Knowledge About Bed Base,Totem System and Ceremonial Sites of Bed Base

Totem system and ceremonial sites of bed base

The rudiments of the Kaantyu ceremonial system were first picked up by Ursula McConnel who gathered scraps of information from two elders of the tribe whom she described as being in their 'dotage', a remnant of the tribe whose traditional social organization had already largely disintegrated due to the pressure of white colonization of their lands and their transformation into cattle stations. McConnel considered their totem system not markedly different from that of the Wik-Mungkan.

He believed that it had extended into the Torres Strait where, however, it had been undermined by the growth of New Guinean hero cults. The mainland systems were based on ceremonies for the ritual incentivation of increase, that is, to ensure nature would renew its nourishing sources, something that, on the Torres Strait, had been weakened by the spread of native gardens and fishing.

The elders interviewed by McConnel referred to two ceremonial sites (auwa) close to Coen. One was situated on the Emily Creek six miles from the town centre, the other a half a mile from the police station. The at Emily Creek ritual centre was based on the red kangaroo totem, and consisted on a long parade of upright stones varying from a few centimetres to some as high as 2 to 3feet. The order appear, to McConnel, to parallel that of the ant-beds at the bream and cuscus auwa of the Wik-Mungkan, the difference being explained as due to the lack of suitable stone-ware in the territory of the latter. By maintaining such increase rituals, for example that of the rock-cod, it was thought that they would spread through all the creeks and rivers, and thereby guarantee to the tribe in the area an abundance of this fish species.


Margolis Brown Adaptors Company of bed base

The Margolis Brown Adaptors Company (MBAC) is an internationally touring physical theatre company that also houses the Margolis Method Training Center now located in Highland, New York. It was established in New York City in 1984 by Kari Margolis and Tony Brown. As co-artistic directors, Margolis and Brown have thus far co-authored, directed, and sometimes performed in 16 full-length theatrical productions, as well as numerous site-specific works at such places as the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, and the historic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge on the Delaware River.

The MBAC were artists in residence at the Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association (BACA) in New York City from 1985 to 1990. In 1987 they established an independent performance space and multimedia center in Brooklyn and mounted four original productions there. The company has toured nationally and internationally to Barcelona, Berlin, London, Singapore and throughout Canada and Mexico. The company relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1993. There they continued to create and produce multimedia theater productions and trained actors in the Margolis Method for over 12 years. MBAC established an international training center in Sullivan County, New York in 2005 and divide their time between New York and Minneapolis. From 2005 thru 2010 the Company divided its time between both sites. In 2011, the Company and Training Center have moved all operations to the Highland NY site.


History and taxonomy of bed base

The genus was based on CV 00261, a specimen including a partial mandible, maxilla, and basioccipital (a bone from the braincase region). Additional bones from all areas of the skeleton, belonging to multiple individuals, were also described and assigned to the new genus. The authors thought it resembled Omeisaurus, but was distinct based on vertebral details. Early accounts in the popular press suggested it was a brachiosaurid.

Chinese sauropod taxonomy became increasingly convoluted in the 1980s. In 1983, Dong, Zhou, and Zhang named a species Omeisaurus fuxiensis, which they based on different material than Zigongosaurus fuxiensis, but then suggested that the two were the same animal. Following this, the genus was thought to belong to Omeisaurus, possibly as a synonym of O. junghsiensis. In the mid-1990s, opinion shifted, and the genus was instead assigned, by Zhang and Chen, to Mamenchisaurus. They noted that it came from a stratigraphic level between the usual Omeisaurus and Mamenchisaurus beds in age, but more closely resembled Mamenchisaurus. In particular, the neural spines of the vertebrae (the part of the vertebra that sticks up, over the passage for the spinal cord) in both genera have distinctive weak bifurcation, or splitting, that is not found in Omeisaurus. The authors renamed it Mamenchisaurus fuxiensis. This assignment was followed provisionally in the most recent major review of sauropods, but at least one author (Valrie Martin-Rolland) has found it to be a distinct genus.


Jadel Gregrio of bed base

Jadel Abdul Ghani Gregrio (born 16 September 1980 in Jandaia do Sul, Paran) is a Brazilian athlete competing in long jump and triple jump. Based in So Paulo, he has competed in several international championships since 2001. His jump of 17.90m is the South American and Brazilian record and ranks him tied for eighth best ever.

He was a competitor for Brazil in the 2008 Summer Olympics. The Chinese hosts constructed an extension to his bed to accommodate his 2.03 meter (6ft 8 in) frame.

After marrying Samara Abdul Ghani, his Lebanese physiotherapist, in 2005 Gregrio converted to Islam and changed his legal name to Jadel Abdul Ghani Gregrio. Samara has since given birth to their first child, Jade, and to their second child, Sahara.

In Brazil Grand Prix of athletics, organized in Belm, of May 28, 2007, Jadel Gregrio broke the record South-American and Brazilian of triple jump, obtaining a mark 17.90 meters. This Jump transformed Jadel in 6 Best Athlete of history of proof in season, behind only Jonathan Edwards (18,29m), Kenny Harrison (18,09m), Willie Banks (17,97m), Khristo Markov (17,92m) e James Beckford (17,92m).


Cunner of bed base

The cunner (Tautogolabrus adspersus), also known as the blue perch, bergall, chogset, choggie, conner or sea perch, is a species of wrasse native to the northwestern Atlantic, where it is found from the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Newfoundland to the Chesapeake Bay. They inhabit inshore waters living near the sea floor at depths from 10 to 128m (33 to 420ft), preferring areas with beds of seaweed, shipwrecks, or wharf pilings. They spend the winter months in a state of torpor underneath rocks. They can also be found in the aquarium trade.

Often, cunner is found mixed in with tautogs, living on or near the same structures. Much of the food eaten by those bergall living among blackfish are the leftovers from the blackfishes prey. They can be distinguished from the tautog by their pointed snouts. Cunners are generally smaller, so are usually thrown back by anglers who think they caught a "short" tautog. In past years, they have been important commercial fish, but now are considered pests. They can be confused with black sea bass, rockfish and other grouper, as well as tautog, for their ability to change color.

Tautogolabrus adspersus is currently the only known member of its genus.

On May 28, 2015, the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife officially certified the catch of a new state record saltwater fish, weighing 3 pounds, 2.4 ounces and eclipsing the previous state record by 1.9 ounces. It measured 16.5" in length and had a girth of 12.5".


Performances of bed base

MBAC theatrical productions are collaboratively written original performance works produced by the company. Productions are characterized by frequent utilization of multimedia and sparse text, thereby relying on unconventional means of dramatic conveyance. Examples of those alternative dramatic vehicles are projected images, prerecorded or live sound, or an actor's physicality. In addition, the actors often appear in non-representational dramatic situations.

Performance HistoryAutobahn - 1985, BACA, Brooklyn, NY

The Bed Experiment - 1987, BACA, Brooklyn, NY

Decodance - 1988, BACA, Brooklyn, NY

In Search of Planet Eden or Sodom by the Sea - 1989, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Suite Sixteen - 1990, BACA, Brooklyn, NY

The Dilemma of Desmodus & Dyphilla - 1991, Arts Awareness, Lexington, NY

Koppelvision - 1992, St Clement's Church, New York, NY

Cafe Paradise - 1993, Second Story Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

Vidpires - 1995, The Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Vanishing Point - 1996, The Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN

The Time of Your Life - 1998, Minnesota Science Museum, Saint Paul, MN

Starry Messenger - 1999, Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN

American Safari - 2000, The Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Sleepwalkers - 2002, O'Shaugnessy Auditorium, St Paul, MN

The Human Show - 2005, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN

Cyclopedia - 2008, Illusion Theatre, Minneapolis, MN; Just Off Broadway Theater, Kansas City, MO; Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD

In Search of Tonto Blue - 2010, 7 Stages, Atlanta, GA; Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD; Illusion Theatre, Minneapolis, MN


Plot of bed base

Rooie Sien starts in 1912, when Rooie Sien is murdered by her husband Ko Breman, because she doesn't want to follow him to Rotterdam. Sien works as a prostitute in Amsterdam, where she works in caf De Kikker, with a pimp called Mooie Frans. Sien sings, entertains customers, and in some cases follows them to bed. Her daughter, Sientje, is raised in Rotterdam by her grandparents, the father and mother of Ko.

1923. Sientje is almost an adult and has an adventurous temperament. The son of her neighbour, Gerrit van Buren, has a crush on Sientje, but she craves more excitement. She meets the artist Jan Meiren and is fascinated by his art and smooth manners, and decided to have him teach her to sing and dance, and to perform together. She ends up in the etablissement of Belze Marie where she quickly becomes a celebrated star. Jan en Sien keep performing in Belze's caf, but their relation doesn't improve, especially when Sientje gets pregnant. Sientje's father, Ko, visits them in the caf, who sees a lot of similarities between Sientje and her mother; he predicts she will end up in the gutter, but Sientje doesn't listen.

1932. Belze Marie and her husband have a smooth-running cabaret in Den Haag, and Jan Sien follow them there. But there relation is struggling. Jan is showing an interest in the blond dancer Angelique, and when these two start a relation, Sientje flees from the caf. At New Year's Eve 1933 Sientje and Jan break up for good. Sientje's father shows up, and she follows him back to Rotterdam to take care of her grandparents.


Literature of bed base

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