The Journey: a Slice of the Royal Life

Authored by Her Royal Highness Rajnee Kumari, Amy Fernandes gives you a sneak peek into the book The Journey, a coffee table book by HRH Rajnee Kumari is a tome that will puzzle the reader at first. Is it about a queen's life in the palace Is it about a journey of selfactualisation Is it just a coffee table book with droolable pictures Is it a retelling of a collection of priceless emeralds and rubies and diamonds that once adorned royals You need to flip glossy page after glossy page to understand that this is a tribute of a lady who lived in the Wankaner Palace to the place she loves. And so the reader is treated to a bout of nostalgia through a collection of photographs and stories seen through the eyes of a young princess, who lived by the palace rules imposed by her grandmother. While the life of a princess is immersed in luxury and fine living, it is also circumscribed by stringent laws of the palace. All of this and her life is documented in a finely brought out 200 plus paged tome, which royal watchers will be delighted to read. More so, because this is a deeply personal journey of a royal who must confront her crossing from a private jewel-clad life to a modern day woman.

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