How Do I Adjust the Dampers in My Condo Unit so that More Air Conditioning Is Pumped to the Second F

You close the dampers to the first floor and open the dampers to the second floor.But in doing so you may cause more problems for your system. The HVAC equipment requires a certain amount of airflow to operate efficiently, safely, and properly. You might want to call an HVAC professional to check out your system to make sure it is working properly

1. Poll Survey: It's March 18th - Has your boss turned on the air conditioning in the office yet?

Um no. It's supposed to snow a few more times here. That's a funny suggested category........

2. Heat cooling air conditioning units can't go below 30 degrees of outside temperature?

your system is probably undersized or low on charge? If the compressor constantly runs that is. But if your fan is set to "on" and not "auto" it will run constantly. Plus in AZ heat pumps usually work really well compared to most areas of the country. Although most air to air heat pumps are sub par. It all depends on the outside temp (which i know there can reach 110). Most a/c systems arnt sized for that temp outside for an extended period of time. if it continues to be a problem call a service company

3. What do I do if Iu2019m sweating profusely at the gym, and the air conditioning in the gym, combined with my sweat drenched, is freezing me to the point I'm getting cold?

Put a sweatshirt on? Frankly, everyone would get a much better work out, and faster, if they kept the gym at 80 degrees and 75% humidity but they would get more heart attacks!

4. Where can I find an inexpensive Mercedes air conditioning hose?

Best bet is to go to a scrab yard. There are yards down here south of San Diego that will find the piece and install it for pennies on the dollar, maybe 300 bucks. Check it out, its a little know secret!

5. Can I take an air conditioning repair out of my rent if they do nothing about the problem?

Not really unless you live in Arizona where there are laws governing such things. The circuit breaker problems sounds like it has to do with the apartments wiring rather than the A/C unit itself and could be a major repair. Send your landlord a registered demand letter noting that it has been over a month since you gave notice of the needed repair and that his lack of action has caused extreme hardships to you and your family. If he can not repair the problem within the next week you will consider him to be in violation of the lease agreement and will start looking for other accommodations and seek moving cost from him. good luck

6. Can air conditioning help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Actually, if anything air conditioning helps it spread. An infected person coughs or sneezes. Droplets of virus get into the air. Air conditioning can spread it throughout a building. That's why Legionnaires' disease often spreads through air ducts etc. Isolation rooms in a hospital use reverse airpressure to prevent this kind of thing.Otherwise, air conditioning systems need to be sterilized regularly and thoroughly

7. US residents only. Do you have air conditioning in your home, if so where do you live??

I live in NYC and have an air conditioner. I last used it in mid September. It was in the mid 50s and raining today

8. can 4 inch abs pipe be used for a air conditioning supply to a small bathroom?

yes. no need to insulate there should not be any condensation on ABS

9. can air conditioning noise cause a bad nights sleep?

As with any other repetetive, on-off noise, A/Cs can cause bad sleep if you are not able to adjust to the point where you do not notice the shifts in sound and therefore wake up throughout the night. For example, I grew up near the ocean and had trouble adjusting to the absence of the currents and lapping waves, but I succeeded. I also lived near train tracks and was very troubled by the sounds of bells and horns, only to adjust and then not be able to sleep again when I moved away. However, if you are sleeping through the A/C noise and only awake to a feeling of listlessness or fatigue, something else is probably at work in your psyche. Getting a full-night's "rest" without the mental and physical benefits suggests either deep concerns about issues in your life or a medical condition, either of which could easily effect your daily stamina. Unpleasant dreams would be an almost certain giveaway of psychological roots, although your problem could also be as simple as a poor diet or deficiency in certain vitamins. From your description of awakening tired as though you never slept, you imply that you are sleeping. So try to pinpoint the underlying symptom: psychological or medical. If you can not , or better yet, when you do, see the appropriate specialist. But do not take too long. Consult a professional soon if the problem persists.

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