store to buy a new one the same size. (The measurements will be written on the edge). You do NOT want to run the A/C with no filter -- as particles will collect on the condenser and cause it to burn out. Get a medium quality filter, and buy a few. While you are at the store, the A/C will settle down, and the ice formed in it will melt out. Look for more water, there is sure to be some. Why? Because when air can not move over the condenser coils, it turns that 'box' into a refrigerator, and the ice forms and builds up. You NEED the air to move, AND be clean. Put a note on your calendar to replace/change the filter every month or two (see the filter for recommended cycle). The first one will get dirty quickly, as all the air that has not been moving will finally get a chance to blow all the crud out of the vent ducts. You will be surprised at how quickly the unit can cool the place down, now that the air can move freely. Close the windows, because the A/C works best when it controls the humidity, and you do not need it trying to de-humidify the whole outdoors.

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