Sofa, Love Seat Or Armchair? How to Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Home

Searching for some new seating and not sure where to start? First up it's important to think about your space and what size and model would suit it best. Here's a few tips to get you well on your way to shopping like Goldilocks and finding the sofa that's juuust right for you.

Avoid re-enacting the famous Friends 'PIVOT' scene by checking your dimensions, particularly if you know there are small spaces to navigate. First of all, start with the room in which the sofa, loveseat or armchair will be positioned so you can see what fits. Mark out the dimensions of your favourite models on the floor with masking tape or newspaper - these can be found on each product page. Then measure the route to that room including your front door, hallway, internal doors, stairs and lifts. Use our Will It Fit Guide to help you.

Make sure not to overpower a room with furniture that's too big. Instead create the illusion of more space with smaller pieces such as a 2-seater sofa along with an armchair, or a compact corner sofa if you are in need of extra seating but can not fit two sofas. Also think about ways you can maximise the space you do have - adding a loveseat or armchair into a bay window or an awkward alcove can turn it into a useable and stylish space.

Think about the layout of your room and how you would position your new seating. Is there a focal point it would face? Are there any pieces of furniture that need to stay where they are and have doors or drawers that need to open? Are there radiators or windows you need to consider?

For a living room, if you have a small space an L-shaped layout can work best (a sofa and armchair) or if you have a larger space you could try two sofas face to face. If you are adding a comfy seat to a space such as an office, a love seat provides all the comfort of a sofa on a compact scale to fit with your existing furniture.

Who will be sitting on it

When buying new furniture it's important to think about your lifestyle. Consider the size and make-up of your family, how do you spend your time? If your house is always full, you may want to go for a 3 or 4-seater, or a corner sofa where you can all lay back and relax. Or, you might want to snuggle up close on a love seat? Are you a social butterfly and can not wait to finally have your friends round? In this case you might need more seating than you expect, and an extra armchair could be handy.

Once you've worked out which sizes and layouts would suit you best, you can start thinking about specific models and fabric options and get your samples ordered!

What will get rid of dog urine smell in a room and soaked up in a leather love seat.?

Sorry, but it's time to pitch the love seat and that should help a lot. If the floor is brick, it should not continue to hold the smell, but the water may have seeped into the wooden baseboards and sheetrock, so you may end up replacing baseboards and sheetrock as well

I bought a couch and love seat. It is way too big...can I return it or is that in bad taste?

just return it. If you dont like it you should be able to do what you like with the couch

Cinemas in Prague with love seats or armrests that go up?

The only cinema which has "love seats" in every screening is Premiere Cinemas. The wide seating sections are the seats you are looking for:Other cinemas (e.g. Cinestar Andel) have the right seats in some of their screens, but you can not guarantee it.

Grey walls, crimson couch & love seat. What color curtains?

I think you need a pattern or a curtain with at least a trim of some kind, that will incorporate your colors

Are there any movie theaters in New Jersey with Love Seats?

Try calling all theaters in your phonebook

going to see Zumanity, should i pay extra for love seats?

stop being a cheap, do you want the best for your girlfriend or not?

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