What Do You Call the Metal Cover on the Wall Or Ceiling That Goes to the AC Condenser?


1. If a central AC condenser is dirty, what happens?

An A/C unit pulls cool air through the condenser to remove heat from the freon and the freon returns to the evaporator, another blower pulls indoor air through it to remove excess heat from that air as the air is pushed back into the house. You can turn the unit off, spray something like '409' into the fins and allow it to soak in, then use a garden hose to rinse off the fins. The cleaner fins will make it easier for the fan to pull air through and take away excess heat. Since cold air travels down you could try closing the vents on the 1st floor and opening the vents on the third floor, and reversing them during the winter, point fans toward the ceilings to keep the air moving. In my house I can feel the heat up by the ceiling, I know there's sufficient insulation (I installed it), but with 100 degree days it's getting hard to keep my house cool

2. will a old eval coil work with a new ac condenser?

yes you can, ive done it dozens of times. but, you will have to install the correct valve in it. the gas does not make any difference, and assuming your old unit had R-22, you can buy the replacement R--512a on ebay for 100 dollars for a 25 lb. can. hope this helps ya! I buy all my stuff from a/c overstock in hurricane w. v. if that helps. ...they are great folks.

3. Using Bars Stop Leak on a ac condenser?

HELL NO>........never add anything to AC cept freon and oil...........unless ur just doing it to sell the car in which case SHAME on u....... ** btw where is it leaking ??? cas most leaks are from bad o rings....not hard to fix but have to vacuum system down and get more freon...reclamation

4. Home AC condenser fan direction?

The point is to move air. Either blowing in cool air or extracting hot air, the end result is the same. The ONLY exception could be the fan blade design. There's a natural bow to each blade. The purpose is to cut into the air and create a low pressure spot on the bowed side (not the cupped side). That vacuum is what causes the air to move. If you spin the blade backwards it's much less efficient than if it's spinning the way it's designed. Let me see if I can draw a picture. I only have a few minutes before I have a business dinner to a trend. Hope this helps. - Be back shortly.

5. Home AC condenser failure?

at best the homeowners policy will pay for the scrap metal value,,,if even that. the new ones cost is going to be on you

6. AC condenser negative impact?

Just make sure the ac is off or you will burn up your compressor - better yet, you should be able to disable it by pulling a fuse - just in case

7. The home AC condenser isn't working. The blower is blowing warm air. Any ideas?

You already have done the first step in troubleshooting,... the inside fan works, so you know you have control voltage. Now, go out to the condenser unit and make sure it has power from the disconnect. Get a helper and have the helper stand next to the unit. When the thermostat calls for cooling the condenser should make a pronounced "CLACK!", & the compressor/outside fan should start. If not, shut off the power. Open up the access panel on the outside unit. Be very very careful, as the exposed electrical connections can carry enough voltage to kill you. Take a look at the tin can looking component. (that is the start/run capacitor) If it at all swollen or misshapen, it is bad & must be replaced. If it is nor bad, restore power to the unit, wait 10 minutes. Look for the big black plastic "H": looking device. Do not kill yourself. If you cannot get any troubleshooting results by now: This is the point at which a qualified tech should take over....

8. Comfortmaker Softsound AC condenser not running.?

i would look at cap or burnt wire or worse

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