The Story of the Stretchsit Cushion

Earlier in the history of our company, we didn't intend to create any posture products and thought education alone would be sufficient. We still stand by our philosophy that education is the most important ingredient in restoring primal posture.Posture braces, seat cushions, and shirts are not able to take the place of hands-on coaching to establish posture ideals or healthy ways of getting to those ideals. The Gokhale Method trains people on the look and feel of healthy posture; now you can choose aids wisely to support you.Posture devices as seen above usually induce people to switch from one bad posture (slumping) to another (arching). Most people believe they need to "sit up straight." In fact, arched posture can do as much harm as slumping does. Hands-on training by a Gokhale Method teacher can teach you truly healthy posture; following that, a reminder system, whether like the one above or a simple alarm that goes off periodically, will induce you to reset yourself in a healthy way.There's no magic cushion, or brace, or buzzing device that will give someone perfect posture without hands-on coaching. But over the years, our students' input and feedback taught us to see that there is significant value to be had from certain types of posture aids.We still teach the use of a towel as a great stretchsitting device, but before we developed the Stretchsit Cushion, we frequently received feedback about how people found it difficult-or impossible-to use a towel on their wooden chair, their plastic outdoor furniture, or their slippery office chair. They hated trying to use rubber bands and bungee cords and clothes pegs, and having to refold or readjust the towel to be the right size.The towel method works for some seats, but many students found it frustrating to set up or adjust.We kept hearing, "Can't you just make something I can throw on a chair easily?" So we listened.Having the Stretchsit Cushion in your car means you spend significantly less time setting up and adjusting your cushions, and it can't slip out of place!Developing and manufacturing a product was new for me and for the company, so it took a few tries to get to where we are today. I learned a lot about persistence.Our first round of the Stretchsit Cushion, V1, had oval rubber nubs. Pro: very sticky! Con: the stitches tore through the rubber from the shear forces of stretchsitting-people stuck too well! It's better that the compression forces went to the nubs rather than the discs in people's back, but our customers were naturally disappointed when their cushions failed.This was V1 of the Stretchsit Cushion.Instead of endlessly replacing products, we moved on to a tougher, textured nub that is stuffed with foam to be more durable.The Stretchsit cushion's nubs are now made from a strong, textured material that will provide friction without ripping.A lot of nubs to help a lot of spinal discs!Additionally we switched to stronger, more color-fast fabric so cushions in cars or sunlit rooms don't get sun-bleached. We also used a more durable foam for the body of the cushion - one that is malleable enough to accommodate many spine shapes, but strong enough to stand up to wear and tear over time without deteriorating.The front panel of the cushion created by a seamstress using a sewing machine.It took us several rounds of production to get to the great cushion we have today. We were determined to not compromise on the quality of the materials or the function of the product. When we first started designing the cushion, we didn't know all the factors we would have to take into account to reach a really high standard. Now we are proud that our cushion receives very few complaints and an awful lot of praise!The Stretchsit cushion is available from a teacher near you.FAQsQ: Where can I purchase a Stretchsit Cushion?A: If you are taking a Gokhale Method class, we recommend purchasing one directly from your teacher. Otherwise, you can buy them from our website or from (link is external). You can save on bundles of 2 or 3 cushions, available only through our website.Q: Why is there such firm / soft foam in the cushion? Wouldn't a softer / harder cushion be more comfortable?A: There are research studies showing that medium-firm mattresses provide people with the most comfort and support. We've discovered this to be true for our stretchsit cushion as well. On one hand, we wanted it to be supportive; on the other, we wanted it to be comfortable and conform to a variety of body shapes. We played with the hardness of the foam and of the nubs, and after many iterations have come to a harmonious place, similar to a medium-firm mattress.Each nub is stuffed with foam of an appropriate density so it will protrude from the cushion without being uncomfortable against the back.Q: Why isn't the Stretchsit Cushion cheaper, when I can find $25 foam cushions at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond?A: We find our Stretchsit Cushion is actually less expensive than high-end lumbar supports or memory foam pads, but yes, there are cheaper foam cushions on the market. Many of these cheap options deteriorate quickly, and aren't dense enough to provide significant support (although they will soften a hard or rough surface, if that is all that is desired).In the Gokhale Method philosophy, lumbar supports do not solve, and may exacerbate, the problem of compression by causing a sway in the lumbar spine (lumbar supports are designed to encourage the S-shaped spinal ideal that we teach away from). What's needed is a thoracic support that offers friction, which isn't possible with a simplistic single block of molded foam and a fabric cover.A typical lumbar support cushion may exacerbate a sway and doesn't support a J-spineTo provide function and comfort at the standard we hold ourselves to requires a higher level of sophistication, which we're very happy to have reached in the Stretchsit Cushion. The production process for our cushion is rather intricate, and to make small high-friction nubs of appropriately strong material requires the individual nubs to be worked by someone using a sewing machine rather than industrial sewing. This, and the quality of our materials, is what dictates the price of our cushion. We receive numerous reports on how much benefit people get out of their cushions, so we consider that although it can seem expensive at first, when the cushion is considered as an investment in the health of your spinal discs, nerves, and vertebrae, it is really a steal!Q: Should I buy your cushion and use it with my current chair or buy the Gokhale Pain Free Chair?A: You will need the cushion for your carseat and in chairs that you have no control of. We sell a bundle of three cushions because people frequently want one for the car, one for their work chair, and one for their computer chair at home.If you are in the market for a chair, the Gokhale Pain Free chair is a marvelous investment. It has a 10 year warranty on parts (here too we did not skimp on quality or function), and will support you in stretchsitting (it has a built-in stretchsit cushion) as well as in stacksitting (it has a built-in wedge). It has other helpful features like a "mushroom top" seat to facilitate external rotation of the legs, and no armrests so you can come in close to your work surface (if your shoulders are properly rolled open, you will not miss the arm rests). No other chair has these features.The Gokhale Method Pain-Free Chair has a built-in Stretchsit Cushion and a built-in wedge with additional nubs in the seat for greater traction.That said, if you are financially pressed, we recommend economizing by buying the Stretchsit Cushion and using a folded blanket for stacksitting. These inexpensive additions to your chair allow you to achieve healthy posture; the drawback is that it won't look as elegant and you will need to adjust your implements periodically.(The blog was originally published on in April 2017)

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The Best Monitor Stand and Home Office Tools for DevelopersA monitor stand can help you at this time when it is still almost impossible to tell how long the work-from-home situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic will last. The demand for software developers is also high right now, which means you need to continue working despite the undesirable impact of the pandemic.The best thing that you can do to yourself right now is getting physically and psychologically ready for the long haul. Just like many app developers and other visionary business people, do this by acquiring a suitable monitor stand, electric sit-stand desk, led desk lamp, and much more to set up a safe and productive office at home.Here is a detailed guide on how you can go about this critical process with ease.Electric Sit Stand Desk to Protect BackboneWhat happens when you are slumped over at a small desk for hours, and your neck is craned over as you work? None of us wants to think about the annoying experience and even the familiar regrettable lower backache, which can turn into something that not only negatively affects your work but also affects your health for an extended period. With an electric sit-stand desk, we can feel comfortable.Do you need a monitor stand to solve this? Before we answer this vital question, let us see how your electric sit-stand desk can benefit you. With these modern desks, you can switch between standing and sitting posture comfortably throughout your busy days. Studies have shown beyond doubt that the amount of time you spend per day standing influences your health. According to health experts, the people who sit for more than eight hours per day without breaks have an equal risk of dying to the same hazards as those who are obese or smoking tobacco.Use a quality electric sit-stand desk to limit the amount of time you spend seated without having to engage in tedious exercises after every 30 minutes. Monitor Stand to Improve Posture and Limit EyestrainYour monitor stand puts the screen on at the right height, which not only helps to maintain the ideal posture but also ensures you can see everything without straining as you develop your different products or applications. Moreover, other than the impressive ergonomic qualities, your monitor stand can improve the aesthetic value of your working space and the organization of your electric sit-stand desk.Remember that you cannot do much remotely without efficient pieces of equipment, which often include computers or laptops, back-up drives, and printers or scanners. But remember that if you want to be productive at home and protect your health as well, you have to go beyond this essential list. Ensure you acquire the best monitor stand before you say you have bought all the necessary equipment.Depending on the nature of your work, you may not require some of these items. Nevertheless, that cannot be the ideal computer and monitor stand.Quality Speakers to Keep You EntertainedMusic can also keep you relaxed and energized as you work from home. Most people who listen to the music they love can complete superior quality tasks within a shorter time than those without. To record the same level of success, you should find an excellent Bluetooth speaker and fill your workspace with your favorite songs and enhance your focus. If you do this as you sit on a safe, ergonomic chair, you reap the most benefits. As you know, you cannot enjoy your favorite music if you are not comfortable. LED Desk Lamp for Your Emotional and Mental HealthA soft LED desk lamp is another hallmark of a happy and productive workplace. The light it produces gives your home office that rare and memorable warm and cozy feeling that is known for contributing to the significant reduction of stress at the workplace. The change in the location of your office and the news regarding COVID-19 that is distressing millions of families and colleagues across the world can make you stressed. Mitigate that by going for the best LED desk lamp.According to credible studies, when you are exposed to natural light, primarily as you work during the day, it can positively influence your physical and mental health. On the other hand, people who work in dimly lit locations where the screen is the primary source of light at a high risk of suffering from blurred vision, fatigue, and headaches. Thus, you can acquire a LED desk lamp, and your brain will thank you for your effort.Monitor Stand and More to Boost the Aesthetic AppealA collection of furniture and equipment alone does not constitute a productive home office. The idea of working from home is not to make a point, convince people that you can create a flexible working schedule, or protect yourself from COVID-19. While some or all of these are valid reasons for setting up your home office, the concept cannot be viable if it is unproductive.With that in mind, you understand why we encourage people to go the extra mile to decorate their offices despite the popular thinking that aesthetics is not necessary.As we have mentioned already, your monitor stand can contribute a lot to your effort to beautify your work environment. However, to stand out from the crowd, you need to acquire this valuable equipment and do more.Aesthetically pleasing workplaces may help the people who operate in the spaces happy and more productive.As a developer, you need to be creative to be able to generate the most useful ideas that are full of life. You cannot achieve this if you are bored and desire to return to your well-decorated office in town or elsewhere.The basic strategy is having a vase of lovely flowers around. Another option can be using a board that is displaying your favorite family photos. The trick here is to get something that can give you an aesthetic break from the screen time whenever you need it.ConclusionBy using these tips for upgrading your company's office, you can make your home office an efficient workspace. You need this to achieve your career goals. You should also make your space the exact representation of you. Unlike in the public office, you have the freedom to add some of your favorite photos, attractive art prints, and more to liven up it and meet your unique needs. This way, you can be more productive when you work from home than in the traditional office environment. Now the only remaining question is whether you can work in pants or no pants. Since this is your own office, you are the one to decide the right answer. You choose how you want to work in your office, provided it does not negatively affect your performance.
Suitcase Pet Bed: 8 Steps (with Pictures) -
In this Instructable I show you to make a cat bed from an old suitcase.In this video I show you how to make the suitcase pet bed.Along with the video you can follow the (easy) steps below :-) Youtube VideoFor this project I use the following materials:And I used some tools like screwdrivers and pliers, a knife, A sewing machine and a saw. I first remove the top. It depends on your suitcase, but in my case the hinges came loose pretty easy and I was able to pull them out.You can also keep the top, but make sure it's secured in some way so I won't close when your cat is inside.I get the measurements from the suitcase and cut the mattress in the right size. So it's fitting nicely into to the suitcase.Next step is going to the sewing machine and make a nice little bed sheet.I added a zipper so it will be easy to wash it later when the cat used his/her bed.If you don't have a sewing machine you can also replace the mattress and sheet for a nice fitting pillow and caseGet or create 4 legs. You can make them yourself or get them from an old stool or so.If you're suitcase is not super stiff you can add some plywood to make the bottom a bit stronger.Screw the legs to the suitcase (and plywood)To give the legs a bit more of a 'vintage' touch I varnished them.Not all left to do is for the mattress and look at your result. That's it :-)Thank you for checking out my Instructable!Of course every suitcase is different, but I hope it this tutorial could inspire you to also make something nice for your pet. Please also check out my youtube channel.
How to Make a Ladder From Bed Linens
According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 80% of all fire deaths occur in the home. Here is a scenario: Your entire family is sleeping in the second floor bedrooms. There is only one staircase leading to the second floor. The smoke alarm goes off, startling everyone into immediate panic. Cold fear grips your chest and your thoughts are racing. The rooms are smoky, the stairwell is inaccessible. The only escape could be the bedroom windows. You haven't purchased a safety ladder. It's split-second decision time and you have a limited time frame.Bedsheets: Are they long enough to provide a safe descent Is there something strong enough to hang them from and support the weight Is there enough time to make a makeshift ladder More than likely, the answer will be, "No". If you haven't the means to purchase a safety ladder, you can construct a ladder from bed sheets, beforehand, in anticipation of the above scenario. Things You Will NeedEight (8) extra-long fitted twin sheets that are 102 inches long Twelve queen size pillow cases Scissors Thread Sewing Machine Step 1Obtain eight (8) extra-long fitted twin sheets that are 102 inches long. These can be purchased online, at major department stores, garage sales, or leftover from family campus dorm bedding.Lay them flat and cut each sheet lengthwise into three sections. You will have twenty-four (24) strips of cloth. Sew the top and bottom ends of four strips together; leaving the top of the first length and the bottom of the last length free. Repeat this step twice; resulting in six (6) lengths of continuous strips. Each length will be 408 inches long or approximately 34 feet long.Step 2 Lay three strips side-by-side. Grasp and hold the top of each strip in your left hand, bundled together, and measure 24 inches. Twist the three strips together, form a loop and create a slip-knot with the tops of all three strips. Sew the loose ends several times under the knot, to affix them to the longer strips, and to secure the knot in place. Repeat this step with the remaining 3 lengths of continuous strips. You should now have two lengths comprised of three 30-32 foot long strips, each connected at the top by a reinforced slip knot.Step 3Hang the slip knot from one of the lengths over a bed or chair post. Stand at the end of the lengths of the strips, hold them taut and begin to braid. When approximately two (2) feet of braid is done, tie a basic knot using all three strips looped around and through each other and leave one (1) foot unbraided. Tie another basic knot and begin to braid again. Continue doing these steps, braid two feet, knot, leave one foot unbraided, knot, braid two feet, knot, etc. until you reach the end and have finished braiding the length of the three strips.Repeat the above step with the second set of three-strip lengths.Step 4Fold each pillowcase into three sections lengthwise and sew each end so that they cannot unfold. Lay the two long braided lengths parallel, side-by-side, two feet apart. They should be approximately 14 to 15 feet long each. Lay each pillowcase, lengthwise, between the unbraided portion of the braided lengths.Step 5For the left-braided length: Using a sewing machine, sew the left end of the pillowcase to the unbraided top portion of the left length (just above the lower knot) and sew the right end of the folded pillowcase to the unbraided top portion of the right length (just above the lower knot). Sew again to reinforce. Repeat this down the lengths, creating rungs with the pillowcases until you reach the end of the lengths.You will have created a makeshift ladder, using bed sheets and pillowcases that can be stored under your bed. The slip knots at the top of the lengths are wide enough that they can be attached to a piece of furniture. That furniture should be heavy enough to hold your weight and large enough that it won't go out the window with you!Tips & WarningsAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, the safest practice for home fire escape is to have a plan in place, memorize it, and put it to the test through practice.Pre-determine which piece of furniture you can utilize to attach the ladder before your descent. Save yourself time and effort by purchasing a safety ladder.
I Looking for Totally Hand-controlled Sewing Machine Options. I'm Paraplegic and Can't Use Foot Peda
If it's true that "most sewing machines now do not have foot pedals," I would be quite surprised. I looked for one like that this year and found only two (at a sewing machine and fabric store). ... I was looking for one I could use in bed more easily . The two they had with the push-button sewing were quite different in price though, and the cheaper one was not nearly as smooth and quiet in motion as the expensive one (natch!). So that might be something to check out, especially in person. Good luck! Diane B.1. Wacko Jacko was a pedophile. Does his death erase his crimes?you are such a fuc!ng stupid a$$mother3r!! First of all, get your damn facts straight. And the people above are right, the parents were money hungry and I believe they took advantage of his love for children, as well his kindness, generostiy and not to mention his millions of dollars. When those parents knew their kids were hanging out with the one and only "MICHAEL JACKSON" .. they were not thinking "Hey, that's great, I am happy for my son" .. they were thinking "Hey, we can make money here!" I believe those low lifes implanted some bogus story into their kids heads and thats how it started. And the way you said "he admitted to sleeping with children" .. you made it seem sexual, yes he did admit to sleeping with childred - IN THE SAME BED , as all kids do in sleepovers! Do you know how biggg Michael's bed is? I am sure they were not close enough to be f u c king spooning and rubbing on each other, come on! MICHAEL WAS A KID AT HEART, and he was childlike behind the scenes.. (let me just state that whenever I have a friend sleep over, I usually find it disrespectful to let them sleep on the floor or couch, and I always agreed with Michael when he said its a nice gesture to let people sleep in your bed.. although I never slept 'with' them cuz my bed was not big enough, but I dont think Michael meant any harm in sharing his bed.. besides he has like a DOUBLE KING SIZED BED.. i doubt Michael was anywhere near close them while sleeping... they slept on totally opposite sides of the damn bed!) He started a career in entertainment at the age of 5, do you think he has a normal childhood? NO WAY, and if you listen and pay attention to his song "childhood" you will understand that he is clearly stating that he is now compensating for his lost childhood. How can a kid growing up with a career so early in their life always on the road focusing on work grow up into a sexually perverted chlild molestor? Just think logically.. something doesnt add up right. He only spends time with children because he missed out on being a child, and not to mention how fond he is of kids and how giving he is to those in need to the terminally ill children. If all the alligations were true, those parents would have NEVER SETTLED! That proves they were just trying to hustle poor michael.. Michael once said he resents the fact that people call him jacko and that it is humiliating AND disrespectful - and I agree! I am so appalled & disgusted with your question, because you are just like the media, pointing the finger and accusing him when he was never proven guilty.2. Weight loss problem What should I do?How hard are you really trying to change your eating habits? You said youself and I quote....'Dont tell me eat smaller meals a day because I can not without feeling overly hungry i need big meals or i do not have the will to do anything because all I want to do is eat... You said that you do not have the WILL to do it. How late in the evening do you eat? Try not eating 4 hours before you go to sleep. If you go to bed at 10pm than eat dinner at 6pm and have it be light. Eat your largest meal of the day for lunch or at midday.3. Prettied up for school fast?Well for the first day of school... wash your hair the night before. and start a bed time schedule so u can go to bed early(9:00)that way the night before school your body is used to going to bed early so u wake up the next morning early and get ready. start by washing your face scrub all the eye mucus off your face. brush you hair before you brush your teeth but brush your teeth after you have breakfast. If your face is a little sunburn or for sum reason red put a Little LITTLE bit of blush on. then you very nice
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