Place Cards for the Head Table?

Head Table Place Cards

1. How to improve this table stability?

You could add some very large steel L brackets to brace the legs and try to stiffen them a bit, but it would still be somewhat shakey. The "right" way to fix this is to use "cross bracing". The two cross members you have on the back should be diagonal instead of horizontal. Diagonal cross members prevent the side-to-side wobble that makes your table feel unstable.This image is not a table but it does illustrate the concept:One diagonal brace will help, but two will give the most stiffness. You can add these in addition to the horizontal pieces you already have.

2. Putting the table on the ground

See The Wobbly Table Theorem. Or How to stabilize a wobbly table. Or Turning the tables. [Oops!

3. Making the table enumerated

If you do not need the equations aligned then you should us enumerate* from the enumitem package, which produces results similar to inparaenum, but provides more flexibility.However, if you want them aligned, the array (since it is entirely math content) environment, or tabular is the solution to use:

4. Bluffing on a two player table

The heads up game is much more complex than this. you need to adapt to your opponent. Effective is probably not the right word. In heads up bluffing is necessary. You need to play more hands. the tighter your opponent is, the easier it should be. Better even is a loose opponent preflop and tight post flop :)Also bluffing requires a good understanding of ranges and behaviour.Good luck

5. Timeout on ALTER TABLE table ENGINE=InnoDB - is table still converted?

Can I assume that the conversion went as intended?Never assume a conversion until you test it. Thank you for backing it up in advance.Are there any obvious checks I should perform to ensure that integrity is not compromised?For any given table mydb.mytable you converted to InnoDB, please check two thingsTake a count of all the rowsRun the same count on the MyISAM backup. Run a checksum of the whole tableRun the same checksum on the MyISAM backup.You should get the same count and checksum values for both the InnoDB and MyISAM tables.If you would like to manage the InnoDB conversion in stages, try doing this next timeUse the table, test it in staging, kick the tires. If you are satisfied the table is fine, drop the old tableor retain it as a backupShould I enforce that the DB is single user before conversion, or is my only worry that response time might be bad while conversion is ongoing loss of work in case of a restore from the initial backup?If you want convert a live MyISAM table to InnoDB, see my post Converting live MyISAM table to InnoDBIf you are very skeptical or fearful of data loss, your idea of single user access is fine. Do the conversion, then

6. Would a 84inch round table cloth fit a table of 8 to 10 people?

That is a large tablecloth and should fit a table of that size. The large round banquet tables are usually 72 inches, so this tablecloth should fit great and have nice drape

7. POLL: Parents At Head Table?

While I disagree that parents are honored guests in most occasions, the parents of the bride are traditionally the host and hostess of the reception, (they are usually the ones footing the bill), I do agree that the parents should not be seated at the head table. They are throwing the party to celebrate their daughter and new SIL's marriage and as such the couple and sometimes the bridal party are placed at the head table. Parents should not put themselves at the head table because it makes them look like they are wanting to be the honored attendees instead of the host/hostess. I also want to add that I think the head table thing is just a bit silly imho. It makes things seem as if it were a 16th Century banquet where status and hierarchy were of utmost importance. While I can understand assigned seating, I personally would feel silly sitting at a "special" table like I was a 6 yr old kid at her birthday.

8. table rescaling and subcaption package

tabularx can still be used. For me it is straight forward than tabular*

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