I hear a metallic ring bounce off a porcelain bowl. Forks scraping across plates, with scrambled egg in tow. Saturday morning, lying in my top bunk, I pull my Batman blanket over my face. The muffled voices from the kitchen tell me it's time to eat. I hear my dad's high treble recounting something about China and change. My mom silently frying up more eggs. Sizzling and popping. Some sausage today.Daniel is laughing, telling them about Friday's tennis match. Under my bunk, my sister moves around in her bed. I sense her energy, alive as mine but wanting to stay in bed just a little longer

Should I Consider Filing Suit?

Sure thing. You should file a "clapper suit". I would suggest you take your defective clapper to the court and have the judge sit on it and when you clap it will ignite his ***. That ought to get the point across, do not you think so? Also, I would suggest if you have an ex-husband who pisses you off, invite him to bed and give hime the "clapper" treatment. That oughta get his attention and respect.

my daughter is only 5mths & has excema if any parent knows from experience of a cure please help!!?

my daughter had really bad eczema too, she still has it a little bit but its not half as bad now. the best things to use are aquaphor (its kind of like vaseline but better, can be found at wal mart) and johnsons soothing naturals. i was a little leary of using johnsons at first because it is scented and i was always told not to use scented, but it works very well. aveeno did not work for my daughter either. another thing that worked very well for my daughter is Amlactin (Ammonium Lactate). i got it from the doctor but you can also find it online. and you dont put it on the face. but it really made a big difference on my daughters skin. some other things you can do: use a humidifier in the house to put some moisture in the dry winter air which will help her skin. and another tip from a dermatologist was to put her in damp pajamas before bed, and then put some dry pajamas over the damp ones to lock in the moisture, just make sure that your house is kind of warm if you do this. her skin will absorb a lot of moisture that way. you would only do that about once a week though, not every day. and another tip, i was told not to give her too many baths, but then another doc told me different. ive found that giving her baths every day or every other day actually helps, just make the water luke warm, warmer will dry out the skin. and as soon as you take her out of the bath, dont really dry her off too much and slather some aquaphor on her while she is still damp. through helping my daughter with her eczema ive almost become an expert :) if you have any more questions you can email me i have a lot of good tips

Bed Wetting problem with my son he is six?

Make sure he goes to the toilet before bed and also make sure he does not drink too much before going to bed

Bed wedding - is it too soon to expect him to be dry? ?

first of all... it is spelled wetting. second of all... at that age he should be able to hold it. take him off fluids a few hours before his bed time so he is dry. you can also just do pull ups at night

Were You A Bed Wetter?

My nephew is. My sister takes him to potty before she tucks him into bed. Also do not let the kid drink any liquids hours before bed. He's 11 and still wets the bed. I think he's just scared of the dark. That process is working though.


These are likely mites. If you ever wonder what those tiny spiders around the house eat, these are them. They are not harmful, but are a pest, If they are biting, it is usually nothing more than aggravating. You can run ALL your bedding through the laundry (use bleach), dry on high heat. And while your bed is stripped go over your mattress with a hot hair drier. Pest exterminators charge a lot of money for something you can do for free, but your call.

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