How to Make Your Daybed a King Size Bed

How can a simple daybed convert into a king size bed? This type of bed has a design for two specific purposes. First, it is a bed when it has proper conversion. This allows you to use it every day, or whenever you have guests. On the other hand, when the bed is made up, it can serve as a nice seating area in the room. However, it is traditionally a twin to full size bed, not a king size bed. So, how do you make it into a larger space?

The Pop Up Trundle If you have a trundle day bed that pops up when it is opened up, then you may be able to convert it into a king sized bed rather than the smaller day sized bed. All you have to do to accomplish this is to use any standard size twin mattress with the pop up trundle. This ends up converting the smaller mattress into a king size.

Why Does This Matter?

Most of the time, if you have metal daybeds, you are only getting enough space for one, perhaps two smaller people to share the space. This is limiting when you have a larger group of people sharing the room or when you would be more comfortable using a larger sized mattress to sleep on regularly. However, if you were to purchase the mattress and frame for a traditional king size bedroom set, chances are good you would spend a considerably larger amount of money than if you went with this conversion method instead. Use the extra room to stretch out. You can also use the extra space when you want the bed shared by children. The key is that with this conversion method of your daybeds with a trundle, using a standard twin size mattress; you are adding a lot of extra sleeping room without having to pay the higher cost of purchasing king size beds for the rooms. In addition, when you do not need the extra space that this type of mattress set up allows for, you can easily pop down that mattress so that it slides back under the actual bed and you can take advantage of the space within the room that is now available to you.

As you can see, even in a smaller sized room, when you use this method with your daybeds with trundles, you will have ample sleeping space without taking up all of the walking space within the room. Many people would love to have the extra comfort and space that the larger mattress offers, but having this amount of space in smaller rooms is not an option otherwise.

When you use this step up, you get the space of a larger bed and you get the convenience of tucking that mattress away. More so, it may be less expensive to purchase trundle day bed set ups like this that pop up than it would be to purchase bedroom frames for larger sized beds.

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