How Can I Fit a Full Matress into a Queen Bed Frame?

you will have to put slats on the frame ( they go between the frame on both sides of the bed) to hold the mattress up

1. Where can I find an extra tall bed frame?

you can just jack up a standard bedframe with blocks of wood or bed risers or books or whatever

2. Is there a way to make this bed frame higher?

Did you ever see StepBrothers?

3. my daughter recieved an ashley single bed frame that is in argos now, but it is missing its fixtures?

cant really say as we havent seen whats missing but go in to Argos and tell them

4. I am looking to paint a black metal bed frame a neutral colour is this possible without it looking cheap?

Well of course it is. Just get a nice spray paint and spray it carefully. Be sure to clean it well and do some light sanding so it will stick. They make all kinds of spray paints now. You can even buy the no drip kind. Good Luck on your project! gram

5. Does an XL mattress require a special longer bed frame?

Only if you want it to fit

6. What can I put under wood bed frame legs to stop?

Check in the "shelf liner" section at your local mega-mart. You should be able to find a roll of a tan colored rubber mat, that can be cut to fit under the legs of your bed. This stuff is great. I keep several squares of it in my kitchen drawer to grip the lid of a hard to open jar, and to hold a mixing bowl from sliding around on the counter when I use my mixer.

7. Is it a bad idea to paint a white metal bed frame?

as suggested above several LIGHT coats allowing drying time and if at all possible take precautions about overspray on floors, walls etc and also allow adequate ventilation. Other wise use a good brush and apply several light coats allowing plenty of drying time and sanding lightly between coats..a fine sand paper and very light pressure wipe with a soft cloth (microfiber is good) before each coat. Good luck. ps be sure you are using paint intended for metal

8. white or black bed frame?

Black Bed Frame

9. What is an alternative for a bed frame?

air mattresses and futons are normally not advised for long-term sleeping arrangements (not enough support/can cause back problems). But they do work well short-term until you can make other arrangements

10. What is the best place to buy a bed frame?

I am not sure what you are asking if you or asking about a headboard foot board and rails. You can sometimes find nice beds priced reasonably at JC Penney. If you live near a JCPenney outlet you can find a supper deal. You can also try the online outlet at JC You can also buy a frame which is the metal rails that you use with a head board only

11. do you really need a bed frame? What if you just want a box spring and matress?

Mine is just on the floor...but i cant put things under the bed so that is one downfall... otherwise no biggie

12. BEDBUGS. How in the world did I get these bugs? We have not stayed at any hotel for well over 2 yrs. HELP!?

Bed bugs are notorious hitch hikers. You can pick them up from a library book, new furniture or clothes that were transported in a truck that also transported infested merchandise, from visitors who live in an infested home that then visit yours, or at work. All it takes is one pregnant female to start a bed bug problem. In terms of bed bug treatment, the best approach, if you can afford it, is to call an exterminator. A recent poll showed that exterminators consider this the toughest insect to kill, often requiring 2 to 3 treatments. I usually recommend starting with a call to Service Magic (1.877.233.1145) since they pre-screen members to make sure they are licensed and insured. They provide up to 3 free quotes, an important factor when treatment costs and methods used vary. Figure a home will cost $1000 to $1500 to treat all in. Due to the high cost, many home owners decide to purchase a kit. I included a good resource for kits below as well as the general instructions. Be sure to buy a kit, or at least the combination of products that are in the kit. Buying only one spray at a local hardware or retail store will not work, it will only reduce the size of the problem. Here are the basic steps for a do it yourself bed bug treatment: 1. Dispose of all sealed plastic bags. 2. Wash all linen in hot water followed by 20 minutes in the dryer (high heat) 3. Vacuum the mattress, box spring, bed frame and floor. Go around the baseboard and cracks with a vacuum crevice tool. Follow this with a hand steamer if you have one. 4. Use a mattress safe knock down spray to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Be sure to treat the mattress, box spring, bed frame, end tables and other areas near and around the bed. Spray outside and inside any furniture. 5. Use a residual spray for longer lasting protection. Spray baseboards, in cracks and crevices. Be sure to spray everything within 10 feet of the bed. Look behind labels and particularly inside the box spring and behind and plastic corner guards. 6. Encase the mattress and box spring after the spray dries with bed bug covers 7. Steam clean carpets. Add a disinfectant to the cleaning fluid (test to make sure it does not harm carpet) Check the resource for detailed instructions and pictures. Do not skimp and only buy one spray no matter what you do, as this will not solve the problem. If you live in an apartment, all adjoining units (below, above and next door) need to be inspected. For apartment tenants, be sure to notify building management in writing so that there is a legal notification. Again, buy a kit, they are economical and put together by experts in treating bed bug problems. Best of Luck - Jeff

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