How Much Electricity (units) Does an Air Conditioner Use Per Hour?

you can understand as belowCentral Air Conditioner - 3000-5000 WattsCentral A/C Fan Only(when Compressor Off) - 700-1000 WattsLargest Split AC Units(2 ton) - 1500-1800 WattsMedium Split AC Unit(1 ton) - 800-1100 WattsSmallest Split AC Unit(.5 ton) -400- 500 WattsLargest Window Units(1.5 ton) - 1500-1800 WattsMedium Window Unit(1 ton) - 800-1200 WattsSmallest Window Unit(. 75 ton) -400- 650 Wattsif your Air Conditioner wattage(as you can see in above image) = 800 WattsEstimated Usage Per Day = 8 hours per dayTotal energy Consumption in one day = 800 x 8h = 6400Wh/1000 = 6.04kWh/dayYou can use this :- Air Conditioner electricity Usage Calculator

1. will using my air conditioner a lot cause my refrigerator to lose cooling power?

Air conditioning removes moisture from your home,this is what makes it cooler inside.In fact by your home being cooler it helps your fridge to work better. Depending on what type of fridge. you have look under it with a flashlight to see the coils, they may be covered with a heavy layer of dust us a vacuum or a brush to clean the coils. Also is the freezer real cold!! and the bottom part warm!!

2. How to get rid of ants getting in my air conditioner unit outside ?

HVAC Tech.: I have had good results with SPECTRACIDE fire ant killer granules applied around the units I service once or twice a year.There are other brands that I am sure would serve you well

3. Have you tried a R410a Air Conditioner and did you find it to cool your home better than R22?

One of the hottest discussions (pardon the pun) within the air conditioning and heating industry is the difference between two refrigerants - R-22 and R-410A. As a homeowner considering a purchase, it's important that you understand the difference so you can make the best decision for your system. We've outlined below the main differences and why they matter. R-22 Often referred to by a brand name like Freon As of 2010, R-22 was discontinued for use in new air conditioning systems R-22 is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) which contributes to ozone depletion R-410A Often referred to by a brand name like Puron Has been approved for use in new residential air conditioners Is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) which does not contribute to ozone depletion Will become the new standard for U.S. residential air conditioning systems in 2015 Performance Differences Newer air conditioning models are designed to be used with R-410A for reliable and more efficient operation. Because R-410A can absorb and release more heat than R-22, your air conditioning compressor can run cooler, reducing the risk of compressor burnout due to overheating. R-410A also functions at a higher pressure than R-22, so new compressors are built to withstand greater stresses, reducing the chance for cracking. If you were to put R-410A refrigerant into a system designed for R-22, the pressure would be too much and the unit would break. All air conditioners use an oil to keep the compressor lubricated during operation. R-22 air conditioners use mineral oil and R-410A systems use synthetic oil. The synthetic oil is generally more soluble with R-410A than mineral oil is with R-22. This means the R-410A system operates more efficiently reducing wear and tear on the compressor. Dry Charging While R-22 was outlawed in 2010 for use in new units, some companies are taking advantage of the law by producing what is known as would ry charge' units. These are new units that do not have the refrigerant installed at the factory. Instead, a technician is required to come out to your home and install the R-22 refrigerant. While this practice is technically legal, this is not the best option for the following reasons: There is a limited supply of R-22 and its price will increase as supplies diminish R-410A offers greater efficiency, saving you in energy costs, and is much better for the environment Dry charged units typically offer much shorter warranty periods

4. My parents air conditioner outside isn't working. But the heating and ac unit inside turns on.?

sooo you have an ac to cool off the outside??? interesting

5. Can an RV air conditioner be mounted in an attic and vented into a room?

Personally i wouldnt do that. Too many possible problems. Youd have to have a different power source. and an RV a/c only cools twenty degrees then outside temp so at 110 degrees it will blow air at 90 degrees

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