Does Air Conditioning Make You Feel Groogy and Moody?

There are people who are alergic to air conditioning! If yu are alergic to anything yu will feel kinda like yure sikk....go to the doctor. And if yu work in a place that has air conditioning and yu can not figure out a way to make yure condition better, yu may have to change employerz or yu could be suffering a long time

1. On average, what would it cost a school to install air conditioning and use it?

in case you know the place to look you get get image voltaic panels for 0 fees. as an occasion, a magnificent sort of sign companies use image voltaic panels. touch your close by sign business business enterprise and tell them you will haul off all their broken image voltaic panel for unfastened. they are oftentimes greater advantageous than prepared to allow you do this

2. Is it worth paying an extra $349.00 to go from a 5 yr. waranty on a new central air conditioning unit to a 10?

The old one lasted 11 Yr.s right? What does the warranty cover? What would it have covered on that old unit last year?

3. where is the air conditioning control moduel located on a 92 buick roadmaster?

does it never shut off, or does it run for a few minutes, or lots of minutes, before shutting off? The latter is normal because the switch works by temperature. The former points to a short in the wiring. Usually if the module is bad the fan does not turn on.

4. how to bypass air conditioning pulley on 1998 escort?

They make two belts for your car . One with ac and one without AC . Get the one with out and follow the routing diagram under the hood

5. Does a re-usable air conditioning filter flow less than a throw away in your home a/c?

The air filter does reduce the air flow to a degree but unless you are using a very high efficient one or a very dirty one there should not be a major difference. You might want to switch to a filter that does not filter as much or perhaps the one you have is clogged. It should be replaced frequently

6. Air Conditioning Problem no cold air is comming out?

first off it depends on how long the unit has been running air conditioners circulate the air and it gradually gets colder after each cycle through the evaperator so being it has run for at least 15 minutes and it still isnt as cold as it should be then you should probably get the freon checked. also make sure the filters are clean including the one inside the air handler if there is one a lot of people dont even know you can put one inside it. also make sure the condenser coils are washed out real good because condenser coils are a lot like radiators if there dirty then it will run high head pressure and not cool properly also have you ever noticed ice building up on the big line outside that could indicate low freon or in a lot of cases a clogged evap coil. so many things can cause a unit to appear to be low on freon that is why it is a good idea to get it serviced annually. but make sure you find a good service man that will actually check the right things because a lot of times they will just add freon and go on and a overcharged unit will work untill it gets really hot and also it puts a strain on your equipment. so i would recommend getting it checked by someone with expeerience.

7. Chrystler Sebring Air Conditioning?

If you had it professionally serviced you should make them honor their warranty. As it is now, you really messed it up by trying to add refrigerant without knowing what the heck you are doing. You are lucky you did not damage your compressor. If the "professionals" you went to do not want to fix it correctly you are SOL and need to find an AC technician who is certified and knows what they are doing.

8. Poll: Do you own air-conditioning?

Yes i do. Right now where I live, it's practically heat waves after heat waves. Without the aircon, I would melt

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