What Are Your Wardrobe "must Haves"?? Help Me Out Please!!?

Well first off congratulations on losing that much weight!!:) things to get: Skinny jeans shorts jeggings leggings cardigans just look for things that you have always wanted to wear and now you get too!!!:)

1. Can anyone help me with my holiday wardrobe? It looks kinda dull :[?

Okay what you have so far is great! You've got lots of basic pieces that you will be able to wear dozens of times. You've got to find more unique pieces that you wo not be able to wear all the time like a corduroy jacket or a bright solid cardigan. Try to ham up some casual outfits with accessories. Even if you do not want to be too dressy, try layering lots of cute bracelets to make something really stand out. (If you've never layered bracelets, google image "layered bracelets to get a feel of the trend at hand.) Good luck and have fun! :D

2. Is it cheaper to buy new clothing/wardrobe in the US or in Japan?

I here that everything good is made in Japan o.o im not really sure, but, I think you should buy it in Japan, personally, I also heard that America buys items from Japan because its cheaper, aint you always seen "made in japan" half the time? =p hope this helps =D

3. Do I have enough clothes in my wardrobe?

hang on is this a joke? lol, last time i checked i had: 2 pairs of flip-flops 1 slip on pair of shoes 1 pair of uggs 1 pair of converse 19 tee-shirts and like... 10 pants total lol, trust me yoou have lots, and then some! Thanks god every day that you have all these things :D

4. can you be a make up and wardrobe stylist at the same time?

Yea, definitely, have you looked into to it at all I know someone who did all that at the runways too

5. Which celebrity's wardrobe would you want to have?!?

i like kate middleton and nicole richies style

6. Is there a site were I can read The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe online?

It is still under copyright, so "free" downloads = illegal downloads. All you will need is a valid credit card to purchase them. Another options is to get them second hand from Amazon, B&N or any other book seller.

7. what do i need to buy for my back 2 skool wardrobe?

Just copy Avril Lavigne. Everyone else seems to be doing that. x_x I just do not see how one can be "rockstar" and "girly"; on account that "Rockstar" is usually associated with people like Tommy Lee, Kurt Cobain etc.

8. I'm going to update my whole wardrobe (help, I'm 14...)?

I am your age, and i LOVE shopping at places like Old Navy! I love the original stuff. Like button ups, plaid, cotton etc. I also do a lot of faded boot cut jeans. I am very original. You could say my style is similar to Bella in Twilight. P.S. It's a cheap way to go too!

9. What are some things a teen girl should have in her wardrobe?

tops-15 jeans-17 skirts-15 shorts-5 sneakers-7 flip flops-15

10. Are most of the items in your wardrobe dry clean only or machine wash?

I try and look for machine washable clothing/fabrics.. .Depending on what it is I will occassionally put it in the washing machine on gentle cycle cold water cold rinse with delicate detergent.. Hang or lay flat to dry.. I take only my husbands suits/shirts to the dry cleaner but, he only wears them for special occassions... Good luck

11. What is the most expensive thing in your wardrobe and how much was it?

My wallet with $95 dollars in it? >.>

12. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction in public?

It really sucks when you have your fly down and also lack underwear

13. How to make my style/wardrobe more bohemian?

Why would you want to do that? Are you trying to attract guys who do not have jobs?

14. How much would it cost for an entire wardrobe change?

-Long Pants - $250 Lucky brand -Leggings- $75 Brandy Melville -Shoes- $300 UGGs & Macy -Shorts- $90 Brandy Melville -jacket hoodies-$80 Macys -cardigans- $100 Forever 21 -sweaters/pullies- $48 Forever 21 -tops/blouses/shirts- $200 Brandy, bloomies, forever21, macys, literally anywhere -Dresses- $200 Macys -Undergarments- $200 Victorias Secret TOTAL= $1243

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