How Do You Make a Good Bed Room for a Ten Year Old?

first, work on typing, then look at some pbkids or pbteen catalogs (pottery barn teen/kids)

1. Help!!! Hopw do i unlock a bed room door.......?

Well it's been three hours you've probably unlocked it kicked it down or your dads home but if not take a screw driver or butter knife and pry the trim loose on the door so that you can get something flat like your butter knife in the crack and slide in about the center of the door knob and it should come open

2. feng shui help-what colour for bed room?

i have two my cousin who lives in may house sleep in may room how can i feng shui it

3. what can i do for him?

Ok here is what I did for my man on little (no budget) I wrote him a sexy love letter and then acted out the love letter.. example in my letter it said something to the effect of "you would come home and find roses that lead you to a warm bubble bath. and when you come out the tub you follow another set of roses that lead you to the bed room the house is full of candles. then he finds you in bed room full of candles and a sexy song... (use a song that he loves and that is sexy) then make sure you have a picnic style dinner on the bed (chinese works best and is cheap) feed eachother and make love and enjoy the rest of the night.. that is if you are into that kinda stuff.

4. how to cool down my bed room fast?

Get a couple of fans or an air conditioner!duh

5. how to make my things ( towel, pillow, bed, room) smell good?

Try Gain Laundry Detergent

6. witch air conditioner window and portable are the quietest by decible scale,for the bed room?

I stay in a 2d tale domicile that receives very warm in the course of the summer so I fairly have the air on low in the course of the day merely to save the nice and comfy temperature out.... at the same time as the solar is going down I turn the air off and open domicile windows and activate some followers to flow the air..... In my automobile I turn on the air until eventually eventually it takes the nice and comfy temperature out of the vehicle then i would have the i visit turn the hater on so as that I an regulate the air to a useful temp. .... even if it really is not too warm then i visit open the solar roof and roll down my domicile windows..... i love the air blowing so i merely about always have my fan on intense

7. Should we move to a 2BR or just get a 1BR with a den (or at least more space) and a W/D in unit?

It is not a matter of what you should get it is a matter of what you have to get. There are occupancy laws that have to be followed. The general standard is 2 people per bed room plus one child under 2 yrs. So the 1 bed would only be legal if your child is still under 2, then you have to move. Also, There is a certain age (I forget off hand what it is) that CPS requires that a kid have their own room and a den does not count. A den is not legally required to have a window so it is not a legal bed room. The long & the short of it is: If you want to move again in a few years then the 1 bed would be fine. The W/D in unit would really even out, because what you save in coin operated machines you would spend on the water and power to the ones in the unit. You pay for the use either way. This is more a matter of convenience then savings. EDIT: If the solarium does not have a window and a closet it cannot legaly be a bed room and you will have to move again when your toddler hits 2. So, again - if you do not mind moving again with in a year - then go for it. No landlord should have a problem with 2 adults and a 1 yr old in a 1 bed.

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