Looking for a Small Relatively Inexpensive Gasolene Powered Air Conditioner - ?

i might say photograph voltaic is your terrific guess for low profile. there are different companies that produce wind generators, despite the fact that if a custom build by making use of your self could be extra productiv so a procedures as area effeciency is going. while figuring out power output prefer, some questions must be spoke back. a million: while will the air conditioner be run? no remember if that's at night to boot as day you will prefer battery packs while you are working photograph voltaic. (in spite of the undeniable fact that i might advise them in any case as wind and sunlight are no longer consistent) 2: what is the wattage score of your ac unit? you ought to verify this to verify the size of your power source. greater watts mandatory = larger turbine/photograph voltaic array.

1. How much does it cost to recharge my air conditioner?

$30-$40 per pound of freon, plus service call. i was told a replacement coolant will be available, but it will be more expensive. what a surprise

2. The air conditioner has suddenly stopped blowing cool air?

Filter check is good start. Other responses I see have you start here...good place to start

3. Can i make an air conditioner with computer fans?

You cannot really. You might be able to make an evaporative cooler, if you live where they are effective. Car tire compressors will do no good for you.

4. Landlord Responsibilities for Air Conditioner - Are My Actions Legal?

I think you have been more than reasonable. You could offer one of those mobile units (low cost) or you could end their tenancy agreement saying that you will need to re-advertise stating the efficiency of the a/c system. If you supply the windows, then presumably you have a deposit which would not be returned if they stole them - you could argue to increase the deposit required? Or you say - I do not have 10k, sorry. take it or leave it.

5. where can I get the information on how to build a solar powered air conditioner?

I think the first two answers have pretty much taken care of the electrical version (in summary, it is better to power the AC from the grid and use the solar array to make a basic supply of electricity to reduce your bill.) But one other choice would be to use a concentrating solar collector (curved mirrors) to heat a tube of oil to fairly high temp and then use that hot oil to power an absorption refrigeration system, replacing or supplementing the usual flame. The problem of course, is that any direct connection without a booster is going to leave you without cooling when the sun goes down and the temperature is still 95 as it is here this time of year in Texas.

6. I bought an air conditioner, what is a BTU?

First of all, 92000 is LARGER than 10,000. A BTU is a British Thermal Unit and in an air conditioner the BTU capacity denotes the amount of heat the system can move in an hour. A BTU is the amount of heat required to raise one cubic centimeter of water one degree Fahrenheit.

7. Outside air conditioner fan.....need help? thanks?

I had a similar problem to this and ended up calling out ACPro to do the repair for me. I am glad I did b/c it ended up being something much too complicated for someone like myself to fix. They have great service and certainly know what they are doing when it comes to AC repairs. Highly Recommend!.

8. Does it matter what tempurature I set my window air conditioner on? Or does it just need to be running?

of course it matters because if the temperature outside is more than the tempereture you have set on your a.c your a.c will cool less

9. ok so should i call the guy that just worked on my air conditioner last Thursday?

If you are that desperate for a date, sure! What the (blank) are you talking about? >>>EDIT

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