I Have a 14 Year Old Ac Unit...it Has a Leak in the Evaporator Coil and Needs a New Drain Pan..?

That is a tough call, always. It is much cheaper to replace the A coil and pan. They usually would want to sell you a complete system including air handler, depending on what you have, and that can be pricey. One consideration is that evap coil may have pitted out from the inside due to the oil that travels through the system having become caustic. That would mean the outside coil is in similar condition and does not have long to last. For me it would depend on how low they are willing to charge for just the evaporator and pan. If under $1000 I would go for it to get more years out of the rest. If looking at $2k or more I would tilt towards replacing. But prices can vary a lot state to state. Good Luck

1. How do I clean the evaporator tray under a Fridgedaire refrigerator when it is bolted in place?

There really is not way to clean it. Try and vacuum it, or maybe a wand type brush. Also, the proper name is condenser under the frig and evaporator is in the freezer. Be careful of the tubing. Good luck

2. How much should it cost to replace a home A/C evaporator coil?

Depends on the area of the U.S. you live in. I know in FL that sounds like replacing the whole system not just the coil. cleaning is easy to do with out the door. I say call around get a 2nd opinion. I know some that can change the coil for a lot less. Also make sure if the unit is an R22 they replace it with a r22 coil if not then he has to change a lot things. to make it fit R410a.so ask the tech 2 questions 1)is this the price for the whole change to 410a or still 22? 2)the coil you are replacing is it 22 or 410a?

3. 1994 Chevy 1500 C/K Pickup A/C Evaporator Core?

heater core is relativity easy, Evaporator core requires taking out the dash... BIG JOB... have fun... As for the manual go to your local auto parts and you can buy a book for about 15 bucks.

4. Who is the manufacturer of the Nissan Altima's AC Evaporator?

usually "calsonic" they have been building them for years

5. How can I clean my (inaccessible) evaporator coil on my HVAC?

Sure but that wont clean much. All evaporators should have access by removing panels or if it's installed in the plenum there should have been sheet metal that can be removed. I have seen a lot of them installed with no access and have had to cut sheet metal and add removable covers. They usually need to be accessed from the front where the refrigerant lines connect. if the coil sits on top of a furnace (up-flow) The triangular piece of metal covering the center has to be removed to see the side were dirt would collect. Cleaning is done using a coil cleaner that breaks down the dirt and is flushed out. Using a light and mirror will help ensure the coil is clean. Coils can be damaged easily so care must be taken not to damage the fins. This is best left up to a A/C technician.

6. What could be causing this leaky evaporator problem?

My office is below one of these units mounted in downflow configuration. The first seam in the ducting is just over the desk extension about 4 inches from the wall. For a long while, we had a permanent waste basket installation to catch water. The shuttle valve failed twice locking the system into AC mode during winter which freezes a big block of ice causing major flooding. When that happens, you have a couple gallons of water you will get out of the system as the ice block melts off the evaporator coils. It can not run along the fins to the condensation drain. In between these two instances, we had the condensate drain block from some sort of construction debris that had gotten into the system. Not so much water but quite a bit.The system always had a tendency to leak water during the extremely humid days of summer. You can always tell when this happens as the water flow is much less, probably more like what is being described. It started about 3-4 years after we had the unit installed. Finally I got to talking to our HVAC tech with the new company we hired and asked him about the situation. He explained that the unit is a flooded evaporator system and if you are low on freon, the evaporator coils start running at too low a temperature and you get a minor icing problem that messes up the water flow on the fins. Basically, we have them do a service call before summer hits to do maintenance, check freon levels and the problem went away. No more waste basket sitting on my desk.Do not know if this applies to your system, but maybe it will be applicable for others

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