Pg_dump - Table Dependencies When Using --table

pg_dump -t will dump the definition of foreign key constraints. But will not dump the definition (or data) of the table which that constraint points to.Similarly, if you have a check constraint which uses a function, the definition of the function will not get dumped. I do not know the thought process behind dumping sequences. That does seem like a documentation bug

1. Soldering Table Legs?

A good quality "turbo torch" or an oxy-acetylene torch is needed for brazing. Also, you will need the correct type of brazing rod matched for the material you are brazing. A good brazed joint will take practice. It is not as easy as soldering

2. Table cut by the page and not centered

I've solved the problem by rotating the table. In order to do so I've replaced with from the package rotatingIf someone has an answer to say how can I shrink to fit the table without rotating please say it here. It would still be the solution I prefer

3. truth table equivalency

If$sim$ means "non-" $A | B$ means "$A$ or $B$" (non-exclusive) $A ,&, B$ means "$A$ and $B$" Then note that we can replace a $A & B$ by $sim( (sim A) | (sim B))$ because if $A$ and $B$ are true, then the $|$ gives false, and then the $sim$ in front of it gives you true, but if either $A$ or $B$ is false (assume it's $A$), then $sim A$ is true, hence $|$ is true and $sim$ of $|$ gives you false. I hope I was clear enough.This means that $( A & (sim B)) | C$ is equivalent to $[sim((sim A) | (sim (sim B))] , | , C$ which in turn is equivalent to $[sim ( (sim A) | B)] , | , C$

4. Is my gaming table good?

Seems you know what you are doing there, bud. If you do plan on charging your friend, make sure you do not overcharge him!

5. Using ImageTransformation[] with a lookup table

If the problem is that the transformation function is slow to compute, a simple way to create and use a look-up table is to memoize the function:The first time you use the transformation, it will be slow:But next time you use it, it will be much faster, as the values have been remembered (you could say your look-up table is stored in the DownValues of func)More speedThe nice thing about ImageTransformation is that it will interpolate between pixels so that you can sample the image at non-integer pixel positions. If you can tolerate losing the interpolation feature (i.e. so that each pixel in the output image is a direct copy of a pixel from the input image), you can get some more speed by manipulating the image data directly. (Updated with faster code)The code below creates a fast image transformation function for a specific size of image. Briefly, the procedure is:The output is a function which can be applied directly to an image.The resulting function is very fastTo measure the time properly we need to do the transformation several times. It came out at about about 1. 4 ms on my PC, about 80 times faster than ImageTransformation with the memoized function

6. Postrouting rule in NAT table

No. There is only one target (-j) per rule. The -j SNAT is exclusive, you can not provide two targets for a rule. If you need to accept the packet, the 'ACCEPT' target should be used in the 'FORWARD' chain of the 'filter' table.Packets are only dropped if there is a rule to drop them, or if the default policy of the 'FORWARD' chain is 'DROP'. In both case, these counters are updated.More likely, routing is not enabled or your routing tables are not complete.To enable routing:

7. How to align table and caption when table is centered on page

Here is a solution that uses the caption and the floatrow packages. Your commenttable command has to be put in the first argument of the ttabbox command, just after caption.... To have a correct vertical spacing, I had to modify it slighly.

8. tapering/mitering table legs on a table saw without someone helping

It's hard to say knowing nothing about your current setup, but it's common to keep your workpiece longer than needed during difficult cuts like that, and then trim the piece to length, eliminating the imperfect segment.Otherwise, the right set of push sticks should make the job safer and easier

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