My Room Air Conditioner Is Blowing Evaporated Water into the Room. Why?

Sounds like the water drain got plugged up. Fix that!

1. Can I mount a room air conditioner in the floor (vertically)?

Definitely do not mount it this way you will ruin it.The oil has to stay inside the compressor with it setting normally if you mount it this way you wo not have to worry about water it wo not run long enough to make very much.Service tec 17yr

2. How do you keep a small room with no air conditioner fresh?

Ventilation is the windows, set a fan blowing, leave the door open as much as possible. A good cross ventilation [fan helping circulate air from open window thru door and around again] should freshen the air and drive the dampness out also. Frequent washing & fluffing of bedding and scatter-rugs and using a scented dryer sheet in the clothes-dryer should also revive and freshen things for you. It's always the worst in humid summertime, so get things circulating!

3. what difference can it cause when your room air conditioner have its own circuit breaker?

A CB on the AC is fine, but if you have lots of stuff on the same circuit, the breaker in the box may "trip", and all would lose power. Normally an Air Conditioner would have its own circuit and circuit breaker. The laptop and router probably do not use much power, but the TV and fridge might be enough to trip the breaker if it is on the circuit with the AC. If that happens (or if its possible) you may wish to call an electrician to fix it

4. I loaned my in room air conditioner to a friend, she is a smoker and now it stinks! How can I get it clean?

You LENT your AC to your friend. Just wash the filter

5. Does patellofemoral pain syndrome qualify for handicapped parking?

It is not based on conditions, it's based on inability to walk. Each state has their own requirements. look up your Department of transportation - it's usually in the plate section. Here's my states requirements: "Applicant must have one or more of the following conditions: unable to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest; unable to walk without assistance from another person or from a brace, cane, crutch, wheelchair or other prosthetic or assistive device; lung disease with forced respiratory, expiratory volume for one second, if measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 mm/hg on room air at rest; uses portable oxygen; cardiac condition with Class 3 or 4 functional limitations as by American Heart Association standards; or severely limited in ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological or orthopedic condition."

6. my room air condition makes ice?

Servicing in need

7. Room Air Conditioners- help sealing them?

Buy "big stuff foam" then use a razor knife after it dries to take the excess off

8. Is there a way to place a room air conditioner into a window that opens by sliding horizonally.?

You can simple get a piece of plywood cut to fit your opening and secure it in place. The problem is that you lose the natural lighting. If money allows you can have a window and frame built to fit the spot. Good luck.

9. How to remove skunk smell from hair, clothes, and room air?

Wash everything in tomato juice or millk....Air will have to dssipate... Added: As a boy living out in the rural area, skunk was a reality..I've bathed myself in tomato juice and washed many dogs and cats that got too close to the skunk.. If it only created a smell like a skunk eating spaghetti, I do not think I would have repeated the process again and again.... good luck---I can still remember the smell!

10. My room air conditioner is blowing evaporated water into the room. Why?

Certainly check the tilt. It should be installed according to instructions, some newer models went cheap and do not have a drain hole in the back, so check your instructions. If there is a drainhole, it may simply be stopped up with something, so clean it out as the water that condenses should be draining outside

11. Why are radiators always placed under windows?

As described in the other answers, putting the radiators (or hot air vents in a forced-air system) under the windows offsets the greater heat loss of the windows, but there is another reason. As room air flows over the surface of a window, it will lose heat to the window (and the outside). This can cause moisture in the air to condense out onto the window. In cold enough conditions, the window will accumulate frost or even layers of ice on the inside surface. The hot air rising off a radiator will have less tendency to deposit moisture onto the window (the glass surface will be somewhat warmer)

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