Should I Cover Or Protect the Air Conditioner (AC) Unit During Winter?

I noticed some of my neighbors, here in Florida, have a light weight screen covering their air conditioner units outside. Is this necessary?

1. I want to buy a good room air-conditioner, free standing, any recommendation?

The closest thing to a free standing air conditioner that I know of is called a swamp fan. I saw one at Wal-Mart for around $30. It uses a fan and water to keep the area cool. They do not use any more electricity than a regular fan, but they do not cool as well as a conventional a/c. My best friend uses one in her apartment and it alone keeps the area fairly comfortable. She has used it for many years and swears by it

2. Landlord Refused To Fix Air Conditioner in Emergency Situation?

AC is not a emergency. AC is not even legally required to be included in any state but AZ. Unless you live in AZ they do not legally have to fix it. They certainly do not have to fix it on your time line. NO- not heartless. That is simply how the laws are written. We do not make the laws.

3. My H.O.A. is forcing me to remove my air conditioner from my window. Is there a way to fight this ?

Two simple things to do. 1) Ask the H.O.A., to quote the specific by-law. 2) Get a note from your doctor mentioning your ill health and supporting an a/c system in your apartment. Send a copy to the H.O.A

4. Can having a window open cause a house air conditioner to start burning?

If a window is open that means that the A/C will run longer. It wo not cause it to start burning

5. Why is my air conditioner freezing up on humid nights?

I would call the service company you had out to do the work, I've heard that when the a/c freezes up like that it means that it's low on refrigerant

6. Do you have air conditioner in your house?

Heck yeah. I live in South Texas so it is a necessity. I used my AC every month last year

7. What are my legal options if my landlord refuses to fix the air conditioner?

(snark response - I am in a pretty not-good mood)How would we know? We do not know where you and your landlord live - Rio de Janeiro? Havana? New Orleans? We do not know what of your air conditioner needs to fixed. We do not know if your landlord has given you any reason to refuse to fix it.Please try again? Laws vary by country, by province/state/shire. ???end of snark.

8. problem with my pontiac grand am 2000 air conditioner?

There are different adapters which fit different cars. These adapters usually come with the charging A/C hoses and you must check which one fits your car. Shop around and you must find one and please do not charge the gas if you are unfamiliar with the A/C system.

9. How would I hook up a window air conditioner inside my car?

Actually it is possible. You will also need to make sure your alternator is rated for a minimum of 3000 Watts. That's 1800 for the air conditioner and 1200 watts to run your engine, lights, safety systems and charge the battery. (Leave the radio off). You would also have to remove your trunk lid or add louvers to allow the heat from the air conditioner exhaust to exit the vehicle or else it would either be hotter in the car than it is or the unit would smoke on you. Not really worth the effort, but it "COULD" be done

10. Is 15,000 btu air conditioner alot colder than a 12,000 btu?

You need to consider the area you are going to cool. A 1 ton unit (12000 btu) should cool a 500sq ft area. The 1-1/4 ton unit will cool approx 625 sq ft. The larger unit will cool just as fast and as cold as the smaller if the unit is sized correctly to the space

11. fan doesn't not spin on outside air conditioner?

If this is the first time you tried to run it this year, it may just be stuck. Do you hear the compressor running? If so take a long screwdriver and try to kick start the fan. It is possible that you have a bad fan motor but do not go condemning it just yet. Best advice is if the fan wont kick start then call a HVAC tech to come look at it. It could be something simple

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