Is Ac[cool] Vs Heater Air Force the Same in a Central Air Conditioner?

In a word,. No. The a/c fan is wired to run at high speed. The heat fan circuit is usually wired to the fan motor's medium/low speed. This is done so the heat air can literally absorb all the Btu's it can inside the heater to take it to you. The a/c fan is high so the same principle can be applied in reverse; so the air can absorb all the heat & moisture it can from you, the structure and all the other heat sources and then be taken back to the evaporator coil to be cooled and dried. (ed) Well, no Maynard. I know exactly what you are talking about. The average consumer does not. The reality is the the answers given here must be put in the easiest possible way to understand. No, I am not talking down the person asking, and no, You had better not be talking down to me. I do not care who your uncle is. I am in the middle of my Master's dissertation in environmental engineering -technology, I have 2 Bachelor's; 1 in HVAC, 1 in electrical engineering, and an AAS I picked up from my local college..... You OK with that? I guess it has to be.... funny, you are conspicuously silent on your credentials....

1. How should I best keep-up my heart-rate and for how long to exercise EFFECTIVELY?

look; i am just some wet dream with bankable assets, who prances around at nite letting social dysfunctionals stuff their paycheck into my i will give you the choice: either more pop science BS, or empirical knowledge that's older than you will be getting. It's like this: pop science tells us the half truth that the heart is a muscle, therefore exercise will make it stronger... the other half of that truth has to do with wear and tear, over time and from excessive usage. If you have enough sense to realize the human body is a finite organism, with a limited span of growth, maturity and declination, then you know that with age, the heart can only get...older. Pop science tells us exercise that elevates the heart rate is good for us; the other half of that truth is: most any exercise, even lifting a fork, elevates the heart rate, and insofar as optimum level, there is none. There are also no known conclusive tests to suggest your life will be longer cuz you ran yourself silly...the people they were going to showcase as the poster children for that claim have died: Flo Jo, Atkins, Skinner...need i go on? effective exercise is anything you do that shows improvement in overall health. Walking is known as the most effective. Smarter people like swimming, which gives a total body workout, without overheating and feel more fatigued after a good swim workout, cuz you were able to do more, without being sidetracked by sweating..the water dissipates the body heat, and allows the heart to do more important things for your body , besides playing central air conditioner. Empirical knowledge suggests, meditative, slow, deliberate exercise is the key to longevity,...3 billion asians and 3000 years of proof are hard to ignore, unless you are from the west. but enough of my jibber....the time has come for you to devise a plan that you can use for life...the rest of it. why set yourself up for injury by running? Walk. A brisk paced walk of five miles a day, at 15 minutes a mile, will do more for your heart than running, without causing shin splints, pulled hamstrings, cramps and milk acid seizing. if you are the horse, or at least the jackass you claim to be, forgo any macho buff gym weight need to bench press 400kg, and curl 120kg dumbells to show you stand up to urinals: your focus is on tone and sculpt, not bulk and 55, whatever you build in bulking up now, will start to fade; at 60, your just another has been wannabe with tittays. 20lb dumbells are your friend, ..your best friend ever.. 20 reps, three sets : for curls, reverse curls for triceps, overhead press, flies, , and you can look like any pic in any ad on the net, that pushes men to use supplements for ripped bodies.... body weight exercise is the core of a program for your age group...that means: pushups, situps and pullups, all in good form. Very few men at fifty can boast doing 10 pullups from a dead hang to the chin...oh, and that means dead hang, not arms half ******, halfway done and back up again, cuz your shorts are signalling failure. get up to 200 situps daily, 60 pushups in 3 sets of twenty, and 3 sets of 5 full pullups..that workout is about a half hour to 45 minutes with dramatic results. father , grandfather and great grandfather were able to do this stuff past 80....known advice.

2. Central air conditioner was broken by no filter changing.?

Coil cleaning is one of the most common repairs one can do to air conditioner coils. Cleaning can involve simply brushing the coils with a coil brush to chemically removing vines and other plants. Most of the time a simple brushing or annual washing of the coils with a garden hose will be sufficient. Always disconnect the power supply when working on any electrical appliance. Water is the best thing to try first and then if needed one can add soap or a mild coil cleaner in most instances. There are a number of chemicals on the market that are stronger and should be used with caution. When cleaning the coils always start on the side where the fan is located since this is where the debris usually starts. If one is not sure what to do or how then a qualified service person should be called. Or it might be frozen turn it off for an hour then open cap tap it twice then turn it back on

3. is ac[cool] vs heater air force the same in a central air conditioner?

Polar Bear - Is that what they taught you to tell people at HVAC school? It's about movement of air relative to density. Hot air is lighter and less dense than cold air, hence needing less energy to move it. Conversely cold air in denser and requires more energy to move it an equivalent distance.

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