How to Teach My Cat Not to Claw My Sofa.?

Try rubbing catnip on the scratching post, this is meant to encourage them to use it :)

1. What are real world examples of Hinduismu2019s u201cLaw of Karmau201d?

The very fact that you are in the situation you are in is an example of Karma, when you observe it the natural world is full of examples of Karma, you just have to open your eyes

2. my cat is de-clawed but has a claw...?

Declawing means that the last joint on the toes of a cat are basically cut off, because the claws are so closely joined to the bone. So if the Vet misses just a bit when they do declaw, that claw can grow. So that might be what is happening. I would probably bring her to the vet if it's causing her pain.

3. Survey for the PET ANTS who use Y!A: Do you suffer from Tarsal Claw Tunnel Syndrome >>?

not another ant day......i am leaving soon so do not even try it

4. Eagle Claw Crappie Rig Questions?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Eagle Claw Crappie Rig Questions? I have some eagle claw crappie rigs and im looking to use them this week. However they come with snell hooks (Line and Loops) and the one part of the rig that goes out i cant figure out how to tie them. Can someone post a link to a vid that shows me how? thanks!

5. What are the most important reasons not to de-claw a cat?

it basically involves amputating tips of the fingers

6. Let's see your Tiger Crane match my Eagle's Claw. Is it your wish to possess this kind of power?

Like Sheinaran pointed out, in aikido, you use suburi to train your grip. And yes, simply being grabbed by a sensei who does several hundred swings a day is uncomfortable to say the least. Also, the act of (repeatedly) stopping the cut/swing (I forgot the term for it) helps you strengthen your wrists and forearms as well.

7. My dog has a dew claw nail that is very long?

It needs to be cut before it does damage to the pad. Depending on the severity, the vet may do as little as just cutting the nail. If it's bad, there could be topical meds applied to the pad prior to wrapping the foot. There could be antibiotics & pain meds prescribed, again, depending on the severity

8. Occasionally my cat will randomly bite/claw my wife unprovoked and run away. He doesn't seem to do this to me, even though she has had him since long before we were married. Why could this be?

we used to have a male cat that did this to my wife and it was only when she was due for her monthly cycle he became vicious and attacked her every month strange animal lol we now have a male siamese that just harrases the dog

9. What kind of plants can I put in with my red claw crabs if any?

The crabs are omnivorous meaning they eat both plant and animal material. They will eat live plants over a period of time. Artificial plants never die and can be easily replanted after the crabs have rummaged through them.

10. is it cruel to de claw a cat?

Yes, it is a form of amputation.It's like having the top part of you finger(from the first joint up) cut off.Also, if the cat accidentally gets outside they will have no form of defense

11. Were my parents cruel to de-claw our three cats?

You answered your own question declawed or risk death. While I do not advocate declawing I feel death is so much worse. You have provided love and support to your pets. You keep them safe. Think of how you would feel if one got out and killed. This is the answer. Life is about choices and some are hard. Regret nothing your parents felt they had to do to keep your beloved cats safe.

12. What are real world examples of Hinduismu2019s u201cLaw of Karmau201d?

That again sounds like a Western colonial concept.For the spiritual traditions, karma is actions that are aligned with your intrinsic nature, that is, actions that are in tune with your personal dharma.There is no such thing as a "law of karma". In fact, there is no such thing as a "law" in spiritual traditions

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