On Central Air Conditioner. Should the Capacitor also Be Replaced Same Time As Fan Motor Is Replaced

Lennox Fan Motor

1. What would cause a fan MOTOR to run BACKWARDS?

Be careful, running a condenser backwards may cause damage. If it is a 3 phase induction motor you can reverse the rotation by switching any two of the three wires. If it is single phase then the motor usually has a third wire that will reverse rotation.

2. How do I change rotation direction of single phase fan motor?

If you have access to internal connections between the coils, you can reverse the motor by reversing the connection of one coil with respect to the other one

3. Problem with car, coolant oil leak..please do help.?

I suspect the radiator cooling fan motor does not work properly such that the heat /pressure build up faster than the radiator can contain, so it blows the radiator lid off. Esp during hot summer day. Let the engine cool down, check coolant level. If it too low , pour in the appropriate type coolant , observe if there is any leak at the floor underneath of the car enginer compartment./ radiator . Check if the radiator cooling fan (electrical ) motor works when the engine is hot. ============= RADIATOR rusted/ damaged/ roted/ blocked by road debris, bugs etc...may significantly degrade its cooling efficiency, which normally can cope in cold days, but unable to cope in hot summer day. Check the radiator' scooling fins, esp at radiator's bottom for such damage. U may have to replace it. If the warning still on, drag it home, ask the mech. To long to explain here.

4. Why would the fan on my ac unit stop spinning after about 30 minutes?

If you replaced the motor with the exact same one, never assume the replacement took the same size capacitor as the previous one. That could be possibly part of the problem. The other thing that I would ask is how is the condition of the condenser coil? Ok why right? If the condenser is pretty plugged up (you would probably be having other issues) but that the fan motor is not getting proper air flow and maybe over heating and thus tripping out on thermal overload. Then after it cools down, or the system is left off. It will work again. If the top of the unit is very very hot where fan motor is, either wrong capacitor is installed or the fan motor itself is possibly bad. I would also check the amp draw while its running. With everything else running fine the only two problems would either be with the capacitor or the possibility of a loose connection. Poor connections lead to higher amp draw and can cause that possible symptom. However, something has to give. Either it burns the motor up or it melts the wires at the terminal connection due to excess current draw. Maybe this will help point you in the right direction. Again, make sure the replacment capacitor is rated exactly for the new fan motor.

5. my a.c is not working little air is coming out the vent and the fans blades on the unit outside is not spining

The fact that your outside unit, called the condenser which contain the compressor, condenser coils and the cooling fan is not running should not make any difference in the amount of air you get through your vents. The inside part of the system consists of the evaporator and the blower. Of course if the outside system is not running, the air that comes out will not be any cooler. The thermostat should operate both systems by sending a current to relays in each system which in turn supply current to the compressor and fan motor on the outside and the blower motor on the inside. It is possible that the relay is not receiving current from the thermostat. If you have outside dogs check to see that the wires are not chewed in two. Of course it is possible that the fan motor is defective since it is exposed to the elements. Try spinning the fan to see that it turns freely. When a relay energizes it will make an audible click, so if you have someone operate the thermostat while you listen you should hear it operate. If at this point you find the things that are not wrong you might re post your question stating your findings and someone might give you some other possibilities. ...Good Luck

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