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Does my Mazda CX-7 leak motor oil? I find that when I've traveled about 100 miles my motor oil is almost completely gone. Do you have this issue?

I have edited my original answer. My original answer was sent in by me at 12:30 AM. I was very sleepy!Your car is definitely using more oil than it should be. All cars "use" oil. However, that amount of oil consumption in such a short period of time and such a low number of miles, indicates something is terribly wrong with your engine.

Determining whether your car is leaking oil is very easy to do. Go to a store that sales bed linens and purchase a sheet. You might want to consider purchasing one at a Goodwill store, since one can be purchased very inexpensive there.

Drive your car a few minutes allowing the engine to warm up to normal driving temperature. Or, you can start your engine and allow it to sit and idle for 5 to 10 minutes.You then spread the white sheet on the ground and park your car over it. Make sure that the ground is dry and level.Do not be concerned about starting a fire on the sheet with your hot car. The part of the car that could start a fire, the exhaust system, is several inches away from the sheet. Plus, when you turn the car off, it will start to cool down anyway.Turn the ignition off and allow the car to sit for two hours or so. After it has been sitting for two hours or even overnight, start your car and back it out from over the sheet. You then look at the sheet and there will be some oil. Do not be concerned if you have a spot or two of oil, in fact you may even have a little larger spot of oil depending upon the age of your car.If your car is consuming and entire crank case of oil at only 100 miles, then you are going to have a very very large puddle of oil on the white sheet. In other words, you will have the same amount of oil that should have been in your crank case spread all over the sheet. It will be as if you had taken the same number of quarts of oil that are in your crank case and poured them on a perfectly white sheet!I once had an older car that would go through 5 quarts of oil on a 200 mile trip. I did not worry too much about it because the car was very dependable. I simply purchased an expensive oil by the case and placed it in the trunk. I would stop every 50 miles or so and add 1 quart.Yes, I realize this was expensive, but at the time (1967) I was in college and could not afford to purchase a new or nicer used car. I kept this car for a couple of years and added oil to it on a regular basis.It was cheaper to purchase a case of oil, which at that time cost approximately $.50 per quart, then to spend $3000 for a brand new car.

Using today's money and accounting for inflation, it would be as if I spent $4.00 for a quart of oil versus $30,000 for a new car. A person can purchase a lot of oil for $30,000.

My final advice to you is to take your car to a Mazda dealership and have it inspected by their mechanics. If the car is still under warranty, they should replace the engine with a new one or do repairs on the current one.Depending upon how much the repairs cost on the existing engine and if you are going to pay for those repairs yourself, you might consider buying a late model used car.

There are some used car dealerships, both local and national, that will offer you a limited warranty to cover the problems you are describing.Since I am a proponent of purchasing good quality used cars only, I suggest you go to a place such as Carmax. Carmax will also gladly sell you an extended warranty for the car you purchase.

The extended warranty will give you a longer period of coverage for major mechanical problems.I have never used Carmax myself, but for a person who does not know how to find a good used car, purchasing from Carmax is the best way to go. Purchasing their extended warranty will guarantee protection even further.

In spite of the bad reputation that used car dealers have gotten over the years, there are some reputable used car dealers who will not cheat you by srolling you a bad car.One more interesting note about extended warranties; I have an acquaintance who purchased used vehicle from Carmax. He also purchased and extended warranty.The vehicle he purchased happens to be one of the worst vehicles ever made as far as mechanical reliability is concerned. Over the course of the life of the extended warranty, he was able to replace the transmission with a new one as well as $2000 worth of repairs on the engine.The cost of the extended warrantee more than paid for itself.Friends and acquaintances who know me will tell you I have very strong opinions as to which cars are the best or worst. I am retired and for 6.

5 years I worked at an auto auction. I now work for a vehicle rental agency.

Therefore, after having driven 7000 cars over the past 9 years, I can claim to have something of an expertise in the quality of used cars. I know which ones are the best and which ones are the worst.It should also be noted that all of us older folks have regrets pertaining to our past. I have 2, The first is marrying my first wife and the second is getting rid of the 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air with the six-cylinder powerglide transmission and two tone painted car. Good and bad memories are associated with both regrets.RG


As a liberal or conservative, are you surprised to see such overwhelming support for Trump's tariffs?

NO.I am a small business owner and I prefer to purchase native products because I trust them more.My current business model is a restaurant which is easier to stock with American products, one of the reasons I went this route. I've owned a clothing shop and a lawn care business and a second hand store as well. Buying American is actually hard, harder than it should be.When I buy American I'm putting more money in my local and regional economy, this is good for my potential customers as they have a better chance at seeing the tertiary economic impact reach them.This is the true definition of "trickle down economics". It's not when rich guys dole out money, it's when workers disperse that money.Now to be precise, I don't really consider Canadian and Mexican products to be truly foreign. They are effectively a part of our extended economy. So I generally give a pass here, a not insignificant amount of my glassware is of Mexican origin.Small business owners are keenly aware of what our customer base has available as discretionary income. You can tailor your target demographic to a degree but that will only get you so far. Money is money and when money gets tight in the general population, revenues will depress. Depressed revenues cut into operational flexibility and prevent upgrades until they are absolutely necessary.The whole population is tired of disposable junk. We want to buy something and have it work in its intended use and not really have to think about it beyond cleaning and maintenance. Many of us will pay a higher price for better goods to have that piece of mind.You cant go to WalMart or Target and get that though. Shops that sell niche products or specialize will often look for domestic products and smart salesmen will absolutely point out that something is American Made because everyone likes that. Japan and Germany do some things better and that's ok. Mexico does some things better and that's ok. China might do a few things better and that's ok too but China's model isn't better, it's faster and cheaper.If I sold a guy pants and the crotch splits, he is not coming back to me for pants. He might not ever say a word to me but I just lost repeat business and for a small business owner, repeat business is the only business.


If you have ever been hard on your luck, what are some creative ways you have had to get by/survive?

More than most people can handle or would want to know about me.For me much of my life has been a lot of people trying to screw me over all the time. It forced me to find ways to make it. I stopped playing by other peoples rules, playing by other rules gave them power over me, so I stopped playing by their rules. I wouldn't call myself lucky! Someone came up to me and gave me something recently and said "This means you're lucky, because you're always lucky!" It's kind of further from the truth I'm just better at surviving.I made quite a lot of mistakes, but over time I got better. I had to learn to charm and be entertaining. Most people's lives are kind of boring and I'm a natural risk taker as long as they felt they were getting something from me I trade it off for something else. I got food and a lot people offering me a place to stay simply because I was charming and entertaining. I always saw that people wanted that in their life to have someone like that around, it's a lot of work and exhausting but I took something over nothing and I always got offers and sometimes they were traps to keep me prisoned. Being charming and entertaining makes people want to keep you in their life.I used all my extra clothes to make a bed. I put a lot of clothes on the floor put a sheet over it and made my bed.

Buying things from the store people liked, which I knew they liked and they'd give me something I need in return. It works more with women than men, I don't recall it working well with men. Men tend to think they deserve everything and think of themselves and women typically think of what someone would like and if you buy women something they're pretty content that someone about thought about them.

Just be myself really. Everyone's got enemies and some people would just help me, because I'm myself and people naturally know people who are on the same page as them. You can always find help with people who you're naturally on the same team with and have similarities. I knew I'd find these types of people and not to say "I would help them out too.

!"I'm not going too much into it, I don't think it's right for Quora.

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