I Am Refinishing a Table. It Has Water Spots in the Wood. How Do I Draw Them Out Before I Refinish t

I have used mayonnaise before. The oil in it helps. My friend told me to do this and it works!

1. My cat just scratched really deep into my NICE kitchen table. How do I make it disappear?!?

First try a lemon oil style wood cleaner and polish. If you go to lowes or home depot they sell the higher grades that do well at minimizing the appearance of scratches. It will just blend it in better so you do not notice it. You can not actually repair it unless you have it sanded out and re-stained. That will cost you!

2. Chemistry homework! -Periodic table. 10 points for answers?

- false - false - false - true - true - false - true - false ______________ - Is not poisonous. (C) - Less dense than other materials. (P) - Ductile. (P) - Silvery-gray color. (P) - Used to form lightweight alloys(P) - Useful as a container for food products. (C) - Good conductor of heat and electricity. (P) - Does not corrode. (C) - Malleable. (P) ______________ - 1 Be - 2 B - 3 C - 4 F ______________ Li

3. is there any gambling tricks to the roulette table or slot machines?

roulette table probably sitck to the red or black 1/2 chace each time

4. How do I seperate my poppy seeds from my mixture of beach sand, iron, table salt and the seeds?

Add water. The poppy seeds should float up and they can be scooped out. Next filter the residue. The sand and the iron filings will be filtered out together, The salt water then can be boiled to remove the water leaving just the salt. To the dried sand and iron filings-- pull the filings out with the use of a magnet or an electromagnet and the salt will be left behind.

5. Do you know of a place I can get table linens cheap in houston.?

Anna's Linens. Or you could try a restaurant supply store, they often sell lines inexpensively! hope this helps

6. Quick homework question (chemsitry, periodic table of elements)..? PLEASE ANSWER thanks?

a. how many elements are in the lanthanides series? ----------- 14, they fill the f-subshell. lanthanides are #58-71 b. which subshell is represented by the lanthanides family? ----------- f-subshell. 14 c. which subshell is represented by the actinides family? ----------- f-subshell d. in general, how is the shape of hte periodic table related to electron configurations? ----------- s,d,p,f subshell. ----------- s subshell = alkali metal ----------- d subshell = mainly metal (column 3-13) ----------- p subshell = metaloids/gas (column 14-18) ----------- f subshell =rare earth = Lanthanum and Actinium Hope that helps!

7. Ink marks from pool table cloth?

A "small"amount of naptha-AKA lighter fluid rub but not to hard and let dry a few mins before you play I had a clown draw the headstring line on one of my tables with one After barring his a-s thats how I got it off

8. Can a mosaic table be easily cleaned for regular use?

the mosaic table can be cleaned easily == the main objective that is never done by those that make the mosaic table tops is the 2x and 3xs grout sealers === If you do not seal the grout it gets harder to clean with each use === go for the 2nd and 3rd coatings of those grout lines to seal the grout and help make it waterproof == seal it well .............. you could seriously consider doing a top coat of the finished table top with a coat of the plastic top cover "" acrylic-clear top coat""" this will result in a solid top that can be washed repeatedly and still look good ...... a fiberglass boat repair shop can do that job for you and you will not have those fumes around your house .

9. How do elements on the periodic table become radioactive? Is it through travel? Or where did it originate from? What happened to it?

Some elements in the table are inherently radioactive due to a condition of too much mass. Everything having a nuclear mass of over 208 daltons is automatically radioactive. That's everything more massive than lead-208 or thallium-208, and includes all uranium, bismuth, polonium, radon and radium. Other elements become radioactive when they have a ratio of neutrons to protons in the nucleus that is outside the norms for that element.These radioactive nuclides naturally occur because:they have a decay half-life in excess of 500 million years, and were created in a supernova event that jam-packed atoms with neutrons and seeded them into the dust cloud that eventually became our solar system. These are, most prominently, uranium-238 (HL of 4. 5 billion years), U-235 (HL of 700 million years) and thorium-232 (HL of 14 billion years). Or,they are daughter products of one of the above long-decay elements which are themselves radioactive. That explains the existence of naturally occurring short-half-life nuclides like radon-222 (HL of 4 days)A decaying atom disintegrates along a known pathway, eventually decaying into a stable atom and remaining there for eternity. The heavy atoms eventually end as lead-206, -207, -208 or Th-208, lighter ones as various other stable elements

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