Is Your Computer Chair Squeaky....?

very every time i sit down it squeaks and my wife runs in the room to see if i am asking any Paris questions

1. 6 month old cries in high chair?

maybe it is the confinement; do u have a bumbo with a tray that you could use for a little while? and she goes for that, try putting it on top of the table where her highchair would pull up...and have it there where she can see it; and naturally if she's in it on the table do not take your eyes off of her or move away incase she flips dd has done it so it can be done! idk what else to tell u; if she likes the cartoon channel maybe put her in the highchair and let her watch her cartoons; and when she's out of the chair no cartoons; maybe that will create a positive association with it...put her favorite couple of toys on the tray....hth u may also let her fuss a bit, but give her her favorite food while she's there

2. Fixing a desk chair .............?

You are wrong about using a glue. But then glue is not the right word anyway. Use a material called PL Premium Construction Adhesive. Tube section at many locations. Just do not spend much time breathing it and do not get it on your skin. This adhesive is used to stick most anything to anything - forever. Builders and masons have used this stuff for decades. The old joke is that PL will stick a Volkswagon to a brick wall. How strong? Well, if you use PL to stick two large boards together, you will never be able to break the bond - even with an axe or a ten pound sledge. The wood will be smashed to pieces and the two adhesive faces will still be solidly stuck together. As it relates to your work, I have used it to repair runners on rocking chairs and legs that have snapped apart. Still going thirty years later.

3. The chair test O_O Imagine you enter a room. Pick the chair you are most likely to sit on?

You are the type of person who can sit all day without feeling bored or boring others. You find the world entertaining. There's always something going on that you can riff on. You give a first impression of being eccentric. Luckily, most people find your weird ways to be highly entertaining. You are an armchair philosopher. You are constantly developing your unique, quirky take on life. I see what you did there. But all you really did was ask a question.o.o As far as our knowledge goes. And I am implying you set this up to me to answer this way. But that's really based on hilarious evidence. I was thinking straight, then I took a quirky turn o.o

4. Opinions on room idea..Chair Railing?

She is purely attempting to do away with crumbs. In our residing domicile, we devour the area ever we pick. i am ingesting interior the computer room surprising now and my husband is ingesting on a tray in front of the television. We never did the classic "dinner on the table" component whilst our son become with us the two till finally we had distinctive persons over

5. What was or is your favorite or least favorite potty, potty seat or potty chair?

My baby girl had one that my mom bought in europe .. it was a very simple one shaped like a duck and had a nice pink color and the cool thing was that it played music each time she would use it .... so that was her fave one.. she also had one that looked like a miniature toilet and one that looked like an arm chair one that looked like a princess chair but after all the the cool things in the expensive ones she like the simplest one .

6. Lawn Chair WEBBING (nylon) : where to buy?

Chair Webbing

7. Son was painting easter eggs and stained cream-colored upholstered chair. How to clean?

peroxide! you are lucky they are beige! peroxide would not fix it if they were a darker color, but you can pour on the peroxide and blot it with paper towels and most likely get it all off now!

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