Leather Trousers for 995, a Habitat Glass Coffee Table and a 42 Luxury Scented Candle: Photograph Of

When she took over as Prime Minister, Theresa May vowed to shake up the world of politics,dismantling the powerful clique left behind by her predecessor.

But it appears the PM has gone further than that - not only overhauling David Cameron's cabinet, but the decorative legacy he left inside Number 11.

Mrs May has been resident in Downing Street for just a few months, but has already put her stamp on the property,ditching Mr Cameron's more clinical style for a property filled with hydrangeas and scented candles.

The 60-year-old has also bought herself a bold three-seater red couch, an on-trend chrome lamp and a glass-topped coffee table on which to place her £25 Elemis Revitalise Me scent diffuser.

The insight into Mrs May's new home came in ahighly personal interview with the Sunday Times, in which she posed up for photographs in the Downing Street apartment.

Mrs May and her husband followed in the footsteps of Mr Cameron and Tony Blair and decided to move into the larger Number 11 flat - rather than Number 10 - for her time in office.Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, occupies Number 10, like predecessor George Osborne.

Although there are piles of pictures still waiting to be put up on the mostly bare walls, Mrs May has already decked out the property with her preferred furniture.

Her colourful sofa is covered with brown patterned throw cushions, while the coffee table - which sits in front of the marble fireplace - has been brought in from Habitat for £195.

On her side table is a £100 Zachery chrome table lamp from John Lewis, which sits next to an extravagent £42 rose-scented Diptyque candle.

And it's not just the interiors to which she is paying attention.

In the photograph, Mrs May stays true to her quirky but high-end style, wearing a £495 coffee-coloured cashmere jumper by Amanda Wakeley - one of Kate Middleton's favourite designers.

She also chooses the same designer for her £995 khaki leather trousers, which she pairs with £295 Burberry trainers.

During the interview, the Prime Minister talked about her fashion sense and revealed that she often takes spouse Philip along when clothes shopping.

Mrs May said that rather than paying a stylist she takes her patient partner along to provide a 'yes' or 'no' to outfits she tries on.

She said that he has a good eye for accessories adding: '(He's) particularly good at choosing handbags and bracelets for presents and good at flowers'.

May added that although her focus is on the job at hand she does take her appearance seriously.

She said: 'At night I'll think through my outfit for the next day and I go into certain shops where they know me'.

She also said that he has beenrevelling in his new-found celebrity.

'He's been surprised by how much interest he's had. Philip says he gets 90% of the fun for only 10% of the effort,' she said.

'It's taken a bit of adjusting for him to see people writing about what he wears and taking selfies of him, but he's getting used to it!'

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