Troubleshooting to Determine Air Conditioning Repair Need

Finally summer has arrived. You are dreaming of curling up with a good book in your nice cool home. This year, however, your air conditioner is leaking water. Perhaps you are using a window unit, or maybe you have central air. Either way a puddle forming in your basement, or pooling around your window unit, is not a good thing.First let us consider how your unit works. Basically your unit is taking humidity out of the air, humidity that it is turning into water that it drains. Your unit is either draining through a drainpipe or it has a condensate pump. Sometimes, the water does not drain properly and that is what we are trying to figure out. What is causing the water to drain improperly?It is a good idea to look at your unit closely. Can you see where the water is coming from? Is it pooling under the machine? Is it dripping from somewhere inside the unit? If your unit seems like it is wet inside it would be a good idea to turn it off. You may want to call for air conditioning repair. Otherwise perhaps it is a problem with the drain. First let us check your hose. If you are running a central air system it could have a drain hose. Is something sitting on that hose? Maybe that tote of outgrown clothes that you just placed in the basement. Learn moreMy AC Repair Orlando51 E Jefferson St #1457Orlando FL 32801407-499-8942.


air conditioner/furnace?

Unless you have something I've never seen before, your air handler fan is the same fan for the heat as well as the a/c. The evaporator coil is stacked on top of the heat exchanger and simply runs air through it passively. The rising temp even with the a/c running suggests to me an evaporator coil that needs a good cleaning and a return air filter that needs changing. A rinse with a water hose would not hurt the condenser.... HVAC systems need yearly check-ups anyway and if your refrigerant level (charge) is not correct, the unit will not cool to its capacity and will waste massive amounts of electricity.

What is more efficient: swinging or static vents on an air conditioner inverter?

It depends on the room you are airconditioning and the position and type of the vent.nFor most standard rooms you will ventilate the room by blowing in the air somewhere where the wind wo not feel uncomfortable. Then the fresh / cooled air will mix with the already present air well before the air hits anyone. This technique reguires some finesse, but can work beautifully and impressively - and be almost unnoticeable.nBut as a typical indoor A/C inverter is just a box thrown into the window hole or up against the wall somewhere, they are both nowhere near true ventilation, and just deliver cold air into the room by simple brute-force tech. For these things, I would say it takes some experimenting. The knack is always to use more air with a smaller thermal difference, up until the point where the ventilator gets annoyingly noisy. This will mix up the air in the room in the best possible way, making temperature more even and reducing the risk of cold feet or icy winds.nFrom that point on, it's a matter of experimenation. Go for a fair room temperature, do not make the room feel like a fridge. Then it will be fine.What is more efficient: swinging or static vents on an air conditioner inverter?

Home air conditioner spotaneously heats...Any ideas?

I have not heard such thing before, but I guess following thing is happening in your case. Your air conditioner seems under capacity to cool both floors. As a result it continuously runs and gets heated up. The cooling media which normally is freon / equivalent gas in pipe it self gets heated up due to constant circulation. As result instead of transferring heat and give cool air it reverses. Normally air conditioner is consider of right capacity when it runs in cycle of on/off automatically. When it is running cooling cycle the freon evaporates and passes through copper coils and after some time it swich off and only normal air runs through fan. During this time freon gets cool down for next cycle. You need to get another air conditioner along with this or get higher capacity air coditioner to cool both floors.

If you have asthma, does that mean you can't breathe without air?

I do not have asthma but even I can not breathe without air. So, what I am trying to say is: Everyone needs air to breathe.Asthma narrows your airways; sometimes completely closing it to movement of air. So, if you have asthma, and if you are under acute attack, it means your lungs will have difficulty moving air in and out to cause adequate oxygen exchange.You will have to take medicines to reverse the narrowing so that you can once again start breathing normally

Will there ever be a day in which we eliminate air turbulence? Or at least make it so that the passengers within the plane do not feel it?

No. There wo not .The worlds largest cruise ships and aircraft carriers that are hundreds of times heavier than the largest aircraft get bounced around the ocean like a cork. What chance do aircraft have?The energy in a storm rivals a nuclear blast. That is a lot of energy.The best we can do is find better ways of locating and avoiding turbulence. The problem is there is nothing to see and sensors can not be left floating in the air. Time will tell

Does less gravity means less air density?

Yes. Less gravity implies less pressure because the gravity "pulls" the air to the surface of the Earth. And less pressure implies more volume. Ergo, the density of the gases on the atmosphere are less with the new atmosphere pressure.And your second question, the answer is no. It depends of chemical composition (as someone commented above). What we call air, here in the Earth is not the same that the Uranus people call air.

Why donu2019t they fill party balloons with hot air instead of helium?

The hot air would cool off quickly, and then the balloons would stop floating before you even got them to your car, let alone your party. Even the mylar balloons would exchange heat with the outside air pretty fast. Plus, I do not think you could put hot air into a rubber balloon at all. That would weaken the material and the balloon could pop.Hot air would work in a small balloon, but only for a short time. The air would quickly cool down to match the outside air. Hot air works better in giant balloons because it takes a lot longer for the air in the middle to cool down, and they have that flame thrower there to keep it hot.Why donu2019t they fill party balloons with hot air instead of helium?

How does air generate energy, how is it used for leisure activities, and how does it lift things in the air?

(1) Wind turbine electrical generators like we've all see, and some very interesting vertical rotors that many people have not seen and probably would not believe work (2) Flying kites, playing with pinwheels, paper airplanes, model airplanes, and depending on how you are defining “air' in this case, even woodwind and brass musical instruments could be considered air-delivered leisure activities (3) Kites through air resistance, airplanes and anything else with a similar wing through the Bernolli effect, para-sailing using a ram-air sail (looks like a huge maneuverable parachute), sky-diving both lifts the plain and brings you to terminal velocity ad slows your parachute. I would *not* consider hot air balloons. That really relies on heat and changing densities to maneuver (as much as a hot air balloon can maneuver).

What are some funny air hostess stories?

A few that I will list downA passenger tries to convince me that our aircraft (cruising altitude) is being chased by another aircraft...that happened to just flying at the same altitude parallel with us (but because it's at night, you can see their wing tips light).Another argued with me that the lights from another aircraft flying parallel with us is the lights from the stars (we are talking about being 30,000 ft only, you do not get to see stars here). Passenger asking if I could call the captain and ask him to reduce the noise of the engine (he was seated at emergency exit row next to the wing). An elderly lady trying to open the window because she wants fresh air and feel suffocated in the cabin while at cruising altitude.I have more but I can not recall now. I will edit if I can remember any additional story to add in. What are some funny air hostess stories?.

how to clean vents for central air?

Look in the yellow pages and locate a pro cleaner whose only profession is cleaning air ducts. They have the best and most powerful equipment and know what they are doing. To get an estimate, count all your air ducts and cold air returns.

can air enter a water pump?

Here's is several reasons why it is bad idea to pump air with water-pump. There are differences in design of an air-pump and a water-pump due to a simple fact that air is compressible, and water is not. Water pumps are very poor at pumping air, so if the intake tube is not filled with water the pump wo not be able to suck hard enough to bring it in. You can very easily damage your water pump, if you run it dry (meaning just pumping air), because without the resistance of the water, the motor turns too fast and also many pump designs rely on the water for its own cooling or lubrication. Pumps can temporarily work with some small air bubbles in them, as long as water is still flowing. This happens when running new-installed pump for the first time and it is normal unless it lasts for more than a minute or two. But even this small bubbles cause micro-strokes on shaft and bearings, shown through excess vibrations and audible gurgling or growling. In a long-terms, this causes so-called material fatigue and shortens the lifetime of a water-pump.

Question about an electric air compressor?

It could be a number of things however it is not the pressure switch or on off switch because you say it is running. I assume you want the pressure to build to around 100 PSI? 1) Could be an air leak in system. 2) Clogged air inlet 3) Stuck valve in air compressor head 4) Bad Rings 5)Bad gauge not reading over 25 PSI Start simple does it have oil in it? Is it low? Is the belt good not slipping? NO leaks in system including the intercool lines if it is a two stage. I would guess its something simple. How did it quit working right? All of a sudden or gradually?

What exactly happens to air pressure in airplane cabins while they are in the air?

Assuming the cabin is pressurized most are then the cabin is airtight and pressurized to about 1 atm the barometric pressure at sea level. Otherwise as the place ascended the pressure in the cabin would be in equilibrium with the atmospheric pressure which would continually decrease as you got higher and higher. This would spell disaster for the passengers as they found it more and more difficult to breath, in less dense atmosphere.

what are the chemicals released in air Conditioners ?

Normally, there are no chemicals released from air conditioners. Air conditioners are simply heat pumps which blow air from inside the house thru a heat exchanger and then transfer that heat to the outside air. The working fluid inside the heat exchanger used to be a type CFC, chlorinated fluoro-carbon. After scientists identified CFC's as a serious problem in the upper atmosphere that influences the heat balance of earth, CFCs have been outlawed for use in air conditioners. They have been replaced by CFC-free materials. I do not know if what the science has concluded about the CFC-free chemicals (they do not do the same bad things CFC's do in the upper atmosphere but I do not know what else they might do.

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