Ideas for My Husbands Small Birthday Party Under $20?

No balloons guys do not care about that. But I do have the perfect idea based on your budget. Guy like to sit with other guys playing cards or domino. So set some out for him to play with what ever male or friend of the family coming over. Also continue with your plane of the favorite dinner and baking a cake. Later that night when the kids are in bed and all has left the house. Put on your sexiest lingerie or dress you have and where high heels guys love that. Put some make up on and wear your hair down guys like that too. Have lite candles in the room. Put some music on if you can dance then give him a little peep show. Then push him down laying flat on his back and give him a body rub(make sure to have oil only $1-$3) and do not talk to much be very erotic. Make him feel like he is on cloud 9. Things you will need playing cards or domino's=$1-$5 Candles=$1-$10 Body Oil=$1-$3 Do not worry you can still make something out of nothing, best wishes:)

1. why did this happen to my 5 year old?

Stop all liquids after 5pm, set an alarm for you to get up and get her out of bed in the middle of the night and take her to the bathroom. Do not allow her to drink soda, soda causes gas, gas causes bloating, bloating causes pressure on the bladder, and if all else fails use a plastic mattress cover and take her to the doctor to be evaluated

2. i lost my some of my eyelashes when i had a stye last summer and they didnt grow long does it take?

I am not sure how long/if they will naturally grow back, but I saw an advertisement for this stuff. It looks like putting on liquid eyeliner almost, but you put it on before bed and it makes your lashes grow. You have to get it as a prescription from a doctor though.

3. help! cant sleep with period cramps. school in morning! HELP?! ?

I've been there. I take extra strength Pamprin for mine, it's the only thing that works for me. I usually have to take the maximum dose. I also heat up a heat pack and put it on my abdomen where it is hurting. It usually needs to be quite hot for it to help with my worst ones...but not so hot that it hurts your skin. You can wrap it in a light weight towel or other cloth to help protect your skin. I take the hot pack to bed with me to sleep. Do not take more pain killers until the ones you already took say you are allowed to take more.

4. Does anyone know any weight gaining shake recipes?

Two words... Peanut Butter. You need lots of carbs and protein and PB has it all. Also, eggs and bread together, fatty meats and bread, any meats and bread. When you eat desert, go for the bread ones, i. e. brownies or chocolate cake instead of chocolate bars. If you want a shake, you can put a banana (for texture) some milk and PB. If you do have some protein powder, you can do it with previous recipe. This is all from personal experience and I am not a professional. Oh, and peanuts are good too. Also, eat just before bed, but not the PB it keeps me from sleeping if I eat PB within an hour of bed

5. Should I buy sofa bed, regular bed, or day bed?

Start shopping. Personal preference

6. Any Chuck Norris jokes out there?

ghost sit around the campfire at night and tell chuck norris stories when the boogeyman goes to bed at night he checks under his bed for chuck norris chuck norris counted to infinity..................twice the great wall of china was created to keep chuck norris failed miserably chuck norris has already been to mars.............thats why there are no signs of life on mars!!!! chuck norris can swim in an empty pool chuck norris's fist make the speed of light wish it were faster.

7. These 8 tricks will help you sleep in the hot weather

It's getting hot out there! And with temperatures hitting the mid-20s during the day and sticking to the mid-teens during the night, we've got a sticky few nights ahead. So how can you get a comfortable night's sleep when the mercury is high ? Here are some heat-busting tips to get you through the night.. Open windows around the house to make sure air is flowing through the building, to keep things cool and keep the airflow fresh and constant. Keep blinds and curtains drawn during the day to keep the glare of the sun out of the house. Making sure your rooms are in the shade will help keep things cool. Have a lukewarm bath or shower before bed to bring your body temperature down. It will rinse off any sweat that's built up during the day so you are heading to bed fresh as a daisy. Pop a fan in your room, and if you can stick a bowl of ice or cold water in front of it to fan out across the room. Get down and split Heat rises, so if you've got a spare place to sleep downstairs, opt for that during the warm weather. And even if your spare room is not downstairs, if you've got another half, it's worth sleeping apart on a hot night as combined body heat is only going to notch the temperature up. If you are really struggling, try unplugging your appliances because they can emit unnecessary heat into your rooms. This might sound out there, but hot water bottles are not just for winter. Pop some iced water in yours and stick it down near your feet to keep you cool. Taking these tips on board, make sure you leave it at that. Do not over think it or you will have a night of "I am not going to get to sleep" and you will be wide awake into the wee hours. Try to unwind in your usual way, and you will be off to the land of nod in no time. Keep up-to-date with all the very latest news, what is on, sport and everything else in Belfast and beyond with the Belfast Live app. Only select news that interests you by picking the topics you want to display on the app's homepage. Plus, our enhanced user experience includes live blogs, video, interactive maps and slick picture galleries. Download it now and get involved. Click here to get it from the App Store or here for Google Play

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