Do I Have to Do Any Maintenance to My Air Conditioner Before Turning It On?

Other than cleaning the air filter there is nothing you can do

1. Can having a window open cause a house air conditioner to start burning?

If a window is open that means that the A/C will run longer. It wo not cause it to start burning

2. my air conditioner is having trouble cooling, and the humidity level is very high. Any ideas to the problem?

if this is a window unit, get a brush and clean the foiled coils of dirt and spray some water through it

3. how do i fix my cars air conditioner?

heater control valve or vaccum problem

4. In your car, does running your air conditioner or heater affect gas consumption?

Yes on the ac because it takes extra power to run the air compressor/ No on the heater it just circulates thru the heater core

5. Why is my air conditioner (a window unit) be leaking water inside my room?

The unit is too level, You need to have it tilt alittle out words

6. Problems With My air conditioner in My Jeep.?

too bad jeeps suck *** bro

7. Will leaving the Air Conditioner turned off in my car better my gas milage?

sounds like a corolla..with the heat its going to irritate you having the window down creates more wind resistance making your engine work harder, and decreasing fuel economy

8. How do you clean wall unit air conditioner interior covers?

if the plastic is stained your done.... bleach is going to be the best after you have all the grime gone

9. Air Conditioner people ripping us off, need help please?

the only a threat reason for it somewhat is a blown fuse. it somewhat is an extremely uncommon case, i am particular Toyota will restoration it precise. Toyota prides themselves on high quality and repair. there are a number of that could say it somewhat is crap, yet they are merely anti-Toyota or professional-Honda. the two way, overlook approximately them, they are ignorant

10. What if I buy a window air-conditioner but keep it in my room?

it will put more hot air in the room cause the condensor is where the heat comes from and it needs to be out side

11. How can I reduce the outside noise coming in from around a window air conditioner?

You could perhaps tape Styrofoam to the plastic flaps, that might reduce the noise a bit. But in terms of drastically reducing the noise I would say.. I do not really know.. Maybe you would want to have a noisier air conditioner.. It would create a hum that would become unnoticeable to you while at the same time droning over the outside noise..

12. daewoo dc air conditioner isn't hot anymore?

Check the filters, and that the condensor and evaporator coils are clean. If everything is clean and apparently working, it needs serviced by a qualified technician

13. My Window air conditioner stopped blowing out cold air please help!!?

RE: My Window air conditioner stopped blowing out cold air please help!!? I have a 5000 BTU air conditioner thats only 1 year old. Last year worked great, and this year it started, but then stopped blowing out cold air. We do get alot of use out of our air conditioners because where I live we have extremely humid summers. Is there anything I can do? Freon I know is...

14. my air conditioner on my car will not work. I have changed the plug . It still blows air.?


15. Window Vs Wall kitchen air conditioner in owner occupied house?

(I am a 2 or 3 on a Handiness Scale of 0 to 10.) I suggest you replace with what you have. Changing over to a window style unit may require some structural changes and according to your CV it may be more than you can deal with.

16. I caught someone cutting my air conditioner wire. Was I wrong beat this person up.?

Again, in Texas you have the right to defend your property with force, deadly or not. It could cost thousands to replace a damaged condensing unit, so I have no problem with what you did and applaud you for it

17. What will happen if my leave my air conditioner set on the lowest setting?

You will have a very high bill at the end of the month

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