My Cat Peed on My Sofa - How Do I Remove the SMELL?

i do not know if those other items worked or not --but this i promise will. Odoban-- it's a spray you can get at walmart or sams. kills all Oder's---i mean all we use it when we clean the litter.

1. What is the table called that sits behind a sofa that might sit out in the middle of an open room.?

You will usually find them by looking under the heading "Sofa Table". Go to and you will see what I am referring to

2. Where can I buy a cute small sofa that is white? has a ton of furniture on there. Not sure if you will find exactly what you are looking for, but you may find something you like better!

3. what is the best product to clean my leather sofa. And condition it?

Meguier's Car Products makes a leather cleaner and conditioner that I use on my 97 Cougar that I like alot, it really makes the leather soft and supple(whoo-hoo!?) so you could try that! Or just look in the Car Care products aisle in your local store and I am sure you will find something!

4. My sofa lost its color from Pine Sol, how do i get it back?

i am guessing it bleached it, which means the color is gone, you can not get it back, you could dye the spot and try to match the color, or you would take some of the fabric from say, an arm rest cover, and make a patch and cover it. you would have been better off using the nail polish remover

5. Why is my Sofa peeling the paint off my wall?

yeah i do not think you are supposed to put your sofa that close to the wall. but if you must try putting a throw blanket or something on the back so it does not directly rub against the wall

6. Omg I just rub the stain of my mom's sofa set.?

I would not use a black sharpie; maybe red. I could give you a few alternatives but they would not match anyhow. The best way to go is to get some matching thread and sew the stain in. Or, look around the back of the sofa and see if you can snip a few fibers off (maybe underneath). Take these and use very small dabs of fabric glue. Do not know the texture of the sofa, so hard to visualize. Another method is to use a vacuum cleaner with a nylon or similar fabric. Place this over the hose end where it attaches to the cleaner and vacuum with lots of downward pressure on the sofa and you may get some nap.You can glue this in place. Good luck on this one!

7. What is the most durable SOFA MATERIAL to withstand cat scratches?

Most Durable Sofa

8. What looks better over the sofa: framed art or a mirror?

I prefer framed art that coordinates with my room Just remember that when you place a mirror it's all about what it reflects and it does make the room look bigger if placed correctly

9. Where can I find the huge red sofa/couch from the Paul Van Dyk - We Are Alive music video?

It looks italian, I dont know the manufacturer its probably custom and costs in the range of 10-12,000. A similar effect can be done with any good sectional with a high back, ottomans and a quality velvet upholstery. This color is fabulous! check out seating resource online they have a few pieces with unusual contours.

10. My cat likes to run to the basement and when I follow him, he claws the sofa in front of me?

"Soft Paws" nail covers. Costs 20 bucks and lasts a month. talk to your vet

11. Would u rather save the UGGS or save the sheep?

i luv my uggs!, , they are so comfy! itsw not like they need to kill the sheep to get the fleece to make them, wearing uggs is like wearing a coat or asweater made form what they naturally need to shed, an d grows back, its no differnt then someone wanted a leather coat, sofa or car interior, or someone eating a burger, its normal we all do it get over it

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