Holiday Apartments Are Charging $10 Extra for Air Conditioning - and It Can Only Be Ordered During B

A filmmaker was left in shock when he went to turn on his air conditioner while staying in an apartment for two nights.

Bruce Redman had approached the air conditioner to make use of a typical accommodation utility to find that he would have to fork out extra money.

Provided to the ABC , the signage on the air conditioner read: ' Air conditioning - $10 per night 'Please contact the reception during office hours to purchase the air conditioning unit remote.

'Guest will be responsible to pay for any unauthorised use and damage to the air conditioning units.' The surprising surcharge screams the opposite of typical customer service as visitors need to make the trip to reception during business hours.

Bruce Redman had booked the apartment in the Surfer's Paradise due to work commitments nearby, paying $150 per night.

Mr Redman told the ABC that this was the first time he'd seen a surcharge to use the air conditioner.

'That's why I took a photo of it because I thought it was particularly interesting. It took the cake really, I was quite shocked,' Mr Redman said.

'Maybe they've had people knock off the remote, but you charge a deposit, you don't charge per night.' The apartments website lists the room amenities, stating 'air conditioned apartments available (surcharge).' The property manager said the surcharge was implemented by a previous manager but believes that phasing out the surcharge is the right thing to do.

To phase out the surcharge, the property manager is moving to a cheaper energy provider.

'As the new manager here since February 2018, I have done few things to save electricity cost for all individual owners to reduce their concerns and cost of high electricity bills,' he said.

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