What's a Good Subject Or Topic for a Coffee Table Book?

Images that portray, invoke and provoke positive cross cultural relations

1. How to use old playing marbles to make a coffee table topper?

Before you ruin them may I suggest you have them appraised. I watched a show some months back and believe it or not some old marbles are worth hundreds of dollars each! Once you have determined they are "worthless", try the following. Build a border around the edge of the coffee table deeper than the biggest marble. Then mix clear resin and pour over the marbles. Do so in a dust free environment. I am not sure what to apply to the edge of the wood border in order for it to be removed easily. But the folks at the "hardware store" should be able to tell you that. Have fun.

2. My cousin spilled wax on my aunt's coffee table?

Get a cloth and run it under hot water and then place it on the wax. It will melt the wax enough to wipe it off and not do any damage. Good Luck. =]] (and quit playing with hot wax. haha)

3. Can I use a coffee table as a flat bench for my dumbbell exercises?

I would not recommend it. It will most likely cause structural damage to your coffee table. Not to mention to hard on your back. -Connor

4. Are iPhone Wireless Chargers Good for Batteries?

Wireless charging has the same effect on battery health as wired charging. Apple does not make a distinction on wireless and wired charging for their 80% battery capacity at 500 cycles claim.However, wireless charging may change your charging habits, which can have an effect on battery health. Wireless charging can make it easier to charge your device by allowing you to simply set your device down, which can lead to your phone keeping a full charge for longer, which can be bad for your device. The sweet spot for battery health is keeping the charge between 20% to 80%. Keeping your phone fully charged has the generally same effect on battery health regardless of charging method, wireless or wired. (Anecdotally, my charging habits have changed due to wireless charging. I have placed wireless chargers by places that I tend to sit down for long periods of time, like my desk at work, on my night table, coffee table, in a car dock, and others. In the past, I would not plug in my phone in these locations, except at night or in the car. My phone now stays on a charger and at 100% for much of the day.)

5. Coffee Table Book; any suggestions?

chicken soup for the soul pick one that fits you (i.e. dog lover's soul, college student's soul, parent's soul, teacher's soul) ALL are amazing! :)

6. Shopping for furniture-does my coffee table need to match my tv stand?

If you put all black and brown and tan shades in the room it would look really nice. If you have some windows in the room think about painting the walls a tan or brown color

7. how to make a wooden/glass coffee table display case?

Display Case Coffee Table

8. Is a glass top coffee table a horrible idea with small children in the house?

If your children are well behaved and know what "NO" means then go for it. Keep hard plastic toys away from the table so they do not bang on the top. Any decorative items to sit on the top should be wooden and not ceramic or metal. You should be ok.

9. If A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, How Come Coffee Table Books Are All Terrible?

Yeah , but just imagine having to read a thousand words for the same terrible effect !

10. Where can I buy a coffee table with an animal base?

I do not know of a brand name, but I do know that I've seen them at The Brick and Leons. I think I've seen them at United Furniture Warehouse as well. I live in Canada and I am not sure if you have those stores in the states. If you do, UFW has the best prices because they do not have the fancy showrooms. You will get a better deal there

11. What material(s) should I use to glue beer caps over the entire surface of my wooden coffee table?

you could also use an epoxy or a type of resin that dries clear. Go to you local hobby or craft store and ask about it. you can also try your local hardware or home improvement store for more information.

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