Is There an Air Conditioning Unit That Does Not Require a Window?

You could get an air purifier. They cool the air and filter it without the need of windows

1. Any alternatives to air conditioning?

yes , canada . ehh

2. My air conditioning is not working, what could be the problem?

Ok first, your car air conditioner does not have a motor. It is just the compressor that is driven by a belt off your engine, with a magnetic clutch to engage and disengage the belt drive. So the water dripping on the compressor clutch could have shorted out the wiring in it. They do not usually replace just the clutch, the change the entire compressor. Have it checked by a qualified mechanic

3. I need a new Central air conditioning (A/C) unit for a 2400 sq ft home. What size?

Assuming the one you had for 20 years worked fine stay with a 3 ton unit or have a pro calculate your needs .$ 4000

4. Hyundai Lantra Air Conditioning not working?

Just take it to the dealership or another form of repair shop. They will know what is wrong.

5. What's a cheap way to have air conditioning?

If you can, buy two ceiling fans for seperate locations in your home. This way there will be cool air rotating around different areas of your house. Hot air rises, so the fans will transform the hot air, into much cooler air. The fans then push down the cooler air, and your house is cooler

6. Air conditioning problem?

You did not say what type of A/C (window, central) , anyways the fan blows but not cool so the compressor must not be running.Central A/C has a separate outside unit and that should be running. If not it could be a fuse or breaker,the outdoor units are powered separate from the inside blower. If the fuse or breaker is tripping you need to have a professional check it out because its tripping for a reason. Edit: If your sure thats your unit then it sounds like the fan is running but probably not the compressor inside.

7. why do Air Conditioning Units hang outside of windows?

The window airconditioner absorbs heat in the inside coil and moves it to the outside coil to be rejected outside. You could have a ductless mini split unit installed

8. Air Conditioning not turning on?

I am not an HVAC expert, but I was married to a contractor for 17 years. All AC units need air to circulate, both inside and out. Is it the fan only inside the house turning on? If so, you may have frozen up your motor as it tried to suck air into the condenser. It could have a fuse/breaker type switch, depending on the age and brand of the unit. Many newer units automatically turn off the condenser if there is a problem with the airflow

9. Do-It-Yourself Additives Recharge Auto Air Conditioning

Having your car's air conditioner lose its cool on a hot day can make for an uncomfortable ride. A breakdown in thermal control in space is far more than a matter of comfort; on the Moon, for example, the temperatures can reach a scorching 260 F during the day. In planning for future space missions, NASA aimed to improve the thermal control systems that keep astronauts comfortable and cool while inside a spacecraft. In the late 1990s, Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to Mainstream En - gineering Corp. of Rockledge, FL, to develop a heat pump as part of the spacecraft's thermal control system. (A heat pump provides cooling by moving heat out of one area and into another.) While working on the project, Mainstream Engineering came up with a unique liquid additive called QwikBoost to enhance the performance of the advanced heat pump design. QwikBoost circulates through a system like a lubricant, working to boost the available cooling capacity. This increases the performance of the system and results in faster heat transfer and the consumption of less energy. Licensing agreements eventually led to IDQ Inc., of Garland, TX incorporating the NASA spinoff technology into the company's line of Arctic Freeze products. According to IDQ, by using Arctic Freeze to replace lost refrigerant and oil in an automotive air conditioning system, the QwikBoost chemistry provides colder air up to 50% faster than conventional refrigerant products. "Working with NASA technology bolsters our confidence that the chemistry has been thoroughly tested and proven to deliver the benefits and results promised," said Vincent Carrubba, director of research and development at IDQ. IDQ provides its line of Arctic Freeze products for the do-it-yourself (DIY) consumer and professional service technician. Sold at leading automotive and mass-retail stores, and through wholesale distributors in the aftermarket industry in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Arctic Freeze restores cooling in a vehicle's air conditioning system once the system is no longer cooling effectively. The addition of QwikBoost also reduces wear and tear on the system by lowering compressor temperatures and extending the useful life of the lubricant. Arctic Freeze also incorporates a leak sealer that conditions rubber o-rings, seals, and hoses, which are the primary source of minor system leaks. In addition to delivering low vent temperatures, Arctic Freeze also delivers low costs. Recharging an automotive air conditioning system can cost approximately $15-$30, compared to $100 or more at an automotive repair shop. Each Arctic Freeze product provides DIY customers with everything needed to recharge a vehicle's air conditioning unit. Carrubba believes his company's NASA spinoff has made a world of difference by providing a demonstrable and affordable solution to improve the efficiency and economy of operating air conditioning and refrigeration systems here on Earth. "The all-in-one solutions of Arctic Freeze make it possible for nearly anyone to safely, effectively, and affordably recharge their own vehicle's air conditioning unit," he said. This article was written by Lisa Rademakers for Spinoff.

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