Should I Reduce My Personal Use of Air-conditioning at Home to Fight Global Warming More Effectively

You should reduce your personal use of air-conditioning to save you money, but it will not effect global warming.Prof. Richard Muller, one of the founders of Berkeley Earth and the most viewed writer in physics on Quora, recently said that if the United States were to stop all of its greenhouse gas emissions, it would only delay any global warming that would occur by 4 years.Almost all increases in greenhouse gas emissions are coming from developing nations, such as China and India. The United States has been slightly decreasing its CO2 emissions for at least a decade.When the Democrats have their way, they leave us dependent on the Middle East and other OPEC countries for the fossil fuels we'll continue to need for decades. I didn't vote for Trump, but at least he wants the US to be energy independent. And where were the Democrats when we could could have gotten 80% of our electricity from nuclear power, as France does? Let Democrats pay a "carbon tax", because those of us who are rational environmentalists would have already created an almost greenhouse-gas free country.Should I reduce my personal use of air-conditioning at home to fight global warming more effectively?

1. When you hear about someone who is a Christian home schooling their children do you make an assumption?

the academic scores of home schooled children, their level of maturity is double that of the public schooled child....many of these children have graduated with 4.00 and have received full scholarship to many of the best colleges and universities in the country.. these children are not sheltered but enabled to receive an above average education in caring and supportive parents.... there is scheduled interaction with the other home school students within the area, science center field trips, visit and interact at a farm, one parent is the music teacher one day a week for a chamber group, one day a week every one will meet at the YMCA for swim day and exercise group, computer education from another parent one on one... each state has a home schooling association with state accredited and approved subjects for each grade level... These children are better educated, better equipped for the world than the children in public school. the area where I live there are a few failures, some JW families home schooled their children...that combination of indoctrination and separation from the world will cause problems.....for the children and with the home school association...

2. How do I hook my laptop up 2 my home computer so I can have internet on my laptop?

You would not hook ur lap top up 2 ur computer. You would pug it into the wall with a adaptor cord it looks like a phone cord you no that u plug into the wall once u do that ur computer should pick up the single if u have INTERNET in ur home

3. Do You Shower At the Gym, or Wait Til You Get Home?

I am extremely modest! I shower at home... the only danger there is if I get distracted once home, the shower might come later than it should! yuck!

4. Heat get booed at home..lose to Indiana?

dang... thats sad to get booed by your own fans.....

5. bleaching hair, with home supplies?

um, no. there are not any "at home" ways to obtain "whiteish" blonde hair if you want bleached blonde hair you should go to the salon. but since i know you are not going to, go to walgreens or another drug store and buy a home bleaching kit. you still wo not be bright blonde, but you wo not go to the salon. p.s. do not use laundry bleach on your hair! you are so lucky you did not give yourself a chemical burn!

6. Why Doesn't My House Feel Like Home, comfortable?

you have to get it exactly how you want it once your happy with everything it will feel like home!


I am not quite sure exactly what you are asking, but I will try to answer anyway. When you are due for your period, and it's late, you can use a home pregnancy test, which reacts with hormones from your urine. If it comes out positive, you need to see a doctor. They will give you a blood test and possibly an ultrasound to determine where you are at. If you want to do an at-home calculation, you need to remember the FIRST day of your last period, then using a calendar, you count that day as WEEK 0. The next week (7 days later) will be 1 WEEK pregnant, and so on and so forth, until 40 WEEKS. That will be your approximate due date. You cannot rely on missed periods to confirm a pregnancy, as there could be underlying medical issues. Hope that is what you were asking? Good luck, I hope it turns out the way you want :)

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