Should I Lock My Dog in My Bed Room and Not Let Her Out When She Whines?

she might just like your brothers room. do not make a dog be around you if the dog does not want to. my sisters dog follows me 24/7, it hurts her feelings, since its her dog, so i stopped feeding and giving the dog attention. so now my sis gives him all the attention, feeds and takes him on walks. and he is slowly starting to go to her room and not mine. im kind of glad though, because I already have a dog,who follows me 24/7 i do not need another dog following me around

1. walls of my living room & bed room are damp for past six months?

I believe you should seriously consider getting an expert in to examine this problem, there is too much at stake. There will be a call-out fee, but it is money well spent

2. I'm buying a bed room set Anyone Recommend a Great Furniture store with good prices and great service?

Go on you will twice the furniture for your money. Before buying... just go check it out. If you dont mind buying used... that is the way to go. There is some BEAUTIFUL furniture on there for dirt cheap prices. You just get on .... select California.... select your closest city.......... and search within your price range. You will be very surprised what you will find on there.

3. What is the best portable heater for a basement that is my bed room?

Still may have a fuse prob if the circuit is overloaded. But the oil filled radiant heaters are cooler and heat really well, plus I have one that has a low (450 watt) and high (900 watt) setting--my mother's room stayed toasty all winter

4. Small bed room pets in the uk?

Guinea pigs and rabbits would probably be your best bet. Hamsters would also be good, but dwarfs are hard to cuddle with. No matter what you get, make sure you get it as a baby because otherwise it will be hard to get it to become house trained and to get it to cuddle with you. Hamsters are definitely a good pet to keep in your room, although they are nocturnal. These are all great animals

5. How do I complete my sexy surprise?

tex him tell to met you in bed room

6. im repainting my small bed room with my sister in a few weeks...?

Go for a sage green, a beige, or a light yellow... sort of depends on what shade of gray your carpet is. The problem is, you need to stick with a light color because a rich or dark color will make a small room look smaller. But .. gray carpet? I do not think there's much that would match a gray carpet.

7. toddler sleeps with me wanting to move him into his own bed/room?

Well the easiest way to have done this was to never get this started in the first place. It was a mistake to allow your child to sleep with you, and you've created this issue. If you want to fix it, you need to be firm and stick to your guns, which is EXTREMELY hard for someone in your situation to do, because you are going to have to let your son cry it out and something tells me that's going to be near impossible for you. What you do is explain to him that he's becomming a big boy and big boys need to sleep in their own room in their own bed. Make a big deal about how cool his big boy bed is, and maybe even let him pick out some new sheets. Tuck him in, read him a story, kiss him goodnight and leave the room. If he gets up, put him back in and tell him it's bedtime. DO NOT say anything else. If he gets up again, put him back again. Do this as many times as necessary. If he lays there and screams bloody murder, ignore him. I mean it. If you go in there at ANY point during the night and give in, you are going to teach him that if he screams long enough he gets his own way -- not something you want him learning. You probably do not like my answer, but it's the truth and it is what is going to work. Sorry for the bluntness. Good luck.

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