Does Anyone Have Any Good Ideas for Table Centerpieces? Im Turning 21 and My Theme Is Masquerade Bal

I would get a pot, candle holder, or vase (something deep) fill it with sand. On the outside glue beads around it. On the inside place masks with the sticks in the sand add gold, purple or green onion grass spray and a few gold, purple and/or green feathers. I would then place beads, sequins or ribbon on top of the sand to cover it up. If the stick sticks out of the sand I would wrap ribbon in all three colors to decorate the stick too.

1. Any ideas on how I can secure ribbon shoes. The ribbon connects to the shoe and wraps around ankle up to calf?

double sided sticky tape I use it for my knee high boots you can get toupee tape from a wig shop that is designed to go on the skin but get to try it before prom just to make sure it works and she has no problems good luck

2. red ribbon cakes and their images?

Yes? What about it? I do not understand the question. I feel like it's lacking a sentence

3. What would I use to make a light bulb filament?

steel or copper will glow but you would have to control the voltage and amperage verycloselyy . I think the first ones were steel. You may find at an older hardware store or in an old electric heater the heating strip or eliment ribbon or coil type . just use a short piece

4. How do you graduate Air Force BMT with an honors ribbon?

Whats was your grade point average in school? ED) we will you would need a brain to work hard, stretch armstrong.

5. Mother's day you will be what kind of gift for my mom?

A hanging basket of flowers for her porch or yard. I love living, growing things that will remind me all summer of my children and Mother's day. You can also find ribbon to tie around it in the fabric dept. of most stores that will make it pretty and more like a gift. Or another fun idea is the dvd "Mama Mia!" It's even got "mama" in the title, and it's something a lot of moms might enjoy watching. It would make her smile.

6. Does anyone knows the recipe of ensaymada similar to red ribbon?

Ensaymada Recipe

7. How much would a cancer ribbon tattoo cost?

Honestly I am not sure on the color but the spot you chose is up to you in my for price it depends on size. 2" around 50 more than likely

8. Cat ate ribbon need help please!?

Keep an eye on him. If he stops eating then there is a problem. My labradore ate a sock a couple years ago and it got tangled up in his guts and we had to for out a lot of money to have it surgically removed. We knew it was bad when he stopped eating. Give you cat lots of water and call your vet again in a day

9. How to make mulling sachets?

How about this one? Mulled Cider Spice Sachets Ingredients 6 cinnamon sticks 2 tablespoons cardamom pods 3 tablespoons dried lemon peel 3 tablespoons dried orange peel 3 tablespoons whole cloves 3 tablespoons chopped crystallized ginger 2 tablespoons whole allspice 1 tablespoon black peppercorns (optional) Method Place cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods in a plastic bag. Crush cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods using a rolling pin or the bottom of a saut pan or cast iron skillet. Mix the crushed spices with the rest of the ingredients. Portion into six ready-made muslin tea bags or make your own with cheesecloth and kitchen string or ribbon.

10. How do I attach ribbon to the back of ceramic tile?

Try using a glue called E6000 ( used it to adhere two statues together and last 2 years, I moved and had to pry them apart and they were outside all the time, or a product called Gorilla Glue,'s sold at Walmart. Just be careful if you use the Gorilla Glue, it's worse than super glue sticky to your hands and fingers. Do not use hot glue, it's not strong enough to handle the weight of ceramic and over time it will loosen up and fall off the wall. Good Luck!.

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Many fairs across the USA have a table setting competition which may be tied to the theme of the fair, holidays, celebrations or other events.Contestants may be required to provide a suitable menu, a centerpiece, and place settings for one to four people.The requirements are varied, but the competition is always fiercely friendly.A Doggerel Ode to County Fair Table-Setting Contests Everything's perfect and looking just great.Don't shock your dear guests with a mere paper plate.We're setting the table with infinite care, To win a blue ribbon at our county fair.Observing a season, or Christmas, or more, a birthday, a love feast, for one you adore, The colors do coordinate, the flowers match the platters.Decorations scream the theme to show what really matters.Placing each piece to make an impression, That pleases the judges or feeds an obsession with pressed table linens and candles alight, it all comes together-- all perfectly right.You've mastered the art of laying a fork beside proper plates, for fish or for pork.With special utensils for each special task which one we're to use, we never will ask.Lost in the rush of modern days, Our day-to-day tables in so many ways, Resemble these samples , down to the letter.Do not tell the judges our home ones are better.They might come around and discover our fake out, and greasy old cartons from Pop's Pizza takeout.Careful position of each cup and tumbler, is vexing indeed for the everyday bumbler.Glimmering crystal or faceted glasses reflect the ideals of the elegant classes, Who dined with all their matching dishes on truffles and roast and various fishes.It brings up thoughts within our minds of sumptuous meals, of various kinds When royalty, dressed in rare jewels and sables, had elegant servants to set their grand tables.They came down to dine with crowns on their heads while the elegant servants turned down their beds.* * * * * --Photos by R. Frank, Mariposa County Fair, 2010
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