Energising Electrostatic Charge into Nylon Ribbons? Is It Possible?

Won't work with Nylon: you need a conductor to be able to move/remove charges from it.But, that's actually commonly done: in powder coating (to protect metal surfaces), you connect the conducting piece you want to coat to a high voltage source. The other end, you'd bring to about earth potential.

As soon as you don't need the attractive force anymore, you'd disable the high-voltage source and discharge your conductive objects to earth.Note that your ribbons don't need to be good conductors, just so-and-so conductors; so any fabric that has undergone some metallization or contains carbon fibers or wiring will do.The real problem is: your pollen isn't deterministically charged. That way, it'll be hard to attract it to the conductive surfaces. In powder coating, this is solved by the "gun" that sprays the powder being oppositely charged to the target

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Why don't manufacturers of nonstick cookware cover the interior rivets (that connect the handle) of a pot/pan with nonstick material?

Although each manufacturer may use different materials for the base of the cookware, the material of the rivet or screw is likely chrome plated steel or aluminum.The pan base is subjected to heat from a nearby plasma torch as the powder coatings are melted in the flame during application. This is fine for the base, but that kind of heat will likely melt the fastener. The best you can hope for is a corrosion resistant coating which isn't quite the same thing.Some cookware manufacturers attach handles to the outside of the pan to avoid having those bumps on the inside of the pan, but that will increase costs of the casting process, and increase the chances of a defect during the casting of the base. Threads also introduce the possibility of them becoming stripped. Why don't manufacturers of nonstick cookware cover the interior rivets (that connect the handle) of a pot/pan with nonstick material?


What is the advantage of powder coating over liquid painting?

There are several advantages to using a powder coat rather than a liquid paint.- Air Quality issues: The powder coating process eliminates the need for solvents that are used in wet paints. The less solvents used in the coating/painting process, the less pollution is released into the atmosphere. - Ease of application: Powder coating is generally easier to apply to a part. There is also less of a chance of runs or drips with a powder coating than with a wet paint.- Durability: Powder coatings are often made from more robust materials than wet paints. If durability is a concern, powder coating is probably the better choice.- Cost: Most often, powder coating a part is going to be cheaper. In some cases, large quantities can be coated on an automated line, like the one we have here at Advanced Industrial Coatings. We often can offer a significant decrease in cost using this process over traditional painting.


Will aluminum continue to corrode after its surface is oxidized?

Yes, the aluminum oxide coating is generally protective, but not always. For example, in the presence of $ceNaCl$ (like in spray from ocean water), it is reported that aluminum alloys in coastal communities undergo significant corrosion. Here is a reference to quote:When salt air and salt water come into contact with aluminum they can cause both the chalky, white coating of aluminum oxide and unpleasant pitting. Fortunately, theres an easy way to protect aluminum from salt water and prevent unsightly corrosion: a powder coating.A more precise discussion of chemical intermediates is outlined in a paper by Foley and Nguyen 1.

I also recall a comment on the slow removal of the passive $ceAl2O3$ layer in the presence of vinegar. So, I do not recommend leaving a salt and vinegar dressing in contact with an aluminum foil-wrapped sandwich for days before eating.


Where can we use powder coating work for & what purpose?

Powder coating application sector includes architecture, automotive, industrial, consumer goods, and furniture. The consumer goods sector dominated the global market in 2015 occupying over 23 % of the total revenue. This is mainly because coatings provide a supple, consistent finish that resists cracking and/or peeling. In addition to this, the rising demands for domestic appliances such as freezer cabinets, microwave ovens, washing machines etc., are also projected to augment the market growth. The automotive sector is also expected to witness a rapid growth with a CAGR of over 8 % during the estimated years. Shelving systems, outdoor metal furniture, metal cabinets etc. are several other lucrative applications with a revenue forecast of over USD 3 billion by 2024. The advent of Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF) has strengthened the wood furniture application scope over the few years. Major Companies in the Global Powder Coating @ can we use powder coating work for & what purpose?


DIY Painting a Bike Frame: Is it possible?

I'm not an expert on this, but I do have a friend who immaculately restores vintage bicycles. I've helped him on a few projects and this is roughly what he does. (My friend started out 5 or 6 years ago with an old cruiser and cans of spray paint. Wound up becoming obsessed and ended up with a spray painting set-up that he found on Craigslist...)Basically he starts with your steps 1 - 4 for paint removal, although more advanced. My friend has professional grade spray painting equipment and uses industrial grade coatings, so he's not using rattle cans of spray paint.

If you're serious about it, I can find out what brands, etc he uses.And for powder-coating, another acquaintance recently spent $200 USD on a frame.Yeah, totally possible However, sending your bike frame off to the paint shop for powder-coating ceases to be DIY. ;).


What is the size of powder coatings market in India?

Powder Coating Market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of over 7 % by 2024. Strong automobile production outlook in Brazil, China, Germany, and Malaysia is anticipated to drive the global market across various applications such as door handles, rims etc. Steady raw materials supply is said to result in a stable price trend during the next few years. Asia Pacific region is expected to lead the global powder coating market demand due to high investment in industries such as automotive, metal and appliances. Rising population is driving consumer product sales. Urban population has contributed substantially to rise in apartment ownership. All these factors are forecasted to expand the regional powder coating market sales. The high industrialization in Japan & South Korea is also expected to cater to this rising demand over the period of next eight years.Read More: is the size of powder coatings market in India?.


What are the preventing methods of rancidity and corrosion?

CORROSIONIt is a process where metals are attacked by moisture, acids etc. When it attacks iron materials we call them rusting. It causes wearing away of metals layer by layer due to oxidation thereby they lose their metallic properties. Few methods used to prevent corrosion arepainting the surfaceOiling the surfacepowder coatinggalvanizing- process of coating zinc which acts as a protective layerRANCIDITYwe can easily notice that a foul smell comes out from foods which have been stored inside small containers since months. Here the food gets spoiled and totally unsuitable for consumption. This happens mainly because the fat and oil in such stored food items get oxidized thereafter their taste and smell changes. Having such foods are very harmful. Methods to prevent ranciditystoring them in airtight containerskeeping them in refrigeratorusing nitrogen gas for storing them in packetsalso adding antioxidantsthank you


How should someone dispose of old light bulbs to benefit the Earth?

They should be very recyclablenlarge amount of glass easily reclaimablemaybe able to reclaim the tungsten in them?Small amount of lead/tin solder, not sure if that is worth reclaiming?The base and wire frame should be recyclable as general metals i would think.The kaolin (white powder coating) is just clayFunny thing, shoving an incandescent light bulb in a landfill is way less harmfulnthan throwing an LED or CFC into one.Not of course saying don't try to recycle them, i think we throw too much awaynbecause no one feels like taking the time to perfect an efficient recycling methodnand of course consumers dont want to take the time to participate by sorting thingsnthey throw out, and directing them to their proper place of reclamation. We also dont fix anything anymore, it's all disposable, just throw it away


Why are the blades of a lot of modern knives painted/colored?

Corrosion resistance. See, most tool steels are susceptible to rust and other kinds of corrosion, and nowadays, most people aren't accustomed to blade maintenance outside of sharpening. This is due to not really having your life depend on the knife and the prevalence of stainless steel blades. But carbon steel needs constant cleaning and sharpening and oiling to keep it ready, something which most people aren't accustomed to or in possession of the tools needed for it. On comes to color coating. This is just a waterproof layer to prevent rust from accumulating on the blade. And just to clarify, it isn't paint. It's an electro-statically applied powder coating. So basically, the blades are hooked up to electrodes and placed in a chamber filled with negatively charged particles, which bond to the metal when a positive current is passed through them. (The charges might be reversed, but I don't remember, I looked into this a few years ago.)


What's the difference between powdercoating and paint?

Generally paint is a liquid substance mixed by solvents (some use water as solvent or disperse phase) , resins, pigments and additives. Some of them are one pack some are two or more packs, it depends on the resin of the paint used. When apply (brush, roller, spray ect) paint on the surface of steel, wood, concrete and plastic ect , the solvent start evaporate, some resin start react with curing agent. After all solvent evaporated and the reaction finished, a film formed on the surface of substrate.n nWhereas the powdercoating is a solid substance, it does not contain solvent. Use electrical spray to apply powdercoating on substrate, then elevate temperature to melt the powder, the melted powder coalesce together to form a film. nWhy the powder can be melted? You can imagine each powdercoating particle is a very small plastic particle.n nHope this can help you to understand the differences between powder coating and paint.


What is better for a hospital, brick wall or aluminium?

Not sure but putting down what I know.One of the criteria is cost and longitivity. Aluminum walls means thin partition walls. It's longitivity is very less compared to the slightly costlier brick wall, which lasts for the life time of the building. Next criteria is the chance of infection. Paints do not last on aluminium. Other coatings too are liable to damage. Aluminum, oxidizes in these damaged portions, allowing for rough surfaces and for collection of moisture(? Latter to be checked), both of which help breed pathogens. Masonry walls can be plastered and finished with a thick coat of paint, as smooth as powder coating of aluminium, but again subject to damages. However, cladding can be done on masonry, using hard polished natural stones or heavy duty ceramic tiles, jointed with epoxy, which are not easily damaged and are more smoother than powder coating and moisture resistant. Costly but maintenance consists of occasional washing only and so cheaper on the long run.

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