Confusion Over Ikea 'leather' Sofas That Are Actually Made From Plastic

IKEA shoppers who bought a new sofa thinking it was leather could be offered a refund after it emerged that some products listed in the leather furniture section of its website were made using a plastic material.

The company has admitted that the product category on the website was not "as clear as we would like" and is offering refunds to any customers who are "unhappy with their purchases". They claim the problem has now been resolved.

The Ekerö armchair appears under the "leather armchairs" section Photo: Ikea But the website categories can still cause confusion. For example, a Google search for "IKEA leather armchair" brings up a page listed as "Leather Armchairs & Recliners" with the subheading "Buy stylish Leather Armchairs at IKEA".

However, when you open the link the results include the £350 Landskrona armchair, which according to its detailed product description uses a coated fabric that is "75% polyester, 25% cotton, 100% polyurethane".

The Ekerö armchair, also listed under "Leather armchairs", uses the same material.

Ikea to introduce living wage for all staff from next April Another product range is called "KIVIK series leather". A closer look at the £2,399 9-seater U-shaped sofa shows that while "contact areas" are covered in leather, "outer surfaces are covered in a durable coated fabric with the same look and feel as leather".

#IKEA updated the leather couches section of its website following the #Shonkys The problem was first spotted by a consumer group in Australia , whose campaign saw the website altered to make information about "material composition" clearer.

The group gave the company a "Shonky" award - Australian slang for unreliable or shoddy quality.

So... It looks like #IKEA is embracing its leather-not-leather sofas @choiceaustralia Vive la coated fabric! It then emerged that the same thing happened on the UK website.

Plastic materials are cheaper than real leather, but tend to be less durable.

IKEA says detailed information about all products are available Photo: REX FEATURES IKEA's customer relations manager, Donna Moore, said: "We believe in being open and transparent about the composition of our products.

"Customers can find detailed information about the materials of all of our products within the product description on every individual product page of our website, as well as our in-store communication.

"Following contact from Which? magazine, we acknowledged that the product category description for leather and fabric coated sofas on our website wasn't as clear as we would like and immediately took steps to clarify this.

"If any customers are unhappy with their purchases, they are of course welcome to return their products for a full refund."

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