How to Pick the Right Pet Bed

What is better than a warm, cozy bed to get through these long winter nights?

Not much, really.

Although most cats and dogs are not too picky when it comes to where they lay, there are a lot of different styles and options to choose from.

Cats love small spaces that make them feel hidden so that prey wo not see them, so cat condos/ cubes are often popular. Large structures where they can climb, play, and rest in all in one are good to look into as well, with the top part being a cozy cube bed for them to hide out in. Cave and tent shaped pet beds are popular among cats too, as they get the feeling of being hidden from the soft "roof" over the bed. For a simpler bed, the standard mats and round, pool shaped beds are options too.

Standard dog beds look like cushions or pillows and can come with or without edges. They come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, and work great for any breed of any dog. The only thing to keep in mind is that standard dogs may not offer the support needed for some senior dogs that may be developing more aches and pains.

Orthopedic dog beds are designed for dogs with arthritis or other pain problems -these work exceptionally well to support the needs of senior dogs, but any dog will love them. These beds put less stress on a dog's joints, and work to prevent pressure sores and calluses.

Kennel dog beds are usually flatter than standard beds, and are meant to fit on the bottom of crates and kennels so your dog can feel comfortable when sleeping in the crate. A lot of these beds are made with water resistant materials in case of accidents, and so they are easier to clean.

In the summer months, your dog may appreciate a cooling bed. These beds are typically made of plastic or a material of the like, and are filled with water or gel that keeps the bed, thus your pup, cool during even the hottest days of the year!

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your local pet store if you have questions on this or any pet related topic.

Is Aspen Small Pet Bedding (Kaytee brand) Safe for Ball Python?

Yes aspen is considered one of the best for ball pythons. Avoid pine and cedar though. Aspen is A-Okay!

Is carefresh pet bedding worth it?

I work at a pet store and we do use CareFresh for our guinea pigs. Its great. Although, my favorite beeding is Sunseed. If you can find that, I would go for that it absorbs a little better. But, if not, CareFresh would be great!.

can you use pet bedding for outside winter cat houses ?

Do not use something that can get wet and hold in the moisture which would mold. Straw/hay is great. Old towels is good also, but you have to change them when they get wet.

Is CareFresh pet bedding safe for small animals?

CareFresh is the recommended bedding for almost all small animals. Good job switching over from pine; that stuff is nasty. I use CareFresh for my guinea pigs and it seems to work just fine; most people online will tell you it's good as well.

I am allergic to pet bedding and I need alternatives?

talk to a doctor about better allergy medication or get another cage.. the cost is one time only and if you average it over the lifespan of a pet its not that much, look for used cages first sometimes animal shelters have extras they sell

Pet bedding, whats best for rats?

Really, the best bedding is pellets. Yesterdays newspaper is a cat litter in pellet form Now, that's the best but its also kind of expensive and not soft and kinda loud. There's also Carefresh, there's two kinds, ones crinkles and the other one in little clumps The crinkles is safer because it has NO dust at all, but it does not absorb anything at all/ The clumps does have dust in it (not actual dust but broken down pieces of bedding and it makes me sneeze just putting it in there) I personally use woods, like aspen or kiln-dried pine. Which are fine in my opinion, i only really use them because of the quantity of rats i have (over 60) And every time i get a new bedding i listen to make sure none are sneezing. I Always keep extra carefresh in case something happens though.

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