How to Fix the Width of the Table?

I totally agree with the answer of Skillmon (1) but do not answer specifically to "how to fix the width", that is, how to force a table into the text width.At this respect you have three possible approaches: the tabular* environment or the packages tabularx or tabulary. In the tree cases you must fix the width of the whole table to linewidth:Where ? is *,x or y and the type of columns depend on type of environment. Since the difference between tabular* and tabularx is covered elsewhere, with tabulary could be:Of course, the result will be still horrendous, because you cannot fit well 7 columns in about 8 cm (assuming a standard column) with so much text, so your options are:However, be able to fit in some way a table should never avoid ask yourself about the design. For instance, beside the redundant headers, really you need four decimals?

1. Optimizing the table to hold a million records

Let's use some brute force.First add in Kondybas's concept of prob to get some order to the words when there are more than 10. (Let's assume 10 is your limit.)Next, pre-digest the table every night to recompute this:etc -- up to 10 words, ordered, for each possible prefix. Sure, this will be a big table, but the speed will be binding. And, so what if the nightly rebuild of the table takes an hour.And be sure to do this to rebuild:OK, what about long prefixes? Let's say that the above technique works fine for up to 7 letters, then fizzles because there are not many words. In that case switch back to the original:.

2. Table design for holidays

I have figured that it's best to store the day count which the event/holiday is on. I had a look at the Queens birthday in Australia and its every 2nd Monday of June, it does not move on to the next month. For most of Australia accept Western Australia that's the queen's birthday. in western Australia the queen's birth day is on every 5th Monday of September, but it sometimes falls on to October as well. Looking at your problem I think it would be reason to store count of day of which the holiday is to fall on given a base month. If the base month is exceeded move to the next month and continue the count.

3. Is this rude at the dinner table?

Her remark was extremely rude, crass, inappropriate and immature. Her response to your request not to make comments like that was worse. She is oversensitive, controlling (control freaks always try to turn the tables to make you seem like the controlling one), and she acts like a spoiled baby. A true lady and friend would not say "this tastes like dead animal", and if she did and you asked her not to, she would apologize for her remark immediately, smile, be very embarrassed, and continue with dinner. You do not mention your ages, but I think she may be too young and ill- bred to date you. She has atrocious manners and her temper is not going to get any better. She is emotionally incapable of accepting criticism or correction in any way. I see a narcissist in the making. Break up and stay away. Forget the child and find yourself a woman.

4. Predicting the Table for this upcoming EPL season?

1. Chelsea 2. Man City 3. Man United 4. Arsenal 5. Tottenham 6. Liverpool 7. Everton 8. West Ham 9. Swansea 10. Southampton 11. Norwich 12. Aston Villa 13. West Brom 14. Fulham 15. Sunderland 16. Newcastle 17. Cardiff 18. Stoke 19. Hull 20. Crystal Palace

5. Ten girls around a table

1Let $g_n$ be the number picked by the girl who said $n$. The average of $g_6$ and $g_4$ is two more than the average of $g_2$ and $g_4$, so $g_6$ must be four more than $g_2$. Symmetrically $g_6$ four less than $g_10$. $g_6$ is therefore the average of $g_2$ and $g_10$, but we already have already been told what this is

6. Place this enumeration in a table

Why not just set it as an algorithm, provided by the algorithm2e package:This looks slightly different than requested, but benefits from the use of traditional syntax for algorithms and is therefore easy to read

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